Sreenidhi Institute Of Science & Technology,Accelerating Towards a Bright Future


With the whole world facing the gloomiest, darkest of times, fighting and preparing against an invisible being on our doorsteps, most developed countries having the latest technological advancements and medical facilities are helpless. Sooner or later we are bound to find a solution for this crisis. But, until then, the important group of people who are helping us stay safe and find solutions are our engineers. Even though they might not be one among the front-line warriors fighting against this virus, their contributions are the most required in today’s time. Going forward, the demand for trained and well-equipped engineers, who will be ready to face the challenges thrown at them will be at an all-time high. And thereby, aspiring engineers will look forward to joining such an institution, where they just aren’t taught engineering but taught how to inculcate engineering in their day-to-day lives. One such hub of learning, which puts in extra-ordinary efforts to convert students of today into engineers of tomorrow, is SreenidhiInsitute of Science & Technology.

Established in the year 1997 in Hyderabad – Telangana State, under the able leadership of Sree Educational Society, the college took its leap of faith with a prime focus of becoming one of the most sought-after institutions, in the state of Telangana and India. Progressive management and dedicated & competent faculty help Sreenidhi reach new heights every year, in their pursuit of excellence and providing exceptional technical learning to the masses.

Initiatives at SNIST:

  1. Developing Interdisciplinary Research Centers to encourage multidisciplinary learning for students.
  2. Establishing a Center for Writing & Communication to aid students with their soft skills and communication skills.
  3. Establishing an office for Student Welfare comprising of a career development center to provide ideal career solutions and better post graduation opportunities to our students.
  4. Offering more electives from Humanities & Arts in order to focus on the holistic development of every student.

Redefining Technical Education Sreenidhi is a prime example of a quality engineering institution, which preaches a complete student-centric atmosphere. At the college, students are considered as customers and it is considered the duty of the management and the faculty to do everything possible to prepare them to be employable or shape them towards becoming entrepreneurs & innovators. From the time the student enters the college, his/her needs are catered to with ease and effectiveness. Furthermore, the faculty members act as mentors to the students, guiding them both on their personal, as well as, professional fronts.

Induction programs are organized for freshers, in which, various topics are covered from effective reading to memory management. Therefore, students are prepared to become successful individuals since their day one at Sreenidhi, via the various programs and curated teaching methodologies followed by the faculty. With a view of helping students convert their shy, timid personalities into confidence filled personas, Sreenidhi includes soft skills training, motivating interpersonal relationships & group activities and so on, in their day-to-day routine, thus laying a strong layer of foundation for the students to begin their studies completely focused towards their goal.

Due to the high rate of unemployable engineers being produced in our country, Sreenidhi does not let any stone unturned, in their path towards providing the best application-oriented learning. Students learn via the various ICT-enabled learning techniques made available to them, thus getting a real-world feel to the learning intake they get. The curriculum is a complete mixture of theoretical and practical, based learning. Industry-experts and the esteemed faculty get together to design a unique and effective learning experience for the students. Making seminar presentations a mandatory routine for the students, students overcome their inhibitions and stage fear, and move towards becoming well-versed and confident individuals

Making Innovation a way of life

During a brief conversation, we had with Dr Poreddy Narsimha Reddy, the Executive Director, Dr K T Mahe, the Chairman & Dr K Abhijit Rao, the Director of the Sreenidhi Educational Group, we made sure that we get the answers to all the questions an aspiring engineer would ask the management of a college. Roleplaying as budding engineers, we asked them varied questions and the responses were frank and quick. In order to learn about the whole working environment present at the college, we asked theExecutive Director – Dr P Narsimha Reddy,to talk about how Sreenidhi manages to strike a difference among the various colleges in the neighborhood and the country. Seemingly undeterred, he stated – “We understand the needs of today’s generation of learners, and we also believe in the reformation of the education sector, thereby, preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century”.

At Sreenidhi, Research and Development are given utmost importance. Benefiting from the impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure made available to the students, and in addition, the prime location, where the college is built-in, the students on campus learn innovation from the best. Also, “Sreenidhi proudly announces itself to be a green campus, with the installation of 500 KWP root top solar power plant, as a part of social responsibility”, stated – Dr K Abhijit Rao, the Director of the Educational Group, explaining to us, how SNIST is a campus of excellence and difference. “Believing in the concept that strong academics and industry-relevant training need to go hand-in-hand, SNIST has collaborations with leading research institutes, both nationally and internationally”, stated the Chairman- Dr K T Mahe. He also added to his earlier statement, by saying – “A separate department exists on campus, established for Research and Consultancy”. We also learnt from the conversations, that the R & D department at the college is headed by a full-time Director and Dean, who take full responsibility of pushing students to outperform and outthink on daily basis.

Having trained students from their initial days up until their final day of judgement – the placements, SNIST acts as a friend to all its students. Having an impressive industry-academia connect, major recruiters such as Accenture, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, IBM and so on visit the institute every year giving students both placements and internship opportunities. Additionally, taking placement records into consideration, SNIST is a hub for exceptional placements, providing brilliant placement opportunities across various fields in esteemed establishments, SNIST outperforms itself each year. All in all, SNIST is a prime learning environment and a hotspot of prosperity. With the aim of creating leaders of tomorrow, SNIST strives each day towards making each-day count for their students. From offering the best academic learning to exemplary co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, the college promotes the holistic development of individuals, working towards a better society and country. Finally, taking this pandemic crisis in a stride, Sreenidhi has started Virtual Classes, which is hosted by their dedicated professors. This feature will enable hassle-free learning for all the SNIST students, where students learn from the best, irrespective of the circumstances around them.

Key Leadership Team at Sreenidhi Institute Of Science & Technology: 

Dr K T Mahe Chairman

A dynamic and a pragmatic leader, and an extremely competent personality, Dr K T Mahe, dedicates his expertise towards establishing educational institutions par excellence. Credited as a pioneering entrepreneur in the field of Education in India, he as the Chairman drivesSreenidhitowards a positive energy filled atmosphere, in the pursuit of becoming one of the best engineering colleges in India.

Dr K Abhijit Rao Director

A product of University of Rochester, New York and a young entrepreneur with strong belief in the fact that leadership must be earned. Mr K Abhijit Rao as the chairman of Sreenidhi, understands the importance of identifying areas of expertise, strengths and personality traits of all the individuals at Sreenidhi, and strives towards their upliftment.

Dr P Narasimha Reddy Executive Director

An excellent academician, a man of experience, and a philanthropist at heart, Dr P Narasimha Reddy guides 1000s at Sreenidhi. An active participant at AICTE, having directed its activities at AP and Telangana states, he has a tremendous research background credited to his name. After publishing 25+ papers in conferences and journals across various platforms, as the Executive Director at SNIST, he guides every student towards a positive learning growth and towards a brighter future.