Aditya Group of Engineering Colleges, Your Doors to the Future


Technological advancements are a norm these days, with major transformations occurring in technology and engineering, digitalization has reached its peak. So much, that the influence of digitalization has been far and deep, that a simple degree in Engineering isn’t enough. Graduated engineers have to be capable enough to blend themselves into the ever-changing landscape, well-equipped with multi-disciplinary knowledge, skills and training. Additionally, critical thinking, people skills, and the ability to navigate through failures is of utmost importance to an upcoming engineering graduate today. Addressing all the necessary points required in the process of converting engineering aspirants into ever-ready engineers of today, Aditya Group of Engineering Colleges came into existence.

Under the vast umbrella of Aditya Educational Institutions, a premier promoter of quality education in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, Aditya Group of Engineering Colleges was founded in the year 2001-02. The institutes aims at inducing higher planes of learning to all the students studying at the institutes, by imparting technical education of international standards. Aditya Group of Engineering Colleges along with the regular academic curriculum, emphasizes on Applied Research, building of creative abilities among the students, & building an environment of value-based instruction, progressing each day towards a goal of emerging as premier institutes.

Building Dreams

Running leading institutions ranging from KG to PG, besides running professional course colleges, Sri Nallamilli Seshareddy, the founder Chairman, promoted the educational society with a dream of creating a unique platform for holistic growth and success to students at all levels. An excellent educational platform with 60,000+ students, spread across 60+ institutions, learning and growing under 6000+ staff across 3 districts of Andhra Pradesh, Aditya is perhaps the flag bearer of quality education.

Situated in an eco-friendly area of 180 acres, Aditya Group Engineering Colleges are built around thick greenery facilitating relentless learning, close to Mother Earth. Ideally located in a well-reachable distance from all the major hotspots, the colleges are the most preferred destination for aspiring engineers to start their academic endeavors.

The syllabus is designed by trained professionals, acting as the faculty of the colleges. The syllabus and the course work at Aditya are structured based around the objectives of the institutions, and also the general academic interests of all the departments, and their functioning. The faculty and the management at the colleges give in their best to equip students with enough knowledge and skills, such that, when opportunities knock, they grab the opportunities with ease.

A work/practical-based learning is adopted at the institutes, promoting a unique supportive academic atmosphere. Research plays a vital role in Aditya, having a dedicated faculty consisting of research professionals acting as Directors, all working together at the R & D Cell. Faculties at the institutes are pushed towards building their knowledge and skills, by encouraging them to participate in paper publications in national and international journals. Students also play a vital role in the research process, by facilitating project proposals to the R & D Cell, and if approved, the same project gets funded by the college management.

Creating a Community of Learners

Working in the favor of building complete well-rounded individuals, co-curricular activities/extra-curricular activities are preached at Aditya. Enabling students with spacious playgrounds for participating in outdoor games like Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis and so on, the colleges act as a haven for holistic growth of individuals.

Talking in depth regarding the learning outside the classroom phenomenon followed at Aditya with Mr. N. Satish Reddy, the VC of the institutes. He elaborated about the various opportunities’ students get at Aditya, in turn enabling them to become more socially active human beings. He ecstatically quoted – “Colors, a state level youth festival has been initiated at Aditya Campus, Surampalem in the year 2009”. He added to his earlier statement by saying – “Colors was a massive success and the annual fest is being continued as a tradition of pride, since then.

As a result of Aditya entering into global MOUs with foreign universities, the students at Aditya receive global exposure well-within the 4 years of their college years. These interactions strengthen students towards dreaming of a better future by going for a higher education course abroad, and taking up exchange programs. Faculty too benefit from this, by learning new teaching methods and techniques from foreign delegates, in turn keeping themselves up to date.

Aditya believes that employability is more than a skill; it is an attitude, it is a practice”, stated the VC when asked about the placement opportunities at the institutes. He elaborated on the quote, by describing to us the methods and practices followed at Aditya, where the whole of Aditya works in unison towards instilling attitude in students via continuous training in learning skills, behavioral skills, life skills in addition to aptitude and communication. The students undergo rigorous placement training from the first year of their admission, with the goal of converting them into trained aspirants ready to attend the 3rd year placement wave.

At length, having an exceptional infrastructural premise at the offering, students at Aditya fulfill their educational cravings by developing academic excellence, coupled with values, civic responsibility, and a strong fervor of global competency. They carry every moment they spent at Aditya with them throughout, in turn giving back to society in every endeavor of their lives.

Technical Hub

Technical Hub is an in-house corporate style training unit that focuses on giving you the best. Over here, rather than sticking to the traditional teaching methods that include hours of training and zero fun, we use methods that help every student be involved with the class and practically experience the technology they’re learning about. Our students are trained to overcome whatever obstacles come their way by thinking outside the box. Over 5000 students were able to craft a remarkably successful future for themselves by being a part of our training and certification programs. Some of our top attendees managed to take home job offers ranging from 6 to 19 lakhs per annum. Besides training, we also focus on enhancing your practical skills and ability to utilize your mind and think out of the box by conducting regular competitive events in association with our certification partners. These events don’t just enhance our student’s skills, but they also give them a chance to showcase themselves and prepare for the real competitive driven world out there. Technical Hub offers trainings in numerous trending technologies like Augmented reality, Virtual reality, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Cybersecurity, Networking, 3D printing, and other technologies that can help you be the reason behind tomorrow’s change. Besides training and certification, we also focus on giving back to the society and making it a much better place to live in. Technical Hub has proudly given their students a chance to develop and deliver social awareness applications to the police of Andhra Pradesh. These applications were designed to help enhance women safety and further spread public awareness. Website: