Manaskriti School


In today’s modern times, access to high-quality education is essential for both societal progress and economic success. India’s path to development is heavily dependent on the quality of its educational institutions. The necessity of developing a workforce with the skills necessary to navigate the complexity of the modern world is at the core of this transition.

Against this backdrop, Manaskriti School, Faridabad emerges as a beacon of educational excellence, embodying the ethos of quality education and societal enrichment. With a steadfast commitment to cultivating well-rounded individuals equipped with the requisite skills and wisdom, Manaskriti School stands at the forefront of educational innovation and holistic development.
As the educational landscape continues to evolve, Manaskriti School’s unwavering dedication to fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a spirit of innovation distinguishes it as a go-to institution for quality education. This commitment to excellence has garnered recognition, with Manaskriti School being featured among the Top 10 Schools in India for the year 2024.

Manaskriti School in a Nutshell

Under the founding members, Indira Lohia, Harsh Gupta, and Manisha Gupta, Manaskriti came into existence. Their journey in education began four decades ago with the establishment of a space where the children of their staff could receive quality education at affordable rates. This initiative was nurtured with passion and dedication, resulting in the development of two highly esteemed schools in Faridabad, Vidya Mandir and Vidya Niketan. Today, boasting a student population of over 9000, they take pride in offering comprehensive education at accessible costs.

Manaskriti School embodies their vision of an institution embracing global educational practices while rooted in Indian philosophy. Committed to excellence across all domains, Manaskriti fosters holistic education and pedagogy aligned with contemporary standards. At Manaskriti, each child’s innate curiosity is encouraged, fostering independent thinking and the exploration of diverse perspectives and ideas. Students are empowered to pursue their dreams and transform passions into reality.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure and partnerships with esteemed resources, the school is dedicated to providing top-notch facilities. Supported by a robust team of educators, active family involvement, and an experiential learning approach, Manaskriti facilitates knowledge acquisition and instills a sense of responsibility and integrity in its students. Teachers, regarded as the cornerstone of the institution, cultivate an environment of kindness, trust, and respect, recognizing learning as an enjoyable journey

In a constantly evolving world, Manaskriti recognizes the importance of nurturing individuals who can comprehend and address societal changes and differences. By integrating academics with a strong sense of self and community, the school shapes students into global citizens, problem solvers, and lifelong learners.

Empowering Minds, Inspiring Change: Leadership at Manaskriti School

A trailblazer for women entrepreneurs and leaders, Indira Lohia defies preconceptions and demonstrates a consistent devotion to education. A renowned professor, she sees education as a broad canopy that supports a variety of meaningful endeavors. Despite humble beginnings, Ms. Lohia has played a pivotal role in facilitating over 15,000 children’s educational journeys. Following in her footsteps is her daughter, Ms. Manisha Gupta, who not only plays a significant role in Vidya Mandir & Vidya Niketan Schools but also spearheads Manaskriti, an educational venture reflecting her visionary ideals.
Both Ms. Indira and Ms. Manisha credit their vision and success to Late Shri Nikunj Lohia, whose inspiration fueled their mission to revolutionize the education system. Their collective vision emphasizes holistic education as a means to realize the nation’s potential. Under their leadership, the three schools prioritize the transformation and development of human resources adaptable to the demands of the modern global landscape.

Ms. Indira’s passion for fostering harmony and happiness extends not only to students but also to the faculty, ensuring their professional growth through various development programs. Her daughter, Ms. Manisha, shares this commitment to redefining education by infusing core human values and societal principles into the learning experience.
Their dedication to providing a balanced educational environment has transformed Vidya Mandir, Vidya Niketan and Manaskriti into thriving hubs of learning and growth. Through innovative teaching methodologies, holistic development programs, and community engagement, they empower students to become compassionate, ethical and globally aware citizens.

Moreover, both Ms. Indira and Ms. Manisha actively advocate for women’s empowerment, exemplifying their commitment through Adarsh Mahila Shiksha Pratishthan, which promotes girl education and women’s empowerment. Their endeavors have not only impacted thousands of children but have also contributed significantly to societal and humanitarian causes, making them exemplary figures in the field of education and beyond.