Dr. M.G.R Educational & Research Institute (Deemed to be University) Faculty of Hotel Management & Culinary Arts


In a diverse and culturally rich country like India, the hospitality industry plays a pivotal role, catering to the varied needs and preferences of a vast population. With the tourism sector thriving and the demand for exceptional services rising, there is an increasing need for high-quality hotel management institutes. These institutes serve as the breeding grounds for skilled professionals who can navigate the complexities of the hospitality sector, offering a blend of cultural sensitivity, managerial expertise, and hands-on experience.

Against this backdrop, Dr. MGR Hotel Management & Culinary Arts stands out as a beacon of excellence. Recognized as the Outstanding Hotel Management Institute of the Year 2023, it exemplifies the commitment to not only meeting but exceeding industry expectations. Through a combination of innovative curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and a heritage of academic excellence, the institution has demonstrated a dedication to shaping the future leaders of the hospitality industry in India. This accolade further solidifies its position as a welcome example of how quality hotel management institutes contribute to the country’s dynamic and diverse landscape.

Excellence in Education

Founded in 1985, Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute  (Deemed to be University) evolved into a comprehensive group of institutions before attaining the Deemed to be University status in 2003. The university has experienced substantial growth, boasting fourteen faculties, over one hundred and twenty-five doctorates, a dedicated staff exceeding one thousand members, around one thousand five hundred non-teaching staff, and an active student body of nearly fourteen thousand learners. Recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Government of India, the university achieved GRADED AUTONOMOUS STATUS in Category II and garnered NAAC Accreditation with a commendable CGPA of 3.48 on a four-point scale at A+ Grade.

Within the ambit of Dr. MGR Educational & Research Institute-University, Chennai, Dr. MGR Hotel Management & Culinary Arts, stands as a renowned institution for Hotel Management and Catering Technology in India.   Established in 2003, the department boasts an impressive track record, consistently achieving over 95% placements annually. Originating in 1999 with approval from the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) and the Directorate of Technical Education (DOTE), the Faculty of Hotel Management & Catering Technology has trained close to 1000 students.  Setting itself apart, the institution owns two renowned 4-star hotels within the group, providing students with invaluable exposure to real-time work environments, customer demands, and hands-on job training from the outset of their academic journey.

Outstanding Hotel Management Institute of the Year 2023

Recognizing the industry’s demand for skilled professionals across various departments, the institute has meticulously equipped its students with essential skills aligned with industry requirements. Faculty members undergo periodic comprehensive programs to stay abreast of the latest industry developments, participating in workshops, lecture sessions, and product presentations conducted by industry experts.

To enhance the practical and soft skills of faculty members, the institute offers exposure to courses in Soft Skills, Communication Skills, and personality development. Notably, the faculty includes internationally renowned Chefs, such as Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Chef Sudhir Sibal, Chef V. Vijaya Baskaran, and Chef Ramesh Javvaji, who hold key positions as Senior Professors. Their expertise elevates the learning experience for students, encompassing both theoretical and practical dimensions of the institutional academic strength.

Dr. MGR Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, situated within Dr. MGR Educational and Research Institute, aspires to be the preferred destination for students pursuing degrees in Hotel Management,Catering Technology, and Culinary Arts. The institution, a member of the Indian Federation of Culinary Associations, provides students with unique opportunities to actively engage in international conferences and food festivals. The institute holds the prestigious “WORLDCHEFS Recognized School” certification, underscoring its commitment to meeting stringent quality criteria defined by the World body of Chefs.

The curriculum at Dr. MGR Hotel Management and Culinary Arts, is thoughtfully designed to ensure the practical application of theoretical knowledge, fostering highly knowledgeable and skilled students. Leveraging pedagogical techniques and ICT tools, such as seminars, group discussions, and presentations, the institute instills confidence in students to learn, analyze, apply, and unleash their creativity.

A Hub of Comprehensive Education

Students at Dr. MGR Hotel Management and Culinary Arts benefit from a comprehensive educational experience, marked by a paid internship program spanning 154 days in prestigious 5-star hotels across India and abroad.

Expert sessions conducted for aspiring chefs and patisseries, coupled with a strong alumni network, contribute to the institute’s reputation for excellence. The distinguished faculty, excellent library facilities, a dedicated research wing, frequent seminars, and academic activities, as well as regular industrial visits, further enrich the educational journey.

The institution offers a variety of courses, such as B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Hotel Management and Catering Technology,  B.A. in Culinary Arts, Certification, Diploma, and Post-graduate programs in Pastry Arts, among others.   Accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an “A+” Grade (3.48 out of 4), the courses are designed to meet the diverse needs of various departments and ensure students’ employability needs.  In the words of Prof. & Chef M. Prabu, Joint Registrar H&S, Phase II Campus,  at Dr. M.G.R. Educational & Research Institute (Deemed University), the courses encapsulate everything necessary to make every student job-ready.