Freedom International School – Infinite Teaching & Learning


In shaping a person’s social and professional growth, schools play a vital role. The conventional schools of our country focus on nurturing the children to face the competitive world outside. In addition, in the process of assessing the capability of a student via exams and tests, the curriculum and the learning conveniently do not give sufficient scope for creative thinking. As a literal ray of hope and as the name implies, giving children the freedom to think for themselves and be independent in every way, Freedom International School came into existence.

At Freedom International School, it is made sure that the students learn to organize themselves both personally, academically, learn to be agile problem solvers, and thereby apply their learning to the various roles that they take on in school and as individuals. Seniors of the school act as mentors to their juniors, and each year the mantle is passed on before graduating. The school gives extra attention to one crucial quality that is imperative for children in today’s world and the school works towards developing empathy and a sense of social responsibility among children.

Freedom from typical Indian Schooling

Freedom. The Passport to so much more”, quoted Ms. Sneha Rai, ecstatically summing up the whole experience a student witnesses at the Freedom International School. As the principal of the school, Ms. Sneha Rai spoke about the dream, and the vision the management and the staff of the school have, she elaborated about it stating – “A place full of greenery, where teachers are firm but kind and share the curiosity of the children”.

Freedom International School is a place for constant learning and a place where classrooms are a place of delight for the children. The teaching at the school is a combination of interactive & observational learning, coupled with hands-on activities. Concepts are thoroughly explained, keeping the fear of not completing the portions aside and making sure that children at the school find ways of applying these concepts in their day-to-day lives. The school operates with complete flexibility and freedom given to the teachers, to innovate and to be creative.

A fine mix of academics integrated with Arts, Music, Dance, and Drama is the core functioning at Freedom International School. Technology is used accordingly and sufficiently, keeping all the global trends in mind and working towards making the school a complete digital platform for teaching and learning. The culture and roots of our country are not forgotten at the institute, keeping the feeling of being an Indian alive in day-to-day routine of the school. Ethnic day is very special at the school, giving children and the teachers at the school a chance to display their ethnic roots and traditions.

Encouraging the Love for Learning

The faculty and the management at Freedom International School strives hard towards making the school a learning space for children, where they are encouraged to question, think critically, and develop an inert affection towards grasping new things and concepts. A Research & Skill Development Lab exists on the school campus, with the sole purpose to focus on identity, enquiry, and interaction among the students and the faculty. The R & S D Lab is also an amazing platform for the teachers, facilitating them to develop research-oriented pedagogy resulting towards encouraging the children to become independent thinkers and decision makers.

One of the unique features at FIS, which clearly stands out compared to all its fellow competing schools is “The Tender Loving Care (TLC) Day Care Center” started at FIS. A day’s routine at the TLC Center consists of a variety of educational and recreational activities, a combined effort by the school and the management towards creating a balanced schedule for the children, which included time for free time, time for motor skills development, and time for rest.

Ms. Sneha Rai stated the whole operation at FIS through a quote from a famous personality, Margaret Mead – “We are now at a point where we must educate our children in what no one knew yesterday, and prepare our schools for what no one knows”.

Teaching beyond the Books

At FIS, the HODs of various departments organize in-house training for the teachers through demos and brainstorming sessions. With the immense popularity of internet among children nowadays, the teachers encourage children to think and learn beyond the textbooks and engage in research-based learning.

Classes are held in different parts of the school campus, relieving the children and the teachers of the boredom of sitting within the four-walls of the classroom. Experiential learning is preached at FIS, where learning is out of experience, which results in, enriched and quality learning among the children. The teachers are encouraged to use their skills and talents and take charge of other areas that they primarily enjoy and conduct various events, clubs, and activities. The teachers based on their experience and knowledge base come up with their own curriculum and they are motivated towards co-scholastic areas.

Ms. Sneha Rai, the Principal

A close accomplice to FIS from the day one, Ms. Sneha Rai worked as a Primary Co-coordinator for a brief period, and then took over as the Principal of the school in 2018. A focused, diligent, capable, and a farsighted person, she has complete understanding of school systems. With a clear vision in her mind and with an immense responsibility on her shoulder as the principal of the school, she has the drive and the passion towards making the school reach great heights.