No Hike in Fees across Private Schools in Rajasthan for three years


The state’s education department has released new guidelines stating that private schools in Rajasthan are not allowed to raise fees for three academic years. In addition, parents are now permitted to purchase books and clothes from stores other than the school, according to the Rajasthan education department.

“To complete the private school price structure, a committee of parents and educators ought to be established. The charge amount will be set by this committee. As per the standards, all members of this fee committee must update their information on the private school’s site, including their name, address, and cellphone number. It also states that it “would be illegal to charge more than the fee approved by the committee” in the 10-point recommendations. Such institutions may be subject to enforcement actions under the Fees Act and the extra fees collected from parents may have to be returned.”

The education department has emphasized that complete adherence to the guidelines for the sale of study materials and uniforms, as well as to the regulations designed specifically for women and people with special needs, is required. Additionally, the education department has requested that private schools schedule parent-teacher conferences to discuss issues pertaining to school administration and students.

Providing the District Education Officer with this information, posting the rules on school bulletin boards, and uploading them on their websites will all be required.