Glocal University – Investing in Lifetimes


The higher education landscape has shifted dramatically in the past few months because of the pandemic disrupting our day to day lives. As universities around the world work to develop online and blended learning models, they can learn from pioneering efforts made by the universities across the length and breadth of India. Moreover, with India being a country having the world’s youngest populations,our country has a large and growing higher education ecosystem, including about 1,000 universities and more than 40,000 colleges. Also, with the demand for trained and well-equipped professionals, who are highly employability oriented, at an all-time high, and institutions of higher learning are involved in an endless race towards giving their students the best of both the worlds – inside and outside the classroom, even during these gloomy times of the pandemic.

One such exemplary hub of learning which follows the mission of harnessing the power of knowledge by combining learning with the extensive application-based study and professional ethics – Glocal University imparts effortless quality learning with a tinge of global exposure. A vital part of the Glocal Group of Institutions, the university and the management involvethemselves rigorously towards maximizing the overall potential of everyone present on campus.Focusing on nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, Glocal University was founded in the year 2011. Since then, the university strives on the grounds of creating a significant and a meaningful impact on academics.

Known for its commitment to excellence, and their best in-house faculty, Glocal improvises on all aspects of education. Be it academic needs or extracurricular requirements, life at Glocal is worth cherishing for every student studying at the esteemed university. Consisting of 8-major schools and 55+ UG/PG professional courses, Glocal University is built on a sprawling 350-acre campus, filled with world-class infrastructure and facilities, ready to be utilized in the pursuit of a rich learning experience.

Achieving the extraordinary together

A haven for holistic development, Glocal University encourages creativity, innovation and initiative among the students and the staff. Rather than just handing over degrees and diplomas to students, the university relies heavily on imparting learning experiences, which eventually promote success for everyone at Glocal. Offering courses across many disciplines such as Management & Commerce to Paramedical, the academic programs have been chalked out after much deliberation, and all the course curriculum followed on campus is curated staying well-in sync with the industry & global standards.

Guided and mentored by some of the best industry-experts leading the parade at Glocal as the onboard faculty members, students develop a nuanced understanding of concepts and acquire necessary skills, which build them one brick at a time towards becoming role models themselves. Acting as mentors/Gurus to the students, the faculty members relive their student days literally, by motivating and guiding students on all fronts.

We believe in a radical approach towards education with in-depth study and international teaching techniques”, stated – Prof. (Dr.) N K Gupta, the pro-VC of Glocal University, during a detailed conversation we had with him, talking to us about the whole ethos present at the university. With a clear intention of catering to the right audience, we asked him relevant questions of today’s time, and quiet calm in his response and demeanour, Dr Gupta was happy to answer any and every question thrown at him. Adding to his earlier statement, Dr Gupta stated – “Practical application-based knowledge along with a code of ethics is a part of the day-to-day routine at Glocal”, enunciating how knowledge coupled with inculcating societal responsibilities is an everyday routine at Glocal.

In this very age of global competitiveness, employment opportunities demand a larger skill set, which the old pedagogy system couldn’t keep up with. Subsequently, with the whole world moving towards a tech-friendly teaching/learning model, Glocal University doesn’t stay left behind and thus, envisages a medium-free learning campus. With an inbuilt academic system built towards inculcating multidisciplinary skill sets in various domains, the online campus built for all motivates and guides students irrespective of the medium of learning. Undoubtedly a complete learner-centric institute, Glocal University is dedicated 24 *7 towards the success of their students and is committed to excellent teaching, innovative research and responsible community service.

Working towards a quest of excellence

Meeting complete needs of every student present at the university campus, an innovative and flexible curriculum is curated, targeted towards excellence, effectiveness, academic rigour and personalized services. Also, enhancing the already existing learning environment, guest lectures, research projects, seminars, and conferences, as well as cultural activities, constantly help students to evolve and open up to diverse avenues of learning. Motivating students to be achievers even outside the classroom, perspectives with broad-ended vision are slowly developed in students. As living proof, different clubs are found by the students such as sports club, cultural club, dance club, yoga club and so on, making use of the available resources and time, maintaining an optimum balance in academics and leisure time.

Having the best industry-academia relationships with top corporates and organizations across the globe, help students get the right amount of industry experience and exposure. This industry connect also motivates students to outperform daily, in turn, giving them open challenges to prove their worth by getting placed across top companies. To our astonishment, even during these tough times of pandemic lurking on us, Glocal University has recorded 100% placement and by the look of it, will continue on its path of imparting effortless, quality learning to all, in turn, convert students into employable professionals of tomorrow.

Being a literal hotspot of perpetual learning, Glocal University endeavours towards instilling a healthy cultural rootedness in all, thus promoting inclusivity on a large scale. Consisting of individuals coming from various backgrounds and cultures, a sense of belonging exists on the campus of Glocal. Preaching a culture where everyone smells of positivity and displays a strong zeal of global meets local, Glocal University strives on these lines, as a progressive global workplace with no binaries to constrain them. Helping all present on the campus to grow as mature, yet sensitive individuals, reflexivity, flexibility, diversity and accommodation is appreciated. Also, with teachers, staff and the management, all equally keen in developing top-quality professionals, Glocal University works day in and day out, benefiting the corporate, the public sector and the overall academia.

Situated near the serene and picturesque Shivalik Range of Mountains, every student of Glocal savors from the world class amenities made available for them yet feeling at home during their stay on the campus, instilling a strong sense of love and responsibility towards Mother Earth.

The Glocal Community is built of the diverse people and reflects the community we serve”, quoted Dr Gupta summing up the whole conversation, making us and the budding education aspirants understand how Glocal stands for superior understanding of diversity and works relentlessly in this very regard. Lastly, associating with every individual who is a part of the Glocal Family, the management and the university guarantees professionals to society who are truthful, honest, charity-friendly and most importantly, kind and sympathetic towards one and all, carrying all the sweet memories they had of Glocal and progressing on their path towards excellence.

Mr Mohd. Iqbal, Chancellor

A complete down to earth personality, a compassionate and a noble person – Mr Mohd. Iqbal is a politician, educationist, philanthropist, and humanist. Former MLC from Uttar Pradesh and the Founder and Chancellor of Glocal University, Saharanpur, every student at the university, under his able leadership and guidance, is pushed towards relentless experience, knowledge and expertise, well on track of Mr Iqbal’s vision to make ‘Glocal Unique’.

Prof. Dr Satish Kumar Sharma, Vice-Chancellor
An eminent academician, a renowned personality in the field of pharma, and a research enthusiast, Dr Satish carries has many laurels and awards credited to his name, for his exceptional dedication and contributions. Also, carrying his many years of experience in teaching and education sector forward, Dr Satish guides everyone presents on the campus of Glocal University towards successful futures, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

Prof. (Dr.) N. K. Gupta

An expert academician, a renowned research-personnel and a man of his word, Dr N K Gupta was awarded a PhD degree in the year 1990 by Rohilkhand University Bareilly. He carries a blend of Industrial and Academic experience of more than 37 years out of which 29 years in academics. He has always been in responsible capacities through-out his careers such as Vice-chancellor, Registrar, Dean academics and Director of management colleges affiliated to GGSIP University Delhi. He has been instrumental in organizing and attending good number. of national and international conferences. He has been recognized for his efforts and achievements time and again with honours and kudos, to mention one of them is to get the man of the year award from American Institute of Bibliography.