ICFAI School of Architecture (ISArch) – Connecting Architectural Learning to Design Brilliance


In today’s time, the field of architecture is ever-evolving, and, thus demands trained and abled expertise to lead as the future generation of architects. In this very pursuit, architecture students from across the country give their best spending endless days and nights, bettering their design perspectives via hands-on learning imparted by their institutions and faculty. However, post the dawn of the COVID-pandemic on all our lives, architectural education has been affected hugely, and thereby, colleges/design schools have faced immense challenges in the process of shifting the teaching medium from offline to online. Although many of them adapted to the changes quickly, some institutions excelled during these times of crisis, getting used to blended learning and creating an e-campus for all, promoting thorough education irrespective of the teaching/learning medium.

One such institution, which lives up to its brand value and yet strives in the very direction of imparting effortless quality architectural education, ICFAI School of Architecture (ISArch) ensures competency among their graduates, preparing them towards a better tomorrow. Planned and executed accordingly to the industry standards and demands, transdisciplinary interactions are a norm at ISArch, ensuring that right teaching reaches the right mindsets.

A constituent of The ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, ISArch was established in the year 2018, strongly believing that teaching should focus on students, pushing them towards creating awareness of ideas and values. Catering to the needs of today’s architecture aspirants, ISArch offers a 5-year full-time B. Arch degree program, which is approved by the Council of Architecture. Moreover, ISArch not only concentrates on imparting smooth teaching/learning, but it also puts equal emphasis on exposing students to various dimensions in Architecture, supporting them with the latest ICT-enabled learning and infrastructure, in turn, motivating them towards outperforming in all their personal, as well as, professional endeavours.

Building a creative community of learners
Value and application-based learning are followed at ISArch, progressing towards imparting architectural education with the help of design studios, workshops, interactive talks and research opportunities. Imbibing a strong sense of design-thinking view to education, the students get the best of both the worlds, thanks to the impressive industry-academia relationship existing on campus. Also, practical applicability is the prime objective of teaching/learning at the architecture institute. Following a through and through the industry-oriented curriculum, students at ISArch, benefit from the impressive infrastructure by getting equal opportunities to take part in all the major aspects of architectural learning. From designing to communication, students at ISArch are guided in the direction of excelling as expert design professionals, capable of excelling as all-rounders, be it inside the classroom or outside.

The esteemed faculty at ISArch play a major role in keeping up the quality of education imparted at the institute, staying well in sync with the progression and achievements of the ICFAI Group. “Instead of just being teachers to the students, the faculty at our institute are proud mentors”, quoted – Prof.Narsimham V V L, the Principal at ISArch, talking to us about the strong mentor-mentee relationships existing on the campus. “Human-ness is also one of the prime focuses of ISArch”, added Prof. Narsimham, telling us how students are trained towards being responsible society-friendly beings.

Additionally, with the whole world moving towards uncertainty, the increasing curiosity built in the students at ISArch help them stay sane, in turn, making them tolerant and understanding individuals. Motivating every student on campus to stand out when compared to their peers from other architectural schools and institutions, communication skills and leadership abilities are nurtured at ISArch, in turn giving out talented design experts to society.

Motivating Design Journeys
Believing in the constancy of change, students get the maximum benefits from all the amenities and resources made available to them. Staying up to date with all the industry-based trends and demands, employable architects of tomorrow are encouraged at ISArch. Consisting of a system, which endorses unique system of learning, the pedagogy is based on bringing together all the courses of architecture, to create an exemplary approach to Design. Revised regularly and curated by top industry-experts, potentialities of the present and the future are measured, measured, and worked accordingly with equal enthusiasm and rigor.

Lastly, working towards a better and sustainable future, students at ICFAI School of Architecture get trained in critical thinking, thereby, inculcating creative, analytical, and intellectual applications to architectural and environmental issues. Thus, working towards scenarious and conditions, which develop the ability to integrate sustainable practices, material research, and cultural design solutions, catered to today and in the process of a better tomorrow.

Prof. Narsimham V.V.L, Principal & Professor
An architect and a sustainable designer, Prof. Narsimham has varied academic laurels to his credit. A topper and gold medalist at B.Arch. from JNT University Hyderabad, he went ahead with his further studies and finished Master of Landscape Architecture (M. L. Arch). A man of varied, experience, he has been a visiting professor, jury, examiner, for the last 30 years at various schools of architecture for both UG and PG courses. Currently, heading the parade of ICFAI School of Architecture as the principal and a professor, he works day in and day out, working towards converting today’s architecture aspirants into professional design experts, who are ready to take the plunge from student life to corporate life effortlessly.