Hima Doshi


Effective leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of the K-12 education system in a country like India. The leadership within schools and educational institutions not only influences the academic outcomes of students but also sets the tone for the overall development of young minds. In a diverse and dynamic educational ecosystem, strong leadership becomes the guiding force that navigates through challenges, fosters innovation, and ensures a conducive learning environment.

A prime example of such pragmatic leadership is Ms. Hima Doshi, the Head of Schools at Ajmera Global School. As a dedicated educationist, Ms. Hima Doshi brings to the forefront a passion for education coupled with an unwavering commitment to optimizing student and school success. Over the last 15 eventful years, she has led Ajmera Global School through a transformative journey, contributing not only to her personal growth but also to the advancement of the institution.

Academic Journey and Leadership Odyssey: The Profound Story of Ms. Hima Doshi

Ms.Hima Doshi’s extensive teaching background spans 15 years, covering Pre-Primary to Primary and Secondary students.  Ms. Doshi holds various degrees and diplomas that make her a well-deserved leader in the field of education. She first secured a Bachelor of Home Science (B.HSc) in 1988 and then started her journey in the field of education by achieving a Gold Medal and Outstanding Student Award in 1991 for her Diploma in Education (D.Ed.). In 1998, she obtained a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), standing second in Hansraj Jeevandas College of Education, Mumbai. Her academic achievements did not stop with that. She secured a Postgraduate Diploma in Vocational Guidance, specialising in Career Counselling & Education, where she secured a gold medal for standing first in Maharashtra in 1999. Ms. Doshi also holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology from SNDT University where she earned a distinction in 2007.

Ms.Doshi is a proud alumna of Lions Juhu High School, an institution with a Gujarati Medium curriculum. Despite her Gujrati medium schooling, her remarkable teaching tenure in previous English medium schools made her a captivating personality for the Ajmera Global School management upon her arrival. Prior to joining Ajmera Global School in 2008, she had acquired significant experience in vocational counselling.

Ms.Doshi is a born multi-tasking leader with a highly intuitive and foresighted nature, coupled with a penchant for perfection, which made her a befitting leader for Ajmera Global School. Since joining the institution, she swiftly proved her mettle and continues to lead AGS with success.

Leadership Excellence

Ms. Hima Doshi embarked on her journey with Ajmera Global School (AGS) in March 2008, initially serving as a Counsellor. Recognizing her exceptional skills, the management promoted her to the role of Executive Coordinator in June 2008. Under her guidance, AGS experienced unprecedented progress, prompting the management to appoint her as the Principal of AGS in February 2010.

Ms. Doshi’s transformative leadership at AGS has been marked by numerous milestones and accolades across various educational domains. She played a pivotal role in streamlining the academic segment, implementing international curriculae such as the IB-Primary Years Programme (PYP) in Pre-primary and Primary sections, and Cambridge – IGCSE in the Secondary section, earning AGS the prestigious status of an IB World School in 2009.

Her vision extended beyond academics to a holistic approach, successfully integrating regular sports activities with academics and enhancing the school’s infrastructure. AGS witnessed the establishment of hi-tech air-conditioned classrooms, a state-of-the-art Research Centre, Math Laboratory, modern dance studio, well-equipped Art Room, and more.

Ms. Doshi’s commitment to student well-being led to collaborations, including a partnership with Ayaksha, a medical company, resulting in the establishment of a fully functional Wellness Clinic. Also, the school, under her leadership, embraced a global perspective, organizing International Excursions and National Tours. AGS garnered recognition through philanthropic activities, contributing to the ‘My School Campaign’ by Sachin Tendulkar and featuring in ‘Aaj Ki Raat,’ hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, for its achievements in addressing ‘Food Wastage.’

Ms. Doshi’s networking skills facilitated AGS students’ participation in Student Exchange Programmes and Model United Nations beyond Maharashtra. Emphasizing societal contributions, she inspired students to engage in philanthropic activities, including events like ‘Fair-Fare-Fair’ and ‘Joy Of Giving.’

Furthermore, her enterprising skills attracted Cambridge University’s attention, leading to AGS hosting various Cambridge International Examinations’ workshops and Cell Meets. Today, AGS stands as a model for effective integrated learning, drawing attention from reputed schools and serving as an inspiration for teaching-learning techniques.

In June 2015, recognizing her remarkable contributions, the Management elevated Ms. Hima Doshi to the prestigious position of HEAD OF SCHOOLS, overseeing Ajmera Global School, SSC School – Vijay Nagar High School, and the upcoming ICSE School – Ajmera School (ICSE) under the flagship of Ajmera Global Schools.

Ms. Hima Doshi’s Impact on Education and Team Building

Despite her numerous accomplishments, Ms. Hima Doshi remains a dedicated learner, consistently educating and upgrading herself to stay abreast of the latest in the educational landscape. She has actively participated in conferences held in Dubai, Singapore, Australia, China, and Malaysia, gaining valuable insights and knowledge. Upon returning home, she generously shares her newfound wisdom with her team of teachers, guiding them in implementing these learnings effectively in the classroom. To further enhance the professional development of her teaching staff, Ms. Doshi ensures their participation in various workshops, seminars, and cell meets.

Ms. Doshi’s exceptional problem-solving skills and tenacity have played a crucial role in fostering a truly harmonious working environment within the schools. This conducive atmosphere has contributed to the schools’ pride in sustaining experienced teachers year after year, maintaining a robust workforce. The continuity of experienced educators has propelled all three schools to greater heights with each passing year, marking significant progress and success.