Alpine Public School – Promoting Uniqueness & Individuality


Children learn better when allowed to learn in different ways. When children are let to think freely without any limitations and are not forced to have a stunted expression of delight, fear, disgust, and many other emotions, children learn to question and counter-question. There is quite a big difference between learning and performing well, thereby all of the elements involved in the schooling venture must be able to determine the difference and in the process realize that the best students are often those who are allowed to explore. Staging a true freethinking platform for students to be triumphant, Conscientious, Ingenious and Inclusive Citizens striving for excellence, the journey of Alpine Public School started on 19 June 2006.

In Pursuit of Knowledge

Since the time Alpine Public School began on its ambitious endeavor of producing successful, responsible, creative global citizens committed to giving back to the society, the journey has been very enlivening and exhilarating filled with difficulties, highs & lows. Each member of the staff and the management at the school holds a strong passion for hard work, dedication, and honesty, working towards nurturing the institution into making it a place for positivity and growth.

Teachers act as mediators of childhood experiences and interactions. The teaching at the school is solely based on exposure and experiment. The whole learning process at the school is a creative experience, where the teachers and the students together construct knowledge. Adequate field experience is provided to the students so that the students acquire practical application-based knowledge.

Moral and Social values are preached at Alpine Public School, laying a strong foundation on developing respect towards our rich cultural past and present. “The school strives towards making the students confident, independent individuals, ready to take a leap of success into the ever-changing world”, stated Mr. Kabeer S A, the Chairman of the school regarding the efforts the school puts in towards making their students successful human beings. In the brief conversation we had with the Chairman of Alpine Public School, he stated regarding the up-to-date learning techniques and apparatus implemented at the school, by saying – “The learning equipment at the school is interactive & smart, using visual representations of lessons and curriculum through LCD screens and computers, making the whole learning process for the students enticing and enjoyable.

A Place for Holistic Education

The curriculum at Alpine Public School is unique and distinct. It is dynamic and promotes students in taking up emerging challenges at the global level. A specially curated system is designed at the school, with the help of teaching experts, which in turn helps the students studying at the school to become thorough with their academics and become fast-learners.

Every child at the school has equal opportunities to speak out, and the school and the faculty believe that expression is the key, to be honest. Teachers at Alpine Public School work towards becoming true role models of the right values, expressing equality in the teaching process they follow.

The entire campus of Alpine Public School transmits into a stepping-stone of knowledge, be it the environment of the school, the well-equipped labs or the field area. The infrastructure consists of splendidly furnished classrooms, state-of-the-art facilities with an excellent Sports Infrastructure, facilitating the students to engage in various co-curricular activities such as Tennis, Basketball, Music, Dance, Yoga, Karate, Aerobics, Cricket and many more. The sprawling and welcoming lobby at the school provides a homely feel to the students and the parents alike.

For the complete development of the students, the school gives equal importance to parent-teacher engagement. An open-door policy is followed at the school, wherein the parents can walk in anytime to meet the Principal or the Coordinators and discuss various issues regarding their wards. Regular PTMs are scheduled for compulsory participation of parents in their wards progress and in turn, benefiting the betterment of their portfolios.

Extra efforts are put in by the school faculty and the management towards turning students into well-learned human beings, by providing smart classes, which is a cumulative effort towards making classrooms more interactive, giving visual inputs to each and every concept explained. As we, all know that the future of today’s technology is Artificial Intelligence, considering this aspect and advancing towards it, the school gives Robotic Training to students in many aspects of Robot Utilization such as line control, programming and so on. To keep the students motivated and guided towards academic excellence and help them reach high personal goals, the school holds motivational workshops with the help of eminent personalities. Such workshops help students to set goals, plan an achievement, focus on skills and strategies, and develop inner confidence to face the outside world and in turn become responsible citizens of the country.

Meet the Chairman, Mr. Kabeer SA

A man of great vision, passionate towards articulating a vision, and having a relentless motivation towards completion that vision, Mr. Kabeer S A is a man of endless qualities. He is a man having great values of “Trust”, and his spirit clearly echoes among the students and the teachers of Alpine Public School. Mr. Kabeer is in charge of the school curriculum and involves himself in the process of formulating the pedagogy with the teachers and the students. As the chairman of the school, he motivates students towards dreaming more, learning more, and achieving more. He endlessly motivates and inspires the staff and the faculty towards passionate and dedicated work for the benefit of the school and its students.