Aegma Divine Kidz


The preschool scenario in India is experiencing a remarkable growth, propelled by several factors that have reshaped the educational landscape in the country. With the increased emphasis on early childhood education and the changing dynamics of the Indian family structure, the demand for high-quality preschools has surged dramatically. Also, parents are expecting only the best for their children, and living up to this expectation in a city like Bangalore, preschools like Aegma Divine Kidz are emerging each day.

Established through the collaborative efforts of Mrs. Tara Kumaran and Dr. Kumaran Sampath, Aegma Divine Kidz stands as a shared venture. Mrs. Kumaran brings to the initiative her extensive 15-year expertise in the education sector, particularly excelling in the establishment of preschools. Before Aegma Divine Kidz, she made significant contributions at Kidzee Franchise, earning recognition with the Best Coordinator award in 2014.

Innovating Early Childhood Education

Aegma Divine Kidz adopts an educational approach centered on interaction, emphasizing hands-on and play-based learning. The preschool ensures active participation of children in their learning experience, encouraging interaction with the surrounding environment and engagement with various materials. Key and innovative ideas are actively provided to enrich the educational journey.

Aegma Divine Kidz implements diverse methods, including direct teaching with simple instructions and an event-based approach, play-based learning with a teacher-centered instruction method, small group instruction with a student-centered approach, and project-based and theme-based learning.

Furthermore, Aegma Divine Kidz features a specialized and unique curriculum meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of children at every developmental stage. In Playgroup, a set of 8 books ensures comprehensive coverage of learning aspects, with each child carrying one book monthly. Similarly, in Nursery, Junior KG, and Senior KG, a set of 9 books is designed for ease, with each book thoughtfully covering the required learning.

Aegma Divine Kidz goes beyond traditional methods by incorporating a Learning Management System (LMS) and coding techniques, enabling a seamless transition to online teaching during extended holidays or unforeseen circumstances like the COVID pandemic. In such situations, the syllabus continues without interruption, ensuring that online education doesn’t impede the learning process but rather facilitates the smooth completion of the curriculum.

“We have unique facilities covered by good greenery, including a drawing area, dramatic play area, clay playing area, riding toys, Theme driven classroom walls, Splash Water pool, music and dance halls, and yoga hall”, shared – Mrs. Kumaran, on the existing infrastructure of the preschool. She continued – “We provide the best in class facilities to let children have fun together and with lots of fun learn as they grow”.

Parental Engagement and Collaborative Learning

The preschool maintains a close interaction with mothers, encouraging their active engagement in school activities and the monitoring of their children. Regular updates on the children’s progress are provided to parents, and the school actively seeks and incorporates feedback to improve its teaching staff and overall operations.

Aegma Divine Kidz fosters parent engagement through various occasions, including Parent–Teacher Meetings designed to be positive experiences. These meetings focus on student achievements, collaboratively create improvement plans, and ensure a warm atmosphere where parents feel appreciated and valued. The school values parental support and welcomes positive feedback as part of this collaborative approach.

Furthermore, the preschool hosts events like Cultural Fairs and Talent Shows, involving parents as impartial judges. These occasions not only showcase the students’ skills to an external audience but also make parents an integral part of the school’s activities.

Celebrating festivals is another key aspect of Aegma Divine Kidz’s approach to parent engagement. The school encourages parents to attend and actively participate in festive celebrations to impart the importance and awareness of diversified cultures and religions. This shared experience allows parents and children to engage together, emphasizing the significance of festivals.

Aegma Divine Kidz is also known for organizing Sports Day on a grand scale. In addition to involving the children, the school actively encourages parents to participate in sports events. Parents serve as volunteers and support teams, providing them with opportunities to showcase their talents and be an integral part of the sports day festivities. This approach fosters a sense of community and shared engagement among parents, teachers, and students.

Nurturing Success

At Aegma Divine Kidz, an impressive 98% of children embark on their educational journey starting from kindergarten and progressing through Sr Kg. This remarkable continuity reflects not only the preschool’s effective teaching capabilities but also the children’s affinity for the educational system in place. A source of pride for Aegma Divine Kidz is the fact that a significant number of their graduates secure admissions in top schools, receiving positive feedback attesting to the solid educational foundations laid at the preschool.

To ensure the continued progress and development of each child, Aegma Divine Kidz employs meticulous tracking and assessment methods. This includes close observation, educator and parent ratings, and standardized tests. The preschool also adopts developmental monitoring, carefully observing and documenting a child’s daily play, learning, speech, behavior, and movements. A checklist of developmental milestones ensures a comprehensive approach to tracking each child’s progress, leaving no room for lapses in their developmental journey. Complementing direct measures such as homework, quizzes, exams, reports, oral performances, and more, Aegma Divine Kidz prioritizes a systematic approach to measure the holistic growth of each child.

Looking ahead, the preschool’s future plans aim to provide best-in-class systematic teaching methods, further strengthening the educational foundation for their students. Aegma Divine Kidz envisions expansion by creating additional franchises, with aspirations to establish 75 to 100 centers by 2026 across the state and extend their reach to key cities throughout the country. This growth strategy underscores the commitment to delivering high-quality education and fostering the development of young minds on a broader scale.