8 Summer Camp Facts you didn’t know

  1. The first summer camp was founded in 1861 in the United States and was designed to provide outdoor recreation and education for urban youth.
  2. Summer camps have been shown to improve social skills, self-esteem, and independence in children and teenagers.
  3. The most popular types of summer camps in the United States are sports camps, followed by arts and crafts camps and STEM camps.
  4. Summer camps offer a wide range of activities, from traditional outdoor activities like hiking and swimming to more specialized programs like coding and robotics.
  5. Many summer camps offer financial assistance to families who cannot afford the cost of attendance.
  6. The American Camp Association estimates that there are over 14,000 summer camps in the United States, serving approximately 14 million children and adults each year.
  7. Some summer camps are specifically designed for children with special needs, offering tailored programming and support services.
  8. Summer camps provide opportunities for children to learn about and appreciate nature, which can have positive impacts on mental health and wellbeing.