Crossmaze Preschool and Daycare


In a vast country like India, where 139 million children under six years old lay the foundation for our future, the importance of Early Childhood Education cannot be overstated. It plays a crucial role in driving the overall growth of the nation. Recognizing that these millions of children are the future workforce, it is essential to provide education that shapes them into responsible and informed citizens.

In the context of densely populated countries like India, investing in Early Childhood Education is not merely an expense; it is a strategic investment. The benefits extend beyond individual lives, influencing the broader societal and economic fabric of the nation. A robust Early Childhood Education system has been proven to yield superior learning outcomes, promoting higher levels of civic responsibility and significantly reducing delinquency rates.

Crossmaze Preschool and Daycare stands as a crucial institution, proudly serving as an exemplary preschool that acknowledges the transformative power of Early Childhood Education. The commitment to providing a strong foundation for the youngest members of society sets this preschool apart, guiding them through innovative approaches and a tailored curriculum. Their aim is not just to educate but also to in still values that will shape these young minds into conscientious contributors to the future of our country.

Best PreSchool & DayCare ensuring a Safe Environment

 At Crossmaze, the primary focus is on ensuring the safety of children, with the preschool meticulously following strict safety protocols. To reinforce this commitment to a secure environment, CCTV surveillance has been implemented within the daycare facilities. All staff members undergo a thorough induction process to ensure their readiness to adhere to standardized guidelines for child care. Additionally, a consistent security presence is maintained to guarantee the highest level of supervision over the children.

Manushree , the founders of the preschool, emphasize, “We prioritize continuous supervision of children, ensuring they are never left unattended on school premises. Whether in classrooms or common areas, a teacher or support staff is always present.” They continue, “Our unwavering commitment is to provide our children with the safest possible environment, underscoring our dedication to their well-being.”

Crossmaze has instituted a comprehensive array of safety measures, including incorporating soft-closing mechanisms on all doors and utilizing corner protectors to minimize potential risks. The entire facility boasts soft flooring, strategically designed to absorb impacts from falls and prevent harm while the little ones partake in play. The school’s architecture is meticulously planned, featuring child-friendly and vibrant colors to establish a welcoming and stimulating environment. Moreover, the selection of play toys predominantly consists of high-quality wooden and non-toxic plastic options, prioritizing the well-being and health of the children. To further bolster safety, areas frequented by children are meticulously designed to be devoid of stairs.

Nurturing Excellence

At Crossmaze, the priority is always to motivate every child to become a stronger individual both academically and emotionally. The preschool is known for providing a secure environment for growth and guidance. Whether through low student-teacher ratios, allowing every child to interact with teachers to hone their individual skills, styles, and strengths, or by compiling customized learning plans and materials based on student interests and capabilities, the faculty members truly shine in this domain.

Students are regularly assessed, and their progress is tracked and shared with parents. Teaching methods and the curriculum are adjusted accordingly. All educators at Crossmaze receive ongoing training to stay updated with the latest educational techniques and approaches, empowering them to adapt to each child’s unique needs and provide the best support.

In terms of IT, the preschool has a communication app that enhances the personalized experience of parents with all kinds of information and updates from the school. Through this, the preschool strongly believes in a worthy collaboration between parents and teachers.

Fostering Confidence and Inclusivity

 Aiming to provide a nurturing environment where every child feels comfortable and welcomed, all students are encouraged and praised for their efforts and accomplishments. Public Speaking and Show-and-Tell Activities are conducted on campus to motivate students to become all-rounders, overcome stage fright, and gain confidence. These activities also help students become better at expressing themselves in front of others, embrace diversity, and be proud of their identity, fostering a positive self-image.

Furthermore, the majority of activities are group-based, allowing students to mingle, work together, share ideas, and build mutual understanding. The management and faculty are always on the students’ side, assisting them in setting achievable goals and guiding them in the process of working towards those goals. “We provide constructive feedback that emphasizes growth and improvement rather than focusing solely on mistakes. This helps students understand that it’s okay to make errors and that learning from them is part of the process,” concluded the founders – Manushree

By instilling confidence and a positive self-image in all students through these various strategies, Crossmaze ensures that every child feels valued, capable, and secure within the learning environment, enhancing the overall educational experience.