Don Bosco School of Excellence – A Bright Academic Front


Living in an era of immense digitalization, the classroom of today is radically different when compared to the classrooms a few years ago. Technology has taken the center stage in this era of continuous metamorphosis. A significant change we are seeing in the schooling system around is the emphasis given on skill-based curriculum and learning, via digital methods. Many innovations and techniques, which enhance self-learning among children, are on the rise; thereby schools and institutions are pushing towards a complete digitalization of the school and the classrooms. Foreseeing the changing needs of education and keeping in view the requirements of a 21st-century school, Don Bosco School of Excellence was started providing quality educational programs, with high standards of teaching and learning.

Since the time of its inception, Don Bosco School of Excellence has progressed towards providing a safe and welcoming hub to the children and the parents alike. The school has taken up challenges such as identifying each learner’s unique potential at the school, in turn converting them into excellent leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

High Moral Values & Matchless Education

Continuing to strive on the lines of their motto – “Leading with foresight and compassion”, and following the “Preventive System” laid by St. John Bosco, Don Bosco School of Excellence provides an environment which is a happy blend of reason, religion, love, & kindness. The faculty and the management at the school aim at making the children studying at their school, to excel both in life and in society, motivating them towards coming forward in taking up various opportunities and thereby increasing their overall capabilities. The children at the school are trained towards being honest, truthful, obedient, & sincere individuals helping those in need with all their hearts.

In the year 2013, the Don Bosco School of Excellence was started to cater to the needs of the children, with modern-day amenities and excellent quality education. Having a CBSE accreditation, this is the first Don Bosco School that functions as a co-education institution.

Quiet intrigued with the word excellence used in the name of the school, we had a brief conversation with Rev. Fr. Philip Louie Balasamy SDB, the principal of the school about the origins of the title, he stated – “Excellence is not just a word at the school, but the quality which is infused into the system, people, & students.” He added to his earlier statement quoting – “This quality makes it possible for the management to provide an education that enlightens the mind, fortifies the body, and sustains the spirit and nourishes the heart”. Having the principal of the school himself, giving out a humble explanation regarding the naming of the school, excellence is perhaps the most apt word for such an institution. Led by great personalities like Rev. Fr. Philip Louie Balasamy SDB, Rev Fr Gregory Devarajan, the Rector & Correspondent, Rev. Fr John Britto, the Vice Rector & Administrator and Rev. Fr Maria Ambrose, Spiritual Director, DB School of Excellence is indeed a haven for academic and spiritual brilliance.

Starting with an enrolment of only 250 students in the year 2013, on the path towards providing matchless un-conventional education, with unique yet efficient teaching methods, the strength of the school now has grown to around 1500 students. A highly educated, well-learned, & experienced staff leading the school, Don Bosco School of Excellence is right on its path in providing an atmosphere for the children to learn and grow, in this ever-changing world.

Creating independent, self-disciplined individuals

At DB School of Excellence, the faculty and the teachers not only work towards their duty of providing excellent education to the children, but they are also trained and motivated towards bettering the well-being of the children. The whole student-teacher relationship at the school is built on trust and care, and thereby to retain this institution, the school remains extra-careful in the recruitment process and only the most experienced and knowledgeable personalities are recruited.

The teachers are trained in various programs to improvise their skills and the same is deployed to the students through them. The curriculum at the school is planned and prepared well in advance of the academic year, and the teachers train themselves in the curriculum and teaching techniques thoroughly, to impart effective quality learning. Various opportunities are provided at the school to the teachers and the students alike, to explore their ideas beyond the classroom and implement the same in the class. The teachers, in turn act as mentors to the students, in the journey towards achieving excellence in their exams, and in the real world too, by giving extra-coaching classes and lessons on life-skills.

DB School of Excellence is an institution that is very keen on imparting education that enables students towards adapting and coping with the demands of the fast-changing world, and in turn, helping students inculcate scientific spirit in their day-to-day lives. The school also aims at developing the character, and personality of each pupil, imparting sound education through wide training.

A school of Overall Comprehensive Learning

Offering English as the medium of education, various other languages such as Hindi & Tamil are given equal importance at the school. Working towards making the school a place of joy and lasting friendships, DB School of Excellence is a place, where a highly student-centric atmosphere is favored and preached.

Learning at the school involves a broad range of experiences in and beyond the school, which include rich and multi-faced co-curricular programs included in the curriculum. Scouting, RSP, Interact Clubs, music, dance, theater, life-skills sessions conducted at the school make the students confident, optimistic, compassionate, internationally minded young adults ready to find their place in the world. In order to develop the skill of self-defense among children, they are trained by experts through the Korean Martial Arts of Taekwondo.

The infrastructure at the school is an ever-expanding space accommodating well equipped Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Labs. The school also houses a full-fledged library for reference and two computer labs on par with the strength of the students using it. The classrooms at the school are highly equipped with Smart-boards and ACS to impart the best value-based education to the students.

Further, to promote competition and healthy rivalry among the students, curricular and extra-curricular activities are encouraged. In addition, to foster qualities such as loyalty and leadership among children, the school promotes the House System.

The Principal – Rev. Fr. Philip Louie Balasamy SDB

A multi-faceted degree holder, having done his Christian Religious studies in Manila, Philippines, Rev. Fr. Philip was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in D.Litt in Kathmandu, Nepal. After taking over as the principal of DB School of Excellence, Egmore, Chennai in 2018, he is an immense inspiration to the staff of the school, to work as a team to achieve great things for the benefit of the children in the long run. Through his words, thoughts, and ideas he gets things in order at the school, and thereby always works towards transforming the end result to nothing less than a success story.