Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior (PIMG) – A Gateway for Business Education


For a Long time, Indian education system was rigid and management studies enthusiasts had to choose only from the traditional streams of management and commerce. Nevertheless, as the workforce of today is getting more complex and competitive each passing day, creating a lucrative high demanding career for the students, has become the main goal of management institutes. Converting students into employable and well-rounded managers/leaders, and working in the favor of designing unique yet effective degree programs, Prestige Institute of Management – Gwalior (PIMG) came into existence.

Providing the most liberal education in this new era of change, and not restricting teaching and learning to just be limited to the textbooks, PIMG inevitably stood out when compared to their peers, progressing each day towards developing new ideas and exploring new domains. Set up in the year 1997 by the Prestige Education Society, PIMG has grown manifold since then. Achieving UGC-NAAC accreditation in ‘A’ grade and autonomous status PIMG has already proved its mettle in the field of imparting quality management education and upholding its brand value with rigor and finesse. The MBA program offered by the Institute is NBA accredited. The Institute has approval of AICTE, BCI, Higher Education, Govt. of MP.

Beyond Business Education
A place known for its tradition of excellence, a research and development hub, and a globally oriented management education center, PIMG is a front-runner in providing the best business administration programs in the country. A major learning center in Central India, the institute offers various programs in four different faculties: Management, Commerce, Law and Computer Applications.
Because of a complete student-centric study atmosphere present at the Instiutte, students from different backgrounds and from across different parts of the country take up various programs at PIMG, making PIMG undoubtedly a multi-cultural hub of collaboration and excellence. Understanding the fact that the levels of understanding and grasping vary with each student, the institute conducts a 12-day workshop before the commencement of regular classes. In these 12 days the students are given training in areas where the students would be lacking in terms of skills and knowledge, and the subjects which they would need special training in. It is a thorough workshop opportunity for all the students, where students get to learn in advance the concepts and the patterns of the curriculum, in turn benefiting them to learn and understand both the practical and theoretical aspects of their respective subjects.

Developing skills related to management, commerce law and information technology is treated as a continuous process at the b-school. Moreover, all the members of the faculty and the management participate whole-heartedly, engaging and utilizing the various pedagogical tools like the medium of digital, movies, seminar presentations, group discussions, and classroom presentations to develop communication skills, decision making skills, team skills, interpersonal & behavioral skills among the students studying at the institute.
PIMG is also a hotspot for Training & Consultancy services to industrial and business units. It boasts of representatives from the various departments of Production, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, General Management, & IT, all working as the esteemed faculty of the institute.

Excellent Training for Excellent Education
Extracurricular and non-academic activities are given equal importance, giving rise to the formation of various clubs operating at PIMG. “Students themselves are the office bearers of these clubs”, stated Dr. S.S Bhakar, the Director of PIMG, during a brief conversation we had with him, regarding the whole working ethos at the B-School. He added to his earlier statement about the various clubs, by saying- “These opportunities of interaction, and skill-building are a welcome gift to the students, in turn benefiting their interpersonal, & managerial skill development”.

Personality development training is considereda priority at PIMG, where there are permanent faculty members with thorough knowledge and experience, enabling students towards a gradual learning process of discovering one’s personality, motivating them towards giving in their best irrespective of the scenarios or the outcomes.

Equal opportunities are given to both the students and the faculty members at PIMG. The faculty members take part in National and International Seminars, discussing various topics of advancement in the field of management and research. They also take part in case teaching and case writing programs, making the faculty at the b-school an integral part in guiding the growth process of the students and the institute. ‘Good Faculty itself can produce good students’, added Dr. S.S Bhakar, talking about the importance of good teachers in an educational institute, and thereby concluded the discussion on this point.

PIMG is also home to one of the best Entrepreneurship Development Cell supported by incubation center. Having a strong mission to develop institutional mechanism, and promote entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurship, AICTE has approved the cell for the year 2011-12 and the consecutive years. The cell till date has organized more than 30 expert talks, 4 EACs and various competitive learning experiences for the budding management aspirants at the institute.

Overall, PIMG is a unique place for development, where warmth of learning and care is felt across all the corners of the institute, making knowledge growth a regular routine. With well-equipped and multi-disciplinary courses offered at the school, and an impressive well-maintained campus at the offering, students take back from every experience they have had at PIMG, ready to take their place in this competitive world, excelling in their respective niches with ease and confidence.

Dr. S.S Bhakar, Director
A man of great patience, knowledge, and character, and an extreme humble personality, Dr. S.S Bhakar is an expert in the field of Operations Management, Supply Chain, and Research. Having conducted numerous research methodology workshops, case writing workshops, and executive training programs, Dr. Bhakar heads PIMG as the current director of the b-school. With immense experience and knowledge at his behest, he guides and motivates every student at PIMG to outdo themselves. He has led PIMG from the front getting it accredited by NAAC in ‘A’ grade, NBA accreditation for its MBA program and autonomous status. He has guided the Institute to be listed in among the top 50 institutions of the country and among the top 16 Institutions in the whole of South-Asia.