IJ JUNIORZ Play School and Day Care Services


The foundation of a child’s educational path is shaped in large part by empowered learning, and its importance is especially critical throughout the preschool years. Indian preschools are realizing the transforming power of creating empowered learning environments—places where kids are inspired to ask questions, investigate, and take charge of their own education. The foundation for a lifetime love of learning, critical thinking abilities, and holistic development is laid throughout these formative years.

Empowered learning preschools encourage kids to participate actively in their education. This strategy entails giving children options, promoting independence, and stimulating interest. Children that do this gain academic knowledge as well as social skills, emotional intelligence, and other vital life skills.

In this realm of preschool education, IJ Juniorz emerges as a welcome example, setting new standards for empowered learning. Acknowledged for its commitment to providing a play-based, child-directed, and loving educational environment, IJ Juniorz has been honored with the prestigious “Outstanding Preschool of the Year 2023 – Empowered Learning” award. This accolade recognizes IJ Juniorz as a trailblazer in fostering an atmosphere where young minds flourish through self-discovery, creativity, and a sense of autonomy.

Empowering Early Education

Established in the year 2000, IJ Juniorz came into existence on March 1st under the visionary leadership of its founder – Ms. Marina Sonia Dmello. Prior to venturing into the realm of preschool education, Ms. Marina, formerly an engineer, embarked on this journey inspired by the arrival of their daughter. Observing a lack of suitable educational options for young children, the founder sought to create a nurturing and homely environment, especially in daycare settings.

Recognizing the importance of training and education in early childhood development, the founder underwent the necessary preparations before opening the doors of IJ Juniorz. The preschool’s inception was rooted in the commitment to offering a high-quality and affectionate learning space for young minds.

IJ Juniorz began with a focus on providing a safe haven where children could not only learn but also foster a genuine love for attending school. In its initial days, three children eagerly joined the preschool on its first day. Over the years, IJ Juniorz has witnessed the growth of these children, who have now transitioned to larger schools and are flourishing at ages 11, 12, and 13.

Now entering its 9th academic year, IJ Juniorz maintains a steadfast commitment to upholding educational excellence and ensuring a positive and nurturing atmosphere. The preschool’s approach to teacher recruitment goes beyond conventional educational qualifications; they seek individuals who embody a genuine motherly affection and demonstrate a sincere willingness to embrace each child with warmth.

Currently, IJ Juniorz caters to various age groups, including playgroup, nursery, LKG, UKG, and daycare. Additionally, the preschool offers art classes within its premises, enhancing the holistic development of the children.

In the span of nine years, IJ Juniorz has grown to accommodate more than 180 children, a testament to its unwavering dedication to providing a comprehensive and empowering educational experience.

Adapting Amid Diversity

With approximately 15 dedicated teachers, IJ Juniorz navigated a significant shift during the government-imposed lockdowns in response to the pandemic. Reflecting on this challenging period, it is evident that the pandemic had widespread impacts, and IJ Juniorz was not exempt. While the business side of operations remained stable due to the trust built over seven years in the market, the sudden shift necessitated a reevaluation of educational delivery methods.

Despite initial uncertainties about conducting online classes for young children, IJ Juniorz adapted swiftly to the new normal. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a routine for the children, the preschool introduced online classes, ranging from one to two hours, depending on the age group. While online classes for nursery were deemed challenging due to the young age of the children, IJ Juniorz successfully delivered virtual sessions for LKG and UKG.

Throughout the two years of the pandemic, IJ Juniorz remained operational and responsive, ensuring continuity in nursery, LKG, and UKG classes. The positive response from parents indicated that, despite the challenges, the preschool effectively provided valuable education through online platforms. In adapting to the changing circumstances, IJ Juniorz demonstrated resilience and a commitment to the well-being and education of its students.

Embracing Openness

In the dynamic environment of IJ Juniorz, the director and principal Ms. Marina, who is actively engaged in the day-to-day operations, sets a unique tone by choosing to be present at the school gates rather than confined to a cabin. This intentional and open posture extends to the teaching staff, creating an environment where parents are welcomed without the need for appointments. The ethos of open communication is deeply ingrained, fostering a culture where concerns, queries, and insights about a child’s development are addressed promptly.

The director’s accessibility extends beyond the confines of scheduled appointments; there is a consistent and open channel for parents to approach and discuss any concerns. This proactive approach is especially crucial in understanding and navigating the various phases children go through, whether it be stubbornness or quiet phases. The emphasis is on building patience and understanding, and parents are encouraged to reach out without hesitation.

IJ Juniorz believes in keeping the lines of communication open, providing teachers’ contact numbers to parents for direct communication. The director emphasizes the importance of addressing concerns as they arise, encouraging parents not to wait until the end of the academic year. Regular interactions, including annual day celebrations, sports day events, and quarterly parents-teacher meetings, contribute to the continuous and transparent communication between parents, teachers, and the school administration.

In terms of infrastructure, IJ Juniorz is housed in a multi-story building. The ground floor is dedicated to the playschool and daycare, ensuring a safe and accessible space for the youngest children. The first floor hosts Montessori equipment, along with nursery and LKG classes, while the second floor accommodates UKG and provides an open play area. This thoughtful division of spaces reflects a commitment to creating an environment conducive to early childhood education and development.