Mrs. Angel Mary


Mrs. Angel Mary

K–12 institutions are the looms that weave the very fabric of a country’s destiny in the magnificent tapestry of education. They shape young brains like expert artisans, shaping the future’s leaders. Imagine a classroom that is humming with activity, with students having exciting discussions and professors illuminating the way to knowledge. The seeds of leadership are sown on this fertile ground.

To be honest though, not all institutions are created equally. There is a greater need than ever for effective leadership in K–12 institutions given the booming Indian educational landscape. These institutions serve as more than just hubs of academic brilliance; they also serve as the forging grounds for morality, principles, and vision.

The dynamic principal of Baldwin Co-Education (Extension) High School, Mrs. Angel Mary, stands out in a sea of teachers as a source of motivation and an architect of not only lives but also of education. Mrs. Mary transforms her organization into a haven of learning where pupils are not only taught but also nurtured with a special blend of vision and compassion.

Knowing Mrs. Angel Mary
Baldwin Co-Education Extension High School in RR Nagar, Bangalore, has been the focus of Mrs. Angel Mary’s outstanding 30-year career as an educator for six of those years. Mrs. Mary started her career as a teacher at the young age of 22, and her love of the classroom and natural leadership abilities have been the pillars of her incredible path.

Mrs. Mary views education as a calling to spread knowledge and end illiteracy rather than just a profession. She is adamant that education goes beyond the classroom and views extracurricular activities as crucial resources for all-around development. This includes the cultivation of moral and spiritual ideals, as well as academic prowess, coupled with character development, physical wellness, creativity, and moral and spiritual values.

Although juggling personal and professional obligations is a difficult undertaking, Mrs. Mary is equipped to handle it because of her persistent commitment to her pupils and organization. Her family offers vital support and encouragement because they are aware of the difficulties of her position. They support each other because they recognize how important she is in forming the minds of children.

Mrs. Angel Mary takes comfort in activities that promote family unity outside of the field of education. She has a soft spot in her heart for family visits to the store since they not only bolster relationships within the family but also foster more empathy and understanding. She also treasures quiet times discovered in music and the pages of a good book since they both act as calming balms for the mind.

As the Principal
In her role as the Principal, Mrs. Mary adeptly weighs every matter, foreseeing the consequences of each decision. Humility guides her actions, and she is not hesitant to seek input and suggestions from her dedicated team. This collaborative approach strengthens the institution’s foundations, allowing it to flourish under her visionary leadership.

When we had the privilege of discussing the initiatives and changes she implemented during her tenure as principal, Mrs. Mary conveyed, “One of my initial priorities was to strategically plan the curriculum, aiming to make teaching an enjoyable experience for both educators and students, rather than a burdensome task.” She went on to highlight, “Additionally, I arranged workshops for our teachers, focusing on enhancing their emotional well-being and that of their students. Simultaneously, I emphasized the importance of instilling moral values in students through motivational talks, as I firmly believe that a sound mind is pivotal for personal growth.”

Additionally, when inquiring about some of the notable accomplishments Mrs. Angel Mary has overseen since assuming the role of principal, she enthusiastically shared, “Under my guidance, the school has seen a surge in its overall strength. My students have garnered acclaim in an array of sports, games, elocutions, and state-level debates.” She went on to express, “It’s a source of immense pride for me when former students return years later to convey their achievements in high-ranking positions both in India and abroad.”

Mrs. Angel Mary believes in nurturing the professional growth and development of her staff and teachers. To this end, she ensures they participate in regular workshops, inviting trainers and mentors to enrich their skills and knowledge. Recognizing the capabilities of her educators, she also encourages them to take on higher-level teaching responsibilities commensurate with their performance.

In Mrs. Mary’s approach to school management, parents play an integral role. She prioritizes open communication and values their feedback. Actively involving parents in school events, she sees them as cherished well-wishers who can contribute positively to the school community. In recognition of their importance, Mrs. Mary takes opportunities to honor parents during significant school functions and is dedicated to implementing their valuable ideas.