Bangalore Group of Institutions


In this world of specialization and globalization the pharmacy education in India is suffering from serious backdrops and flaws. There is an urgent need to initiate an academic exercise aimed at attaining revamping of curriculum, keeping in pace with current and emerging trends in the field of pharmacy. Unfortunately all these years, enough emphasis was not laid on strengthening the core components of Pharma Education, but with institutes like Bangalore Group of Institutions coming out as go-to hubs of quality Pharma Learning, the Pharma Teaching-Learning spectrum is seeing a positive change finally.

Known as the brand where every member of the faculty and the management strives towards making education count, at Bangalore Group of Institutions, equal opportunities are created for all the students, irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. The top-notch education which is imparted at the Pharma Institute not only facilitates easy learning curves for budding Pharma Students, but also converts them into skilled professionals. Progressing slowly but steadily, every coming day is treated as an opportunity to excel at BGI, and as a result – all the institutions under the vaste banner have witnessed tremendous growth and achieved commendable feats. 

Extensive excellence towards calculated brilliance

Always ensuring to stay in-sync with the rapid growth the healthcare sector is seeing, BGI has curated all its curriculum, pedagogy and programs, keeping in-view both the theoretical as well as practical aspects of Pharma Education. Be it the 4-year B.Pharm degree or the 2-year D.Pharm degree, all the events and activities for all the students are formulated based on the detailed analysis of the market requirement, in both production and research. 

At BGI it is made mandatory for all the future professionals to practice the profession of pharmacy, along with involving themselves in exhaustive knowledge gain. The impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure and the industry-bond helps students to interact regularly with 

physicians, paramedics, community, and market the medical agents for diagnosis, prevention, and therapeutic purpose, while practicing the art of Pharmacy in-house. Hence, the opportunities are immense for pharmacy professionals at BGI, where they are provided with ample chances to work in multinational drug companies, research units, hospitals, or even become self-employed by starting a pharmacy outlet. Additionally, 500 hours of practical training in Govt. Hospital / Dispensary / Pharmacy recognized by Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi is also an important aspect which every student has to undergo. Moreover, companies namely – IFFCO TOKIO, KRIBCHO, GENEVA INDUSTRIES LTD, AND DECCAN HYDRAULICS, and many more visit BGI each year with a clear aim of pushing students towards their dream careers. 

Having the campus strategically built in Sarjapur Road area of Bengaluru, which is perhaps known for being an IT-corridor, the 20-acre green campus serves as an active inspiration for the students to aim high and become achievers. Additionally, making every new-age facility and amenity readily available for the students including latest tools and technologies help deliver the courses creatively and efficiently. Committing themselves wholeheartedly towards boosting overall holistic development of the students, all the campuses are made ragging free and smoking free, preaching a strong sense of true student-centered brilliance. Focusing on activities beyond the classrooms as well, students are encouraged to take part in sports and extracurricular activities, all thanks to the various sport amenities set-up, meant to spark inner sports enthusiasts. In addition to this, regular cultural events organized at the group help students grow into vocal and well-spoken individuals, who have a balanced intellectual and creative reach. 

We have effortlessly adapted to a completely competency-based curriculum, that lays equal emphasis on practical and theoretical skills, pushing everyone to outperform on a daily basis”, shares Mr. Majesh Mohan, the Chairman of BGI, enunciating how unique the whole environment is at BGI and what their main goal is in these difficult times, in the direction of inculcating ethical principles in all, guiding them to lead disciplined and socially-responsible lives.