Creative Curriculum for Pre-Schools


Pre-School education plays a very pivotal role in a toddler’s life. Preschool education offers an enriched environment, academic simulation and many socialization opportunities for children who are of the same age group. Early schooling in India plays an important role in preparing children emotionally, mentally, socially and physically for higher education and proper understanding of different subjects. Good primary education inspires both parents and students to enroll for pre primary and higher levels at the later stages of higher studies. India follows a systematic process of preschool education to impart knowledge in the best possible way for better understanding of the young children. By following an easy and interesting curriculum, teachers strive hard to make the entire learning process enjoyable for the children.
The changes in the social and economic structure of India have intensified the need for universal early childhood education. On the surface, it may seem like the earliest years of education simply help children adjust to life in the classroom and give them an opportunity to socialise.

However, the Early Childhood programme you choose for your child does have a significant impact on their life. Many educational experts have concluded that the first five years of a child’s life is one of the most pivotal times for development and can have a lasting impact on a child’s transition into adulthood. When it comes to preschool education, there are several teaching methods that educators can use to suit the learning styles of individual students. These include interactive learning, content-focused curriculum programmes and learner-centred teaching styles. Every parent wants the best for their children but if you asked them what that would be, they would probably struggle to find one answer.

Pre Schools in India provide the appropriate environment and opportunities to cultivate young minds and encourage them to realize their true potential. Other than the regular curriculum, kindergarten education also includes different activities such as drawing, coloring, clay work, craft work, singing, dancing and more to make school life interesting for younger children. One must understand the importance of pre-primary schooling and do its best to impart necessary knowledge to the children. Kindergarten and pre schools in India should focus on the key skills: emotional, cognitive, social and mental growth of kids. These schools should organize tiny toddlers for formal schools and life, making them confident and curious learners through their interesting preschool programs.

Kids play different games and indulge in varied activities that make them cheerful and happy. Rhymes, storytelling sessions and movement activities help them to learn basic skills. Nursery schools through pleasurable childhood activities and games guide kids to learn simple skills of reading, writing and numbers that will be beneficial for tiny tots to cope with the pre primary level of learning. All these schools build a very colorful and engaging learning atmosphere for kids with theme-based classrooms and different activity areas. Preschool education in India can help foster creative thinking, but it is important as a parent to encourage similar methods of learning once your child is home. Parent to child communication also plays a pivotal role in a child’s preschool education.