Difference between Architecture and Interior designer


Architecture and Interior designing are two of the best paying jobs in the white collar profession. They are like opposite sides of the same coin where one is the base of the other and cannot exist without the other but there is a difference between the two occupations where many of us get confuse. Architecture focuses on the outer beauty whereas interior designers focus on how to make the two ends meet (beauty and comfort). An architect can draw inspiration from anywhere depending on what he/she is doing but an interior designer  always have to manage that inspiration with the comfort of the inside making sure that discomfort  isn’t the price for beauty. Interior designers develop keen sense of taste on the fabrics, fibers, artists, and the durability of these items, they become the masters of these tools which bring beauty, and comfort, durability come together. Interior Designers in-depth understands colors and how a combination of one color can effect or benefit the other decors or pieces in the space, they exactly know what looks good and where. Interior designer manipulate space, time and everything according to their requirements like a 30×20 sq.ft space can be made to look more like a condo if an interior designer wants it to be or he can make a 60×40 sq.ft space look like a much small space. Interior designing is the art and science of making the best use of what is given by providing the maximum comfort along with requirements of the client. The global market for this profession is highly in demand, as people have understood that comfort can come in style; it has become more of a canvas for designers to show their work of art, the key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and essence of space.

Architecture has the knowledge of art, science, technology and humanity. They journey begins from visualizing the design and planning each and everything from the smallest detail , there is no limit to what an architect can visualize “ There is no rule of architecture  for a castle in clouds (Gilbert K. Chesterton)”. It is a professional field of building design and all that goes along with it, Architects just don’t design buildings but evolves the charisma of his creation. An architect is a master builder who considers every possible outcome and designs something which can withstand all test and challenges. This profession is quit demanding and requires both creative ability, planning and hard work bring out the best in a person. They are not only concern with the building but balances with the environment keeping in mind the interest of both private client and the community at large. An architect builds dreams into concrete reality making sure that the visual concept of the client comes will take the shape of a concrete reality standing firm, tall and mighty. Architect takes in inspiration from the clients and make sure that it’s not just a dream that was dreamed yesterday but a concrete artistic reality today standing to speak for itself.

Architecture and interior designing are high profile jobs which are highly in demand as the world has become a market of mass competition where one has the opportunity to make the best use of their talent and make a place for themselves, both of them are similar but diverse at the same time having its own sphere of executing their task. Many of us think that they are both the same which is not true as architecture operates in its own confined zone based on the law of creating and interior designing in its own world of art and comfort.

Living room with panoramic window interior