India’s 20 Pragmatic Women Leaders in K12 Education 2022


India’s 20 Pragmatic Women Leaders in K12 Education 2022

In this celebrated month where we pay tribute to women in general and their contributions towards society, we as humans often forget the efforts women have put in towards helping countries, institutes, and organizations, to achieve excellence, irrespective of the scenario around. Understanding the fact that for centuries women in India were constrained to the four walls of the house, and education was reserved for the privileged men, now is the right time to give wings to such education leaders, who are trying their best to bring balance to the educational sector.

Working as educators, activists and in turn forming a backbone for a more equitable world for women. A wider prevalence of women’s education didn’t just mean more women being educated, but it meant women entered the public sphere, thus, paved the way for women to be leaders, women in science, and a life of independence and dignity for them. Be it easter year icons like Savitribai Phule, Fathima Sheikh, Ramabai Ranade, or today’s icons like Sudha Murthy, our country has seen women coming from all walks of life, giving in their best to push the education system beyond the threshold. 

Over the years, women have proven to be better leaders, irrespective of the stream they are holding respectable positions in. Dedicating one whole issue to such women education leaders of today, and acting as a platform to showcase their exemplary work to the world, we have curated a list of women leaders, across the length and breadth of our country. From individuals who have excelled as expert educationalists and some of them venturing into the field of entrepreneurship, over the period 2020-21, our team has put in explicit effort in bringing in this issue. Also, having laid prime focus on personalities who are nothing less than stalwarts in the field of education and individuals who have led lives as prime examples, this issue, namely – “India’s 20 Pragmatic Women Leaders in K12 Education 2022”, is an effort to show the world, the true Naari Shakti. The list is curated based on various aspects like the current position they are holding, research publications put out, experience in multiple roles and across multiple domains of education, their educational backgrounds, and their future goals, in helping their institutions stand out.

All in all, we ardently believe that the list of women leaders featured in this edition will help everyone understand how it is to be an education leader today. And we hope that these women leaders will serve as true role models to young girls, boys, and humanity in general, giving them thorough motivation to work towards a life filled with success.