Education – From a Narrow River to The Deep Ocean


The word education is derived from educate-to train or to instruct someone, While if we go for dictionary meaning education means the process of teaching or learning on a particular subject

The journey of education has been started right from our ancestors when apes were slowly changing into human beings. In that era, education was totally based on day to day survival : the study of weapons, training of hunting which was again passed on to the next generation.

After numerous generations, education was a little bit elaborated from knowing about our surroundings to study of nature and after generations of deep research and keen study our forefathers were able to educate even the coming generations about what nature has for us where we are residing , from the position of planets to the milky way galaxy (Akaash  Ganga), From capturing  the rhythm of a river to the music present in the air. This madness of deep detail study has gifted us with great scholars , artists  ,architects and so on with great eminent endless  personalities.

In the early era the base of education started from our culture , religion merged and balanced with human values where students were polished out until they  shine like a diamond  which has to go through all the cuts and shapes to maintain the natural brightness and sheen and this hard polishing was done in every aspects mentally , physically and with a solid behavioral structure.

The journey of education has been travelling like a river : when a river starts its path its too narrow passing through the various highs , plains, valleys and land it becomes wider and at last ends into the sea with a lot of dilutions which has got no ends to our eyes . In the same facets, education has been running all through our life becoming vast and deep as sea but at the same time mixed up with all variety of dilutions.

Education is always linked with nature and we cannot forgo this as it is the series of answers to all those questions which exists in our mind from our birth till death.  And we can only find the solutions to our question if we do a detailed study of that subject ending to nature.

Despite of having a huge and a vast education system still we are unaware about our very own culture. We are ignorant towards our society, somewhere or the other we have stopped thinking about our mother nature or ignored to study the nature. We are unable to educate our coming generations about the human aspects and importance of value system; somehow we are making them inhumane by keeping apart from nature.

We have shuttered our education to materialistic features ignoring  the practical aspects of life just counting of grades, to making of percentages with no feel of emotion aspects.

Leaving these phrase of words with a question mark? Are we doing justice to the actual meaning of education.