ICFAI Law School Hyderabad – Building Bright Futures Together


Law is an expression of the will of a government. Be it democracy or autocracy, law embodies the will of the people and it manifests the social and political needs of society together, making it safer and secure for people to coexist in harmony. Thereby, the study of law is very essential for any government organization to operate smoothly and effectively. With origins of legal education in India tracing its origin to the Ancient period of kings and princes, Nyaya and Dharma always played a major role in kingdoms and provinces facilitating the aspects of strict legal systems. Consequently, post-independence, India adopted the same systems but implemented western methodologies and thus arose new possibilities and opportunities to our people, giving equal chances to all. With the demand for good lawyers and good judges always being on the rise, we as a country require trained law experts to interpret the law for us and provide legal assistance to the citizens. In this pursuit of creating dynamic leaders cum law experts, who can create a mark of their own, ICFAI Law School came into existence. 

Located in a lush green environment, ideally situated in the historical city of Hyderabad, ICFAI Law School converts shy, timid students into distinctive, well-qualified, analytical legal professionals of tomorrow. Getting the right exposure to addressing complex challenges in a dynamic environment coupled with the right amount of academic excellence, students savour every minute spent at ICFAI Law School. Students not only benefit from the academic expertise given to them via the various programs made available to them but, they also pick up skills which make them ready for a global level market. ICFAI Law School is an exemplary example to upcoming law schools and institutes, teaching them the right way to conduct culture imbibed interdisciplinary learning, which boosts matured lawyering skills with high adaptability among students. 

Creating a world of options and opportunities

Focused and committed to imparting knowledge-filled quality law education, the law school excels in many aspects. From hiring the best academicians to serve as the esteemed faculty, to building exceptional industry-academia relationships, ICFAI Law School is deemed as an academic institution par excellence. Under the huge umbrella of ICFAI group, whose mainstay is to keep innovation prevalent in its programs and culture, ICFAI Law School strives each day keeping the brand-value intact. Keeping technological advancements in the forefront while curating the best of the law curriculum, all the latest developments in the fields of cloud, robotics, AI, cyberspace, and so on, find their way into the lessons and teaching, infusing a strong sense of technical vigour in the students of the institute. Having the best of the trained and experienced legal professionals, head the faculty of the institute, a comprehensive student-centric learning environment exists on campus. Promoting inclusiveness and diversity, budding lawyers and legal professionals from across the length and breadth of the country make ICFAI Law School their temporary home of learning and growth. 

Having the best of amenities and infrastructure made available to them, the students bring out their hidden talents via the numerous co-curricular activities, fests and events held regularly. With a state-of-the-art infrastructure at their disposal, ICFAI Law School literally has become a hub of opportunities for the students and the faculty alike. Bringing out their inner literary expertise, the students bring out a quarterly magazine under their editorship in digital mode. 

Additionally, the campus is designed in such a way that, it stimulates learning and spreads positivity among all on campus. “Since memories from college remain forever in our minds, we have made extra efforts to ensure that the campus provides for great interaction & learning opportunities”, quoted Prof Dr A. V. Narsimha Rao, the director of the institute. We were fortunate enough to get a chance to interview the director, talking in detail about the whole working ethos present at ICFAI, and how the management promotes well-being among everyone present on campus. Continuing his earlier point, he spoke about the faculty at the institute, by briefly stating – “The faculty act as mentors/guides to the students, guiding them through all their issues, be it on academic or personal grounds”. 

Creating a community of legal experts

Posing as budding law enthusiasts/aspirants, we tried our best to get answers to all the questions, a today’s student would ask, before letting the institute guide him/her towards a successful and a happy future of growth and learning. Furthermore, post the conversation, we also learnt in detail about all the off-classroom opportunities the school conducts with a motive of encouraging students to excel as all-round individuals. Thereby, various hackathons, skill development competitions, personality development programs have become a norm at ICFAI Law School. 

All thanks to the brilliant rapport the institute has with the who’s and who of the industry and the corporate sector, the students are rewarded with the best of opportunities in placements and internships. Giving equal importance to the word entrepreneurship and its impact on today’s youth, an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell is built on campus. This cell is designed by designated faculty, making students its prime members and flag bearers. Along with hosting regular law courses such as BA LLB (Hons) to PhD programs, the law school also has specialized courses in ‘Entrepreneurship & Skill Development’. These special courses are introduced to the students in their later years of academics, aimed to improve leadership and team-building skills. 

Working towards building future leaders who also are legal experts, the law school conducts moot courts, preparing students in not just theoretical aspects of law but also turning them into trained and vocal individuals. With a central library, which is home to more than 1 lakh books, students are tempted to grow into well-read intellectuals. Fortunately, having already used to being accustomed to ICT-enabled teaching/learning methods, the transition from face-to-face to online, was smooth and effortless at ICFAI Law School. Taking pandemic situations, such as the CORONA crisis in a stride, ICFAI Law School prepares itself, the faculty and the management for a more convenient and effective future ahead of them. Progressing each day in unison towards a common mission of carving out the new-gen lawyers, with social consciousness and digital approach, who are society ready, waiting to provide legal solutions to address all the issues and concerns of a modern society. 

Prof Dr A. V. Narsimha Rao, The Director

A man of great experience, an excellent academician, and a person with great laurels and achievements credited to his name, Dr A V Narsimha Rao has dedicated 15+ years of his life towards imparting the best law education to the masses. He excels in various teaching areas of law, and at the same time, overtly involves himself in publications, keeping his literary side alive. As the current director of ICFAI Law School, he guides and motivates every budding lawyer/judge in his/her path of excelling in every aspect of law and legal studies, giving back to society through his philanthropic ventures and motives.