School of Business, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies – Inspiring Hope & Igniting Imagination


What does it take to make a perfect business school? Different experts may list out various factors. But however – personal attention, student-centered environment, outstanding teachers, proactive collaborations, and most importantly the zeal to develop competent talent, who can contribute towards nation building are the most important aspects of running a successful business school. Thereby, by fulfilling all the requirements of today’s students and continuing the path of creating a globally competitive atmosphere of growth and learning – The School of Business, UPES is slowly working towards carving a niche for itself in business management education category.

Having built its foundation on the areas of learning that are innovative and future-focused, both UPES and the School of Business have ensured creative and collaborative learning engagements for all its students through realignment of curriculum and exploration of virtual tools, along with open-source courseware. The new curriculum framework particularly called – ABLE (Academic Blueprint for Learning Excellence) is being promoted on a large scale, as it is thoroughly holistic in nature and focuses on the individual needs of all the students, motivating them to discover, experience, explore and challenge. Moreover, by dividing learning into core subject studies, core specialization studies, minors and signature, and life skills learning, the exclusive School for Life (SFL) forms a composite part of UPES, facilitating learning and education that is a balance between what is wanted and what is needed to become a capable global leader of tomorrow. Adding to this very point, and clearly stating how The School of Business strives each day to outperform on all fronts, Prof. Dr. Githa S Heggde, the Dean of the School of Business stated – “Our core endeavor is clear, we seek to provide transformative education, to groom the next-gen leaders, and cultivate strong research culture relevant to the demands of today”.

Furthermore, operating on a sprawling 44-acre campus in a lush vicinity of Dehradun, Uttarakhand the School of Business hosts a wide array of UG, PG & Doctoral programs in all the major in-demand disciplines, including MBA Business Analytics in Energy Analytics and Data Mining. Also, with courses specifically designed to equip students with lifelong learning skills, a focus on a wide range of contemporary issues, and a mandatory social and professional internship experience that is unique, UPES believes in igniting to inspire the best version within an individual to better the world.

Preparing you for life
Consisting of the most dedicated and robust faculty of industry professionals and trained academicians, interdisciplinary teaching becomes a way of life at The School of Business, where the faculty members apply techniques and methodologies of engineering management, economics, and so on, to solve real-world analytical problems in the energy industry. Both the Business Analytics courses offered cover major energy-related applications of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics, which aim to extract and transform the data to provide meaningful information for business use. Concepts such as machine learning are also taught at the school, along with customer analytics, and a strong focus is laid on customer relationship management. Additionally, students are also given full access to choose from exploratory courses, from any school on the UPES campus, be it the School of Design or Engineering.

Inclining all of the existing curriculum and pedagogy with the mentioned NEP guidelines, industry interventions are made a norm on the campus of the School of Business, drawing real-life business issues and finding real-time solutions. To understand in detail, how UPES operates seamlessly despite a global pandemic lurking on our doorsteps, Dr. Githa S Heggde, the Dean took us on a virtual tour of the campus and explained in detail how both UPES and the b-school have managed to always achieve bang-on results, irrespective of the endeavor being pursued. Thereby, talking about the impressive performance of the b-school, she stated – “We have received 150/150 rating from QS IGAUGE for 2-years in a row for digital learning and a QS 5-star rating for employability and program strength”.

Utilizing the latest digital learning platform, namely – Blackboard Ultra for effortless teaching/learning, the transition phase seemed quite easy at UPES, as it was the only university to conduct exams via the online mode, during the first lockdown. Furthermore, being the only b-school in India to have BBA in Analytics (Big Data) and a PG program in Analytics, the school is proud that it hosts core MBA programs along with hybrid programs in Data Science, Oil & Gas & International Trade, ensuring personality development across every class or lesson carried out at the school. Adding to the bargain, healthy initiatives like EMP 1 one 1 conducted on the campus are specifically catered for students to garner confidence in content development, resume building, online aptitude testing, continuous GD sessions, and pre-assessment and post-assessment opportunities.

All in all, being that go-to place for all-rounded development and growth, the impressive industry-academic relations facilitate students to become ready-professionals, way before they take up their mantles as managers cum leaders. Helping students with endless global opportunities, UPES and the school of business push students to pursue international internships, 4-week study abroad programs, among which the semester abroad program with the University Canada West and UE Germany come with a tuition waiver. Lastly, with the management actively funding 50% of scholarships for students who want to pursue their PG programs across Academic Partner Institutions in the US, UK, Europe, and Canada, the School of Business – University of Petroleum and Energy Studies is clearly fulfilling all the requirements of being a gen-z specific business school, ever-ready towards change and positive-growth.

Prof. Dr. Githa S Heggde – Dean
A professional who has over 30 years of academic, consulting, and industry experience, Dr. Githa S Heggde heads the whole operations of the school of business as the current Dean. A completely instrumental personality, in her able leadership, the school is heading towards undoubted greater heights. Also, a renowned professor cum teacher, Dr. Githa has conducted several consultancy and training programs for corporates and senior marketing and sales executives for ITC, Infosys, Murugappa group, Pricol, HDFC, EY, Biocon, and several leading companies. Displaying her avid dedication towards research, she has presented papers at the Academy on International Business at Boston, EuroMed Research Institute at Marseille, France, University of Wollongong, Dubai, EMBRI, Italy, and several conferences in the areas of Marketing, Sales, and Distribution. Her papers have been awarded Gold medals for best research papers at the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) conventions and her expertise has led her towards publishing several articles on Marketing, supply chain, sales, and Distribution in international and national journals, along with authoring books on Applied Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and several case studies.