KMC Public Senior Secondary School


In the realm of education, CBSE schools have emerged as pioneers in fostering a student-centric learning environment. With a focus on holistic development, these institutions have revolutionized the traditional evaluation system through Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). This approach transcends the confines of conventional final exams, instead emphasizing continuous assessment of students’ overall performance throughout the academic session. By doing so, CBSE schools aim to alleviate exam stress and cultivate a supportive educational atmosphere that nurtures every student’s potential.

This progressive ethos has led to a surge in the popularity and prevalence of CBSE schools across various regions, including Tamil Nadu. In a state known for its rich educational heritage, the rise of CBSE schools signifies a paradigm shift towards modern, inclusive pedagogical practices. Among these institutions, KMC Public Senior Secondary School shines as a beacon of excellence in Coimbatore.

Renowned for its commitment to holistic education and innovative teaching methodologies, KMC Public Senior Secondary School has earned recognition as one of the Top 10 CBSE Schools in Coimbatore for the year 2024.

KMC Public Senior Secondary School in a Nutshell

Established in 2008, KMC Public Senior Secondary School embarked on a pioneering journey to introduce the CBSE curriculum to the region, recognizing its potential as a platform for innovative learning methodologies aligned with international standards. As the first CBSE school in the area, operating under the Coimbatore Zone, KMC adheres to the policies and guidelines set forth by CBSE.

Rooted in these principles, the institution is dedicated to fostering competitive intellectual growth, life skill development, and a comprehensive understanding of various subjects among its students. In addition to rigorous academics, the school also prioritizes experiential learning through frequent field trips, camps, marathons, and industrial visits.

With a vision to prepare students for academic excellence and responsible citizenship, KMC offers a diverse array of extracurricular activities to complement its academic curriculum. Boasting 14 different activities on campus, the school provides specialized training and coaching from expert instructors in disciplines such as billiards, karate, archery, rifle shooting, skating, horse riding, and more. Moreover, KMC places a strong emphasis on yoga and meditation to enhance mental acuity and stability. The school’s sports club operates regularly on its expansive 10-acre campus, offering ample space for athletic pursuits and fostering a well-rounded educational experience.

KMC Public Senior Secondary School upholds a steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch education at a reasonable cost. The school’s fee structure is meticulously crafted to be competitive, ensuring accessibility for families across diverse economic backgrounds. With a firm belief in the societal obligation of extending CBSE education to a broader spectrum, the institution endeavors to keep fees at a reasonable level while providing a holistic learning environment.

Also, the school provides four major groups for Grades XI and XII, offering a range of 24 optional subjects. These include Eng. Science, Med. Science, Commerce, and Humanities groups, with additional choices such as Biology, Computer Science, and Physical Education. This varied curriculum enables students to pursue their academic interests and career aspirations effectively.

Commitment to Excellence

At KMC Public Senior Secondary School, the faculty selection process undergoes rigorous scrutiny, encompassing various stages such as written tests, demo classes, group discussions, and thorough background checks. Upon selection, teachers embark on a journey of continuous professional development through workshops, practical sessions, and monthly departmental sessions aimed at enriching their teaching skills and subject expertise. Prioritizing effective classroom management, the school ensures that its teachers are well-equipped to deliver top-quality education to its students.

The school has garnered several prestigious awards, including the India’s First and Most Prestigious “INDIA STEM AWARD 2018 for its Outstanding Performance in School Education For the Past years & Technological Adoption in School Curriculum” at a Function held at NDMC Convention Center, New Delhi on 11th April 2018. Additionally, KMC Public Senior Secondary School, received the International School Award 2016-19 from British Council, UK towards “Outstanding Development of International Dimensions in the school curriculum.” Furthermore, the school received the coveted BrainFeed School Excellence Awards:2019 at Hitex Hyderabad.”

Pandemic and Beyond

To help our readers get a better understanding of how prepared the school was even during tough times such as the pandemic, we interviewed the Secretary cum Correspondent Mr. C S Manoharan. For which he replied – “amidst the pandemic, our school swiftly shifted to online learning, harnessing technology to facilitate classes, activities, and spiritual sessions remotely”. “Prioritizing accessibility, the school ensures all students have equitable access to online resources, fostering an interactive learning environment through live sessions and engaging tools”, he added. Through the conversation he also spoke about how with an eye toward the future, KMC intends to further bolster its technological infrastructure and pursue collaborative initiatives, such as exchange programs and educational partnerships.

Fostering Transparent Communication

KMC Public Senior Secondary School adopts a proactive stance towards parental engagement. The institution facilitates open floor sessions, inviting parents from kindergarten to grade 8 to express their concerns and offer suggestions. Moreover, regular meetings are convened every three months, involving all parents to discuss raised issues and share updates on implemented actions. Complementing these efforts is an online concern registration system, allowing parents to submit grievances promptly.

In the Days to Come

KMC Public Senior Secondary School’s forward-looking agenda is centered on enriching the educational journey and fostering community involvement. Although the school has no intention to expand by opening branches, it is dedicated to fortifying its current programs and collaborations. These endeavors encompass the establishment of a law school specializing in the psychology of law, broadening the array of extracurricular activities, and sustaining its involvement in open schooling through the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS). Moreover, the school intends to make strategic investments in technology and infrastructure to empower students in their academic pursuits and personal development.

C S Manoharan – Correspondent cum Secretary

S. Manoharan, the Correspondent cum Secretary of KMC Public Senior Secondary School, holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. He has been actively involved in various leadership roles, serving as the President of the CBSE Schools Management Association (CSMA) in Tamil Nadu since 2014. Additionally, since 2008, he has been the Secretary & Correspondent of KMC PUBLIC SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL (CBSE), Tirupur. Alongside his educational pursuits, Manoharan has been self-employed in Axon Infosoft India Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore, as the Chief Executive Officer since 1994 and has served as the Managing partner of Axon Global Consulting since 2011. He has also proven himself as the Deputy Area Commander (DAC), Home Guards, Tirupur District, Tamilnadu.