Chettinad Sarvalokaa Education International School


The significance of schools having an abundance of resources cannot be emphasized, particularly when meeting the changing requirements of tomorrow. The children of tomorrow need to grow in an atmosphere that values creativity, teamwork, and resilience and adaptation. Educators offer an immersive learning experience that transcends the confines of the typical classroom when they work in an environment rich in resources.

Leading the way in this educational concept is Chettinad – Sarvalokaa Education, International School, which promotes virtues like creativity, collaboration, adaptability, and resilience. Acknowledging the value of a well-equipped classroom, the school has been granted the esteemed distinction of “Outstanding School of the Year 2023 – Resource-Rich Education Environment.”

The school’s well-ventilated classrooms, designed for spaciousness and illumination, support movement, flexibility of seating, and a lively learning environment. The language labs facilitate comprehensive language learning that includes understanding the language through its functionality and connecting learners with diverse cultures. The art studio provides a platform for self-expression and creativity, while the day and week boarding facilities offer a safe and nurturing space for holistic development.

Chettinad – Sarvalokaa’s commitment towards independence and life skill development for its learners is further evident as they integrate culture and connection, sustainable routines, in a safe environment that encourages a connection with nature.

Fostering Lifelong Learning: Sarvalokaa’s Unique Approach to Teacher Development

The hiring criteria at Chettinad are intricately tied to the mindset of potential educators, placing a significant emphasis on alignment with core values such as adaptability, creativity, and a commitment to lifelong learning. The school seeks individuals who not only exhibit a readiness to expand their knowledge but also embody the skills of a lifelong learner. A distinctive Professional Development (PD) plan is tailored for all educators, ensuring continuous engagement with educational insights. Monthly activities and educational trips, including an exploration of sustainability, are integral to this plan, fostering a mindset aligned with the school’s ethos.

The school’s approach to educator’s development extends beyond mere training sessions. Sarvalokaa operates as a collaborative team, discarding hierarchical structures in favor of a collective commitment to shared beliefs. This model is implemented from leadership to coordinators, gradually permeating the entire teaching staff. The PD program not only shapes how educators learn but also influences their teaching methodologies. Educators are exposed to real-world experiences through fieldwork, leveraging abundant learning resources within and around the campus, including an organic garden, integrated farm, bamboo forest, herbal garden, and a butterfly garden. These unique learning spaces allow the educators to align concepts with real-world scenarios before introducing them in the classroom. The teaching and learning process at Chettinad is not only hands-on and practical but also highly personalized and adaptive. Recognizing the diverse skill sets each educator brings, the training and workshops provided are customized to address individual needs, ensuring a dynamic and tailored approach to professional development.

Nurturing Global Citizens

Incorporating the essence of service learning, Chettinad employs a program that aligns with global perspectives to delve into the pressing concerns of society. This unique approach involves comprehensive research to identify ways the school can contribute to the betterment of society, whether within the school premises, outside, or on a nationwide scale. The commitment extends to fundraising initiatives for annual causes and supporting institutions that share similar values.

Central to this ethos is the Young Leaders Programme, where each council member is assigned specific duties within the school. These responsibilities require deep research and a proactive approach. For instance, a member assigned to the Sustainability Club investigates school operations to enhance sustainability, identifying challenges and proposing viable solutions. This research-driven initiative transcends the school boundaries, extending its impact from the local community or even beyond.

An Epitome of Resilience and Adaptability

During the challenging period of COVID, the Chettinad community rallied together, drawing strength from the core values of resilience and adaptability. The focus also extended to the mental well-being of both educators and learners. A conscious effort was made to prevent prolonged screen time, ensuring that the learning process did not become burdensome. To achieve this, Sarvalokaa restructured the daily schedule, concluding online classes by noon. The afternoons were dedicated to physical activities within the campus or home, fostering mindfulness of the immediate environment.

In a bid to make learning meaningful and relevant, assignments were crafted with a focus on the immediate surroundings. Chemistry lessons, for instance, were conducted in the kitchen, while physics concepts were explored through household machines. Even art lessons embraced a natural approach, encouraging learners to create colors at home. This not only facilitated a hands-on learning experience but also instilled the realization that one can be a mindful consumer by utilizing resources readily available within the household.

A Unique Attempt to Student Mentorship

In contrast to many conventional Cambridge schools that follow a standard approach with books and notebooks, Chettinad distinguishes itself through a holistic admission process that involves parents aligned with the school’s philosophy. This approach has fostered a positive relationship with parents, who actively participate in various programs and sessions, including joint parent and child activities conducted via platforms like Zoom. Recognizing the demands on parents’ time, the school ensures their engagement in a way that complements their online commitments with their companies.

Sarvalokaa’s commitment to individualized attention is evident in its student – educator ratio, with a maximum of 25 students per class. Beyond classroom teaching, every student learner benefits from having mentoring and goal setting sessions, both academic and personal. The school’s clubs serves as a hub for diverse learning experiences, ranging from cooking, photography, art and designing, embroidery to other academic interests. The dynamic setting is further enhanced by educators who, in addition to their regular roles, serve as mentors, providing ongoing support and guidance to learners.

Lastly, ensuring the emotional well-being of young children is a priority at   Sarvalokaa, where the introduction of a counselor is approached with the utmost consideration for trust. Understanding that children may find it challenging to connect with unfamiliar adults, the school employs a welcoming morning routine. Learners are greeted at the beginning of the day, emotions and feelings are discussed during the circle time at school, and regular interactions extend beyond scheduled Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) or formal meetings fostering an environment of trust and belonging. Sarvalokaa adopts an open-door policy, inviting parents to discuss any challenges they may be facing leading to a win-win solution.

Actively engaging with young children both in and outdoors, the school addresses mental health, happiness, and the ability to focus. Learners from grade one onwards, a dedicated wellness session plays a vital role. This focuses on conflict resolution tailored to the specific skills required for each age group. Recognizing that the nature of issues varies with age, the school provides targeted support to navigate challenges, fostering a supportive environment for learning and growth.