Enabling Language Learners to become Global Citizens


Enabling Language Learners to become Global Citizens

With globalization reaching its pinnacle and a significant number of Indian students aspiring to study abroad, the importance placed on learning the German language has seen a significant rise. In a country like India, where English has traditionally been the prevailing foreign language, German has emerged as a favored option among language enthusiasts, students, and professionals. Within this context, the Goethe-Institut has emerged as an exceptional institution, offering top-notch German language training in India.

The Goethe-Institut strives for constant growth and improvement, by continually investing in cutting-edge­ teaching methods to provide a comprehensive understanding of the German language and deepen knowledge about Germany as a destination. The accreditation by the German government ensures that their programs and services maintain consistently high standards. The management also ensures that they tailor all their lessons to meet specific learning goals and diverse needs. And, to ensure excellence, the staff members undergo rigorous selection processes and participate in regular training to stay updated with the latest methods and best practices in language education.

Goethe-Institut in a Nutshell

At every Goethe-Institut location worldwide, our highly qualified and experienced teachers follow a standardized curriculum, enabling students to learn according to the same global standards”, shared – Ms. Ina Kroker, the Language Advisor, South Asia at Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai. “We prioritize continuous professional development by constantly evaluating our programs, services, and classes, while we also take valuable feedback from our students and teachers which helps us refine our curriculum and adapt our classes as necessary, ensuring that our offerings remain relevant and effective”, she continued.

Goethe-Institut is home to highly qualified teaching staff who possess the necessary expertise and resources to deliver lessons using the latest pedagogical approaches. The teachers undergo specialized training to instruct German as a foreign language, having completed the internationally recognized Grünes Diploma certificate, which is a standardized qualification for teaching German as a foreign language at Goethe-Instituts worldwide. They also demonstrate a native-level command of German and boast extensive experience in teaching German to non-native speakers.

To ensure their methods remain up-to-date, all the onboard teachers participate in regular training conducted both in India and Germany. These trainings provide them with current materials, intercultural insights, and captivating anecdotes to share with their students, creating an engaging and immersive learning environment. Furthermore, the teachers possess profound knowledge of German culture and possess a genuine passion for teaching. They are committed to helping their students achieve their goals and maintain an interactive and dynamic classroom atmosphere that keeps students actively engaged throughout the course, whether in face-to-face or online settings.

Structured-Learning Endless Possibilities

To ensure that its classes are designed to meet the learning requirements of participants and adhere to international examination guidelines, Goethe-Institut implements a standardized curriculum based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), a globally recognized framework for language proficiency. Authentic texts and real-life situations are used to practice all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Cultural aspects are seamlessly integrated into Goethe-Institut’s classes, providing learners with a holistic learning experience. From the very first lesson, German becomes the primary language of instruction. This immersive approach aims to equip learners with effective communication skills and a comprehensive understanding of both the German language and culture. Moreover, Goethe-Institut’s curriculum serves as a solid foundation for those intending to pursue their studies in Germany.

A Journey of Language Discovery

Goethe-Institut offers language courses with varying structures tailored to the learner’s proficiency level. The course structure aligns with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), encompassing A1 and A2 levels for beginner and elementary language usage, B1 and B2 levels for advanced and independent language skills, and C1 and C2 levels for expert and autonomous language abilities.

The duration of each course varies, ranging from a few weeks to several months, depending on the specific program. Goethe-Institut provides a wide range of course options, including standard courses, intensive or super intensive courses, German courses for teenagers, courses for working professionals, grammar revision courses, and exam preparation courses for all proficiency levels, including TestDaF and Fit exams.

Beyond the Classroom

At Goethe-Institut, learners of the German language can take advantage of the cutting-edge infrastructure and diverse supplementary offerings, ensuring a comprehensive experience encompassing language, culture, and Germany. The state-of-the-art setup extends to classroom technology and library services, providing learners with a wide range of resources and support.

The library is well-equipped with an extensive collection of books, magazines, digital resources, and research materials. It offers up-to-date information on various aspects of cultural, social, and political life in Germany, enabling learners to stay informed about current trends. The institute also prioritizes providing a comprehensive selection of media and information services, catering to individuals interested in contemporary Germany or those engaged in teaching and studying German as a foreign language.

Additionally, learners can benefit from their free “Deutsch für dich” service, which offers a variety of exercises and communication opportunities. This online community for German learners presents interactive learning materials and exercises, fostering engagement and progress. Moreover, enrolled students have access to the online learning platforms, which offer innovative and flexible learning opportunities, further enhancing their language learning journey.

Ms. Ina Kroker – Language Advisor, South Asia at Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai

As part of the Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH) project, Ms. Ina Kroker provides guidance and support to educational institutions in South Asia, covering various aspects of German language teaching and learning. In addition, she takes charge of conducting training sessions, conferences, and events for students, teachers, and principals from partner schools within the South Asia Region. Her prior professional experiences include working at a college in Tamil Nadu, universities in Germany and Cameroon, as well as at the Goethe-Institute in Ghana. She holds degrees in modern German Literature and German as a Foreign Language.