Tenbroeck Academy


Education is an essential component in a child’s life as it enhances their skill, personality and attitude. It is rightly said that “education is the foundation upon which we build our future”. Thus, schools play an important role in not just helping children learn, but to become improved individuals, eventually progressing effectively towards a better career. While there are several schools and academies across Bengaluru, Karnataka and India promising of quality teaching and learning curves, only a few actually live up to the expectations of delivering quality – year after year. This is where Tenbroeck Academy comes in, truly believing that the most significant wealth an individual can have in their lifetime is a “good education”, and is dedicated to delivering educational excellence.

Bringing real-world learning opportunities to each student’s life with personalized perfection, Tenbroeck Academy is one of the few institutions in South Bangalore to extend the Montessori methodology till grade 5. Along with the Montessori curriculum, the Academy offers an ICSE curriculum for the 5th grade. And, from grade 6 till grade 9 students are provided with an integrated curriculum of both ICSE and IGCSE. And then onwards, after having a well-versed experience with both national and international curriculums, from grade 9 students can choose either of the two curricula.

Tenbroeck Academy is managed by the Chimes Educational Trust, which through their humble beginnings strives towards a vision that respects, supports and understands the unique role children have in shaping the future of humanity. Adding a note on what drives Tenbroeck and Chimes combined to work for a better future, the Director Ms. Brinda Srinivas stated – “Our  objective is to create an environment that is not only beautiful, but one that would purposefully serve the child in his/her work to inculcate self-confidence, joy and a lifelong love-for-learning”.

Providing a safe and nurturing environment for all

Tenbroeck Academy continues to thrive and remain true to its mission: To provide a safe and welcoming place where children are nurtured and encouraged to follow their curiosity and creativity, by offering quality education to children at all stages of their learning.  “Our aim is to provide a 360 degree education”, stated – Ms. Brinda Srinivas. Continuing on her above statement, she added – “We strive relentlessly to provide holistic educational experiences that help children to become passionate and well-learned individuals”. 

With a clear aim of ensuring that students get the best of both worlds, inside the classroom and outside, Tenbroeck Academy boasts of an impressive infrastructure, thus facilitating learning academics and extra-curricular activities. With well-ventilated classrooms with plenty of natural light, creating positive spaces for discussions and activities, and strong mentor-mentee relationships.

Moreover, with a unique, efficient curriculum integrating technology into daily work, at an individual or collaborative level, the curriculum and concepts are rendered to students in the form of presentations in small groups, based on the readiness of the student.  Weaved into the curriculum is an intense programme involving culture, fine arts, performing arts, sports and life skills. This program is being designed and managed by professionals in each area. Well-planned Excursions and field trips kindle community awareness, thirst for art and culture to create the perfect platform for nurturing a holistic approach.

With academic enrichment and a love for knowledge, equal importance is given to co-curricular activities. Part of the school day is devoted to a wide range of opportunities in the areas of sports, music, dance, theater, and other interests such as gardening, waste management, chess, cooking without fire and more. In addition to this, Tenbroeck is a hotspot for facilitating quality development of leadership skills and creative potential among the students, which results in helping children develop social awareness, learn about our history, culture and value systems, which are an integral part of the school. As a result, all the students find their true calling at Tenbroeck, be it at sports, academics, arts or any other stream.

Talking about the physical infrastructure in detail, Tenbroeck Academy hosts a well-stocked library designed to encourage reading and research habits, and the new annex houses a counseling room, a music room, and an infirmary. Tenbroeck Academy acknowledges that sports is an integral part of education, hence the campus has a football field that can double up for hockey (13,000 square feet), cricket pitches and a 5-lane swimming pool.  All these elements are put together to ensure that all the children are receiving the best at every stage of their learning journey with support and guidance of excellent staff and professionals. Tenbroeck’s wide infrastructure is also home to a host of resources readily available to each student, enabling minds to expand, explore, gain a deeper perspective and develop into confident individuals who are capable of effective problem-solving.

The IT-infrastructure too is well-equipped at Tenbroeck, where an active LMS exists at the academy, which gives real-world reports to the parents regarding their respective wards. There are 5 PTMs held each year, where parents have to actively come and participate in a discussion with the teachers and collaborate in the child development process. Apart from this, parents also visit and observe their wards working in the Montessori setup, and partake in exhibitions, science activities, motivating a more practical way of learning, than just textbook based. 

Montessori at Tenbroeck

The Montessori Methodology focuses on activities within a “prepared environment”, meaning an educational environment tailored to basic human characteristics, based on age and learning capabilities. At Tenbroeck Academy, Montessori-based Elementary education is the first of its kind in South Bangalore to extend Montessori from Grade 1 to Grade 6. This methodology, based on developmental needs common to 6- to-12-year-old students, is highly individualized. The Academy endeavors to make the learning environment welcoming and happy so children are eager to come to the Academy every day.

ICSE at Tenbroeck

Tenbroeck Academy has a broad vision of education as an “aid to life”. This approach is designed to support children with their journey of inner construction and development. The ICSE curriculum offered at Tenbroeck Academy is broad-based and encompasses a range of inter-connected disciplines including humanities, sports, creative and performing arts, science, and technology, where along with the ICSE curriculum, creativity flourishes through the drama, music, and arts programs and sports.

Brinda Srinivas – Director

The brain behind Tenbroeck Academy, Ms. Brinda is a Commerce Graduate who started her career as a web designer. Always being a person who loved children and their company, Ms. Brinda has been impacting children’s lives since 2006, as an excellent educationist, by opening Chimes Montessori House of Children. Ever since, her journey has enriched each child who has studied in Chimes over the years, which now transitions to Tenbroeck Academy as well. Tenbroeck Academy is her dream project, and she ensures no stone is left unturned, in pursuit of providing quality 360 degree education for all the children who are a humble part of Tenbroeck.