Dr. Lizy Kalaga


In recent decades, the aviation industry has experienced significant growth and transformation, propelled by advancements in technology, globalization, and changing market demands. Within this dynamic and ever-evolving sector, women have emerged as influential leaders, making their mark in various aspects of aviation and allied management studies. With their skills, expertise, and determination, these women leaders have shattered barriers and redefined the possibilities for their peers and future generations. One such remarkable woman leader in the field of aviation and allied management studies is Dr. Lizy Kalaga, the Vice-President of Institute of Indian Aviation and Allied Management Studies (IIAAM). With her visionary leadership and extensive knowledge in the aviation industry, Dr. Kalaga has played a pivotal role in shaping the education and training landscape for aspiring professionals in India.

Throughout her career, Dr. Kalaga has been a trailblazer, breaking through gender biases and inspiring others with her passion for aviation. With a strong background in aviation management, she has dedicated herself to empowering young women and men to pursue careers in the industry. Dr. Kalaga’s tireless efforts have resulted in the establishment of IIAAM as a premier institute for aviation and allied management studies, providing students with comprehensive academic programs and industry-relevant training.

IIAAM in a Nutshell

Established in 2009 as a degree college, primarily focusing on providing job-oriented aviation courses, in 2013, it underwent a transformation and became a nonprofit organization, harnessing the collective expertise of its members. Since then, IIAAM has been playing a crucial role in the advancement of degree programs, skill development initiatives, professional and management courses, as well as offering diplomas and certificate programs in various disciplines.

The institute’s comprehensive curriculum encompasses a wide range of industries, including aviation, media, film, music, marketing, and more. By catering to these diverse sectors, IIAAM aims to address the shortage of skilled professionals in both the national and international job markets. Through its extensive array of programs, IIAAM strives to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their respective industries and meet the evolving demands of the global workforce.

IIAAM Foundation provides a range of courses in various colleges and universities, including BBA Aviation, MBA Aviation, Air Hostess training, and Pilot Training. Recognized as the leading aviation college in Bangalore and esteemed as one of the top aviation colleges in India, IIAAM is renowned for its exceptional quality of education and training in the field of aviation.

As the Vice-President & Beyond

Dr. Kalaga, at IIAAM, spearheads the development of training programs and curricula for institutions, universities, and colleges that offer aviation courses. Under her guidance, IIAAM has been actively working towards revolutionizing the aviation industry by providing high-quality education and upskilling opportunities to students. To enhance accessibility, Dr. Kalaga has played a key role in establishing the IIAAM online school and a mobile app, ensuring that aspiring students can easily access educational resources.

Furthermore, Dr. Kalaga is actively engaged in various capacities at esteemed Bangalore institutes such as Presidency University, Teachers’ Academy Group of Institutions, Institute of International Media Studies, and Jagatsatyasai Educational Research Foundation, among others. Her contributions extend beyond education as she strives to create a sustainable ecosystem that facilitates seamless interaction among all stakeholders in the aviation industry.

Dr. Kalaga envisions a platform where industry players can collaborate, learn from each other, and collectively drive growth. A testament to this vision is her co-founding of the Indian Aviation Mobile App, a comprehensive platform fostering connectivity among airlines, airports, employees, and students within the aviation community. Additionally, she has established the Indian Aviation Job Portal, which identifies gaps and opportunities in the aviation job market and facilitates connections between employers and job seekers. Dr. Kalaga’s dedication extends beyond being an educator as she actively works towards fostering industry-wide collaboration and career development in the aviation sector.

I actively collaborate with industry stakeholders, with an intention of engaging in meaningful discussions to identify areas for improvement”, Dr. Kalaga shared. She continued – “By staying connected to key players in the field, I ensure that IIAAM remains relevant and up-to-date with the latest industry trends and practices”. Through a detailed conversation with the Vice-President, it became evident that her commitment to staying informed and connected surely helps to shape IIAAM’s curriculum and training programs to align with the evolving needs and advancements in the aviation industry.

Knowing Dr. Lizy Kalaga 

Dr. Lizy Kalaga, holding both an MBA and a degree in aerospace engineering, found herself disenchanted with her corporate career at a young age of 29. In pursuit of her true passions of writing and thought leadership, she made the bold decision to leave her full-time job behind.

As a motivational speaker, Dr. Lizy Kalaga strongly believes in the power of smart work to achieve success. She is known for her exceptional communication skills and lives by the mantra “Whenever you stumble, gather something!” With an impressive track record of exceeding expectations and building strong partnerships with clients and colleagues, she is recognized as a high achiever.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Dr. Lizy Kalaga is also an accomplished author. Her motivational book titled “Hey, You!” stands out for its unique blend of sharp wit, sarcasm, and humor. Through thought-provoking content, the book encourages readers to contemplate life’s bigger questions and fosters personal growth and well-being. It has received widespread acclaim for its distinctive approach and resonates with a broad audience.

Dr. Lizy Kalaga is also a keen research enthusiast, and her paper titled “Aviation Psychology and its Impact on Human Factors for Substantial Reduction of Human Error through Crew Resource Management” delves into the realm of aviation psychology and its potential to enhance human factors. The paper emphasizes the importance of implementing crew resource management techniques in order to minimize errors and improve overall safety within the aviation industry.