ILM Pathway


In a country as diverse and dynamic as India, the role of preschools in cultivating a stimulating learning environment is paramount. Early childhood education lays the foundation for a child’s holistic development, influencing their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. Recognizing the significance of this formative period, preschools play a crucial role in shaping young minds and fostering a love for learning.

ILM Pathway stands out as a beacon in the realm of preschool education, aligning seamlessly with the vision and mission of providing a safe, child-friendly, and pollution-free environment. The preschool is dedicated to offering a stimulating early learning and childcare experience, ensuring each child’s comprehensive development. What sets ILM Pathway apart is its commitment to not only providing a fun and fantastic educational setup but also extending beyond school boundaries to offer enhanced services for both children and parents.

This commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as ILM Pathway has been honored with the prestigious award for Outstanding Preschool of the Year 2023 – Stimulating Early Learning.

A Journey through Challenges

At 25 years old, having completed a bachelor’s degree in architecture, Samrin Sajid joined ILM Pathway in August 2023, but the preschool came into existence in 2019. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the Covid pandemic, ILM Pathway faced a two-year hiatus, resuming its operations recently with the commencement. During the closure, minimal online classes were conducted, with a conscious decision to limit screen time for young children.

Recognizing the potential drawbacks of extensive online learning for their age group, the preschool opted for brief, half-hour activity-based classes to maintain engagement and rapport with students. Despite the challenges, the individual ensured the retention of the entire staff and retained the physical space for the school in Thanisandra, Bangalore. As operations resumed in 2022, the preschool prioritized maintaining a hands-on and interactive learning approach for its young learners.

Fostering Holistic Growth

Beyond the structured curriculum, ILM Pathway emphasizes a holistic approach to skill development, ensuring students are equipped to grasp new skills seamlessly. The preschool’s curriculum is a blend of the Montessori and kindergarten approaches, incorporating a diverse range of Montessori activities. Monthly calendars are meticulously planned at the end of each preceding month, encompassing various activities such as practical life exercises, table setting, understanding societal rules, nature exploration, and sports engagement facilitated through partnerships with external sports companies.

ILM Pathway goes beyond classroom boundaries by organizing educational trips to museums, planetariums, fire stations, and local colleges, fostering experiential learning. Additionally, the preschool makes an annual visit to a nearby NGO, reinforcing a sense of community and empathy among the young learners. Many of these activities are conducted outdoors, leveraging the small play area on the school premises to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment. The emphasis on diverse, hands-on experiences sets ILM Pathway apart in nurturing well-rounded and curious young minds.

Connecting Hearts and Minds

Situated within the Monarch Serenity Apartments, ILM Pathway enjoys an ideal location on the main road, benefiting from the added security of the apartment complex. Nestled amidst this secure environment, the preschool experiences minimal pollution, providing a green and peaceful setting. With ample natural lighting throughout the day, the school emphasizes sustainability by relying on natural light and eschewing air conditioning. Teachers, carefully chosen and rotated annually, are trained to cater to infants and preschool students. This approach ensures a diverse skill set, fostering patience and caregiving expertise, crucial for attending to the varying needs of children.

ILM Pathway prioritizes effective communication with both students and parents. The rotation of teachers not only helps children adapt to different individuals but also ensures that teachers possess the necessary patience and communication skills. The hiring criteria include proficiency in English and regional languages like Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu, facilitating effective communication, especially with daycare students who are yet to learn English. The preschool also conducts regular training for teachers to enhance their skills.

Parental engagement is a cornerstone of ILM Pathway’s approach. Teachers are mandated to greet parents at the gate, fostering a warm and inclusive atmosphere. Regular parent-teacher meetings and invitations for parents to discuss queries contribute to a collaborative environment. The preschool actively involves parents in the student development process, organizing events such as Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, and Mother’s Day. Through these initiatives, ILM Pathway extends its commitment to creating a sense of family and community, ensuring the holistic development of each child.

 Vision for Expansion

In the school’s comprehensive curriculum, ILM Pathway accommodates playgroup, nursery, junior KG, and senior KG, alongside offering daycare and an after-school program. The concurrent features are standardized across all these programs, facilitated by dedicated faculty members for each year. The faculty rotation ensures a well-rounded experience in all genres, with all staff members being MTT/NTT certified.

Looking ahead, ILM Pathway has strategic plans for expansion. The current trajectory involves continuing with the existing one school for the next two years, establishing additional branches for each. Once a solid reputation is established, the preschool aims to further expand and evolve into a full-fledged school. A 4-acre property in the outskirts of Bangalore, specifically in Hoskote, has been earmarked for this future endeavor. While the plans and concepts for the new school are already in place, the team is patiently awaiting the opportune moment to initiate this exciting phase of growth.