Manipur Schools Reopen Today for Classes 9 to 12 After Being Shut for Two Months


After remaining closed for two months amidst communal violence, Manipur schools are prepared to open on August 10 for classes 9th to 12th, said the Directorate of Education. The state will reopen the school for other classes conditional to the circumstances. In his order, the Directorate of Education stated that authorities are instructed to take necessary action as schools will reopen.

The official order issued by Director L Nandakumar stated that all zonal education officers under the Department of Education, schools of Manipur are hereby directed to inform all concerned and take up necessary actions accordingly.

Manipur schools were closed since May-June amid ethnic violence. Previously, the government tried to reopen the school in a phased manner. However, due to untoward circumstances, the schools remained shut.

The order stated that 1,229 schools are conducting classes for 9th to 12th standard. However, the schools which are set up as relief camps will remain shut. The order further stated that Manipur has a total of 4,617 schools. Out of these, accommodation for the central forces and relief camps for displaced persons were set up in around 100 schools.

As per the officials, around 6,000 students of various standards are displaced due to ethnic violence that hit the state on May 3. The total number of school children from classes pre-primary to Class 12th staying in the relief camps is 4747.

“Separate order for resumption of these schools will be issued later. Adequate compulsory measures will be taken up for the students of these schools so as to prevent any learning loss,” the order stated.