NSHM Business School Durgapur


Disrupting everything from the admission process to delivery of curricula and conducting examinations, the pandemic has forced us to reassess the traditional education experience. Now, with every stream of education including business schools, overhauling the syllabus and the student experience to meet the demand for new insights and skills in the post-COVID-19 world, there are many challenges which come their way for educators. Even though the hurdles which come along are mighty, renowned management institutions such as the NSHM Business School Durgapur via their hybridized environment are training students to absorb knowledge through a self-determined approach, preparing them for the future corporate world.

Known for being one of the leading educational hubs of Eastern India, and a pioneer in industry aligned teaching and learning, NSHM Knowledge Campus was founded in the year 1996 with a primary goal of offering quality education to all. Be it the areas Business & Management, Health Sciences, Computing & Analytics, Media & Communication, Design, Engineering & Technology and Tourism & Hotel Management, NSHM is synonymous for providing world-class experiences through cutting-edge knowledge imparting techniques, lifestyle education, and cross-domain exposure.

Inheriting the tremendous ways of operation, and the passion towards educating at the round, NSHM Business School Durgapur benefits from the industry-connections the knowledge campus holds, thus, continuing to strive on the same motto of – ensuring ideas and knowledge flow freely throughout the B-School. Also, understanding the fact that every MBA education should be imparted in a way that students are ready for the hybridized corporate environment not only academically but with respect to structural knowledge, all of the teaching/curricula or pedagogy is curated to give back to society – capable managers of the 21st century.

Built by all – Built for all
Based out of Durgapur in West Bengal, NSHM Business School leverages the best, thereby, enabling everyone present on the campus to try out something new and engaging. Being a home to exceptional facilities and continuously working towards growth and development, new models of learning have emerged at NSHM Business School Durgapur, resulting in higher student engagement, improved faculty productivity, and greater career opportunities. Also, being fortunate enough to have its own dedicated – Research and Guidance Cell, which is headed by distinguished professors and industry personnel, guides and nurtures students towards writing research articles in reputed management journals under UGC and Scopus. Students also take active part in presenting research papers in National as well as International Conferences. Additionally, a research and Innovation cell is functional on the campus, which is most welcomed by the students, where they get to actively involve themselves in research work, whereas the IQAC cell of the institute takes care of the research and development of the students.

Relying completely on a high-quality holistic curriculum, and a completely student centric philosophy, NSHM Business School Durgapur boasts of a faculty who are known and respected globally. Acting as mentors rather than just faculty members, the onboard teachers help build strong mentor-mentee relationships on the campus, pushing students to outperform when compared to their peers from other B-schools and institutions. Talking about how the onboard teachers use their expertise to guide successful learning curves, Prof (Dr) Alok Satsangi, the Director of the B-School stated – “By improving teacher quality, NSHM Business School Durgapur naturally improves student learning outcomes, ensuring all-rounded multi-disciplinary learning and growth”. Continuing on his above point, and stating how NSHM Business School Durgapur also works in favor of faculty development, Dr. Alok added – “By conducting meaningful evaluations meant to improve teacher/teaching quality, by offering constructive feedback/suggestions, by providing adequate resources, and encouraging teachers to invest more on journaling and R n D, it can be a dynamic game-changer for teachers who genuinely want to improve.”

Right in the pursuit of promoting not just impressive placement opportunities, but also to spark entrepreneurial flares inside the students, NSHM Business School Durgapur takes initiative on Entrepreneurship Program, where Practical and Hands-on exercises are conducted to give the students opportunities to explore their inner innovators. Infrastructural development of NSHM Business School, too guided by resource and professional persons, makes the students more competent, skillful, in turn, teaching them to become strong team players and problem solvers. Also, NSHM Business School Durgapur took the Initiative to implement the Entrepreneurship Class as a regular one in the academic Routine of different Classes, apart from Periodical Meetings, Workshops and Talk of resource persons, which are also conducted by the Faculty and professionals of NSHM Business School Durgapur.

Integrating ideas on a global platform
Regularly producing relevant graduates, who are intense thinkers and planners, a wide array of courses is being offered at NSHM Business School Durgapur. Be it undergraduate courses in Business Administration or MBA and other management courses in up-to-date streams like Business Analytics, Tourism Management, the B-School also hosts integrated programs with universities abroad. Always preparing its students towards staying market-ready, young and dynamic management leaders are created at NSHM providing a thorough educational experience both inside and outside the classrooms.

Progressing steadily on the path of becoming a hotspot of Business Transformations, NSHM Business School Durgapur looks towards setting goals before commencing the academic session on a regular basis and also conceives the specific Milestones to achieve in near future. Also, being open to adapting to the new ways of Business Management Learning, where Entrepreneurship training is equally important, as that of placement training, NSHM Business School Durgapur plans to provide seed capital to the Start ups and looks ahead to connecting them with the different portal of AICTE on regular basis. Finally, having an Incubation Center started to nurture the ideas and talents regarding Entrepreneurship of the interested Students on a periodical basis, NSHM is slowly emerging as a leading player in delivering quality higher education, which supports varied career pathways.

Prof. (Dr) Alok Satsangi – Director

Director of NSHM Business School DurgapurA personality with a blended experience in academics, research & leadership experience, Prof. (Dr.) Alok Satsangi believes in providing quality education through Innovation in the existing education system. An MBA holder with specialization in Marketing and HR, MPhil in Disaster Management, PGDDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management) and a PhD in Stress Management, Dr. Satsangi has a rich experience to his credit. Through proper management of resources he held numerous roles of distinction such as – Vice President – Corporate Relations & Marketing and Associate Professor at NIILM School of Business, New Delhi, as Associate Director, Delhi Business School, Registrar with NIILM University, Haryana, Campus Head with Indraprastha College of Advanced Studies (IPCAS), New Delhi, Director at St. Catherine Institute of Management & Technology, New Delhi and Director with Asian School of Media Studies, Noida.