Ms. Rajasree


As we all know – women in India have often been limited in their role towards society, due to socio-cultural constraints, such as politicization, rigid social norms, and expectations prioritizing family over career. Complexity in the social structure and a heterogeneous population of more than a billion varying in culture and religion have made it difficult for governments and institutions to implement policies that are inclusive and not gendered. Outlining the scope of engagement of women leaders in the education sector in the last 70 years, including kindergarten through higher education, it’s high time we elucidate their achievements and give them a due share of credit for their contribution towards educational fellowship.

One such personality who is redefining educational leadership day in and day out with her expert community service and decision-making capabilities – Ms. Rajasree, is a living example of how every minute of existence can be dedicated to a social cause. As the secretary and a correspondent at Rishi M. S. Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women, she has played a vital role in the short-term and long-term planning and policy development of the institution. Overseeing timely and effective implementations, she has been on the frontline, monitoring academic, research, and other connected activities, and most importantly, being that go-to person for guidance, be it personal or academic fronts.

An epitome of care and concern, the trust that the students and staff have in Ms. Rajasree is unconditional and limitless. In her very own words, Ms. Rajasree quoted – “On a larger perspective, I have a social obligation to nurture young girls, converting them into future leaders”. Acting as a responsible parent to everyone who needs her, she ensures an environment of safety and holistic development exists on the campus, with the help of physical, intellectual, emotional, and cultural exposure.

With like minded  faculty   and  student Clubs   of  Rishi  family    take  active   working  on identifying  deprived girl children  from various areas with  the support of  social organizations and  orphanages  and Supporting   them  with  good education ,  exposure and  placements  to create social well being . Rishi  Student clubs  are  always  take active part  in  service  activities  and   programs to create  and  during natural calamities and  extend support  to orphanages. They have created Corpus Fund to support  needy students of Rishi .  and    initi  in our institutions  to create social status . Extending necessary support to needy during natural  calamities to orphanages  and  community

Nourishing change

An expert academician, Ms. Rajasree after her post-graduation studies went on to pursue her passion for photography and ran an advertising agency for few months. However, realizing her true calling, she ventured into the educational scenario as a lecturer in a private junior college. Getting trained in thorough administrative and academic work, her experience and hard work led to the establishment of The Junior College for Girls. Subsequently, in 1991 & 1998 a degree college and a PG college were started, and eventually, in 2009 Rishi M.S. Institute of Engineering & Technology for Women was established, taking inspiration and encouragement from renowned personalities and philanthropists.

Emphasizing clearly on providing every student who is a part of Rishi Institutions an all-around development and churning out strong personalities, Ms. Rajasree ensured that students are always provided with the necessary facilities to take part in activities inside and outside the classrooms. Owing to the immense efforts put in as an educationist and considering the current situation of the pandemic, one big lesson we need to learn according to Ms. Rajasree, is to be prepared for any kind of change and willingness to adapt and grow, no matter the difficulty levels.

Being a person for whom her family means the most, she believes that family is the main source for moral support in every endeavor we pursue in our respective lives. Adding to her statement about family, Ms. Rajasree stated – “Rishi is my extended family”, stating the strong connect, she has with Rishi Institutions, pertaining to her long-standing association, concern, and care, she has received from everyone at Rishi.

Leading towards excellence

Having held very important roles in her educational career, Ms. Rajasree owes all her prowess to her mentors. “Simple living and High Thinking”, she thinks leadership qualities need not include domination but primarily require dedication, empathy, love, and kindness to a cause. In addition, pertaining to the concept of women empowerment, Ms. Rajasree believes – A Woman need not be given great honors & recognition but it is a matter of great importance that she must be treated with respect and care. Moreover, with the world having witnessed women leaders dealing really well during the testing times, we can thereby conclude, that the world truly needs more women in leadership roles to bring in the feminine energy of compassion, care and love to wipe away hatred, aggression, and war.

Also, with abled women like Ms. Rajasree around young girls are provided with guidance and moral support, in turn, enhancing their confidence levels to design their personal and professional lives.

Achievements & beyond

Her immense passion for photography led her to take part in freelance work for New Swatantra Times, an intellectual English magazine. In addition, as a panel member of SoftNET (state Govt), she was responsible for producing short films on education, art & culture. All in all, Ms. Rajasree might have not been a wealthy personality in terms of acquiring worldly riches, but surely she has inherited terms of sound relationships, respect, and affection, from her students and the staff members, and promised to continue to dedicate herself for this noble cause of Women empowerment and surely make a difference in their lives.