Dr. Rajeev Kishen


Dr. Rajeev Kishen

In India’s ever-changing K–12 educational scene, the importance of having a great mentor has grown. Outstanding mentors are essential in guiding students’ academic paths by creating a setting where learning is not limited by traditional means. In recognition of the value of inspirational leadership in learning environments, Dr. Rajeev Kishen, the founder and secretary of New Millennium School, has been duly awarded the title of “Inspiring Education Leader of the Year 2023 – Exceptional Mentorship”.

With a remarkable 45 years of expertise, Dr. Kishen has not only steered the school toward becoming a beacon of learning but has also exhibited the transformational potential of excellent mentoring in cultivating uniqueness, establishing confidence, and encouraging academic brilliance.

Leadership in Action

Currently, Dr. Rajeev Kishen is employed by the University of Malaya as a tutor for the Parts 1 and 2 teaching program. He also manages academic programs at New Millennium School in Bangalore and serves as an NCLS instructor and consultant at Narayana Health in Bangalore.

Dr. Rajeev Kishen is a highly skilled clinical anesthesiologist with vast expertise in major surgical specialties. He received supervised specialist training in prestigious hospitals in Melbourne, Perth, and Malaysia. He is skilled in major vascular surgery, obstetrics, and neurosurgery.

In the field of Cardiothoracic anesthesia, Dr. Kishen has acquired exposure to a diverse range of adult and pediatric cardiac procedures at renowned institutions such as the National Heart Institute of Malaysia, Fremantle Hospital, The Alfred Hospital, Austin Hospital, and Narayana Hospital. With over 500 cardiac cases under his supervision, he has demonstrated both supervised and independent provision of anesthesia.

His expertise extends to intensive care, with hands-on experience managing critically ill patients in tertiary-level intensive care centers at The Alfred Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, and The University Hospital, Malaysia.

Dr. Rajeev Kishen actively contributes to education and training as a Tutor for the Malaysian Basic Sciences Intensive course (Anesthesia) Physiology, and he has been involved in tutoring ANZCA trainees at esteemed institutions such as Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Fremantle Hospital, and The Austin Hospital. His responsibilities include coordinating tutorials and facilitating medical and anesthesia exam viva practice.

Dr. Rajeev Kishen, in addition to his role as a dedicated anesthetist, is a noted educationist and author of several books. As the visionary founder of New Millennium School, his commitment to a child-centered, value-based education, coupled with a positive and secure learning environment, has resulted in an institution that challenges the norm. Dr. Kishen’s aim is to nurture each student to meet the highest standards and unfold their greatest potential, reaching excellence not only in education but in every aspect of their journey towards perfection. His vision is reflected in New Millennium School, where every student finds acceptance, inclusion, and self-belief, striving collectively for excellence.