Indira Institute of Management, Pune (IIMP) – Converting Business Learning into Business Intelligence


When it comes to making a decent living, today’s world needs you to analyze and short list your talent and capabilities, and work in that very direction. Considering the same skill in the business point of view, Business Analysts are individuals who are trained and skilled in this very domain of analyzing and acting upon. Relying heavily on collecting data from generated revenues and losses faced by their organizations or businesses, and further aiming at proceeding with the growth planning and execution, the need of the hour is trained individuals who are capable enough to take over, analyze and act upon the various loopholes of businesses. Helping their employers solve complex business problems, in turn, helping them overcome their loopholes one step at a time, Business Analysts utilize their business intelligence focusing on current market trends, and convert their raw wisdom into indigenous ideas, which benefit the society at large.

Considering the current situation of the pandemic lurking on our doorsteps, and thereby, causing havoc in every field and business, any course in Business Analytics can be called the right decision for today and tomorrow. Moreover, With b-schools and institutions mushrooming across our country, one institute which works rigorously in the pursuit of training students to be overall achievers, yet provide the students the most competitive learning environment – Indira Institute of Management, Pune (IIMP) strives in the pursuit of imbibing essential management skills in their students.

A haven of opportunities, IIMP is an autonomous institute affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University & is a flagship institute of Shree Chanakya Education Society. Known for its modern and up to date programs, IIMP boasts of being the very first management institute in Pune, and 3rd in Maharashtra to get accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi . Also, with a clear vision of working towards tomorrow, and believing in the concept of – “What made wonders in the past will become obsolete in the future”, all the programs at IIMP, are customized as per interests of the students and the industry, considering the fluctuations and trends of the market.

Business Learning in a whole new Light
Thoroughly preaching the concept of learning beyond the classroom, management teaching/learning at IIMP, happens irrespective of the classroom boundaries. From regular outdoor management programs and workshops to field visits, industry relevance plays an important role at the b-school. Involving industry experts from various disciplines in the process of curating the best course curriculum for its students, the institute has proven to be a boon for the students and society alike. Thereby, pushing all its students to outperform on a daily basis, be it inside the classroom or outside, IIMP works towards becoming that hub, where students augment their learning by interacting with the industry leaders via seminars or digital platforms, progressing each day with a dash of creativity and innovation to add to, unraveling hidden managers in themselves.

Additionally, thanks to the excellent industry-academia connect existing on campus and the state-of-the-art infrastructure at the offering, students get a thorough learning experience irrespective of the courses they opt for. Adding to the awesomeness which comes along with the inclusive environment existing on campus of IIMP, the management of the institute strongly believes in the concept of making a difference and marching forward with corporate standards. As a result, all the courses offered at the institute are up to date, and the syllabus revamped accordingly, with need-based courses added in areas such as HR, Finance, Marketing, IT, Business Analytics & Holistic Development.

While all the courses offered at IIMP preach hands-on practical teaching and learning, one course which gets all the spotlight is the Advanced Diploma in Business Analytics (ADBA). A one year-weekend program specially designed to meet industry requirements, the ADBA program is tailor-made to meet the challenges faced by managers and leaders in the business world. “Operating as a knowledge resource center, this course caters to the needs of Business Analytics Executives at different levels”, stated – Dr Pandit Mali, the director of IIMP, during a brief conversation we had with the director, where he spoke in depth regarding the ADBA program offered at IIMP.

Learning experience of a lifetime
Explaining to us in more detail, the director, Dr Pandit Mali illustrated how the MBA program with specialization in Business Analytics offered at IIMP, helps students get an exposure to all sorts of amazing ways of using data to change the world. He stated precisely – “Various applications of analytics are utilized by the faculty, to inculcate a strong sense of exposure to the real business world, and in turn, help students explore their inner Business Analysts in effective ways of decision making”. He added to his earlier statement, by saying – “The different data visualization methods and tools make it more interesting to learn and increase their desire to explore more”.

Furthermore, considering the levels of competition and the demand for trained and abled individuals, everyone present on campus are pushed towards a life of never-ending learning. As a result, every year faculty members at IIMP are sponsored by the institute for FDP at IIMA. This 4-month FDP initiative is attended by top Business Analytics faculties from across the length and breadth of India, resulting in helping the faculty members of IIMP acquire and develop different teaching pedagogies, and, inculcate skills required for effective teaching in this domain.

Promoting an overall environment of inclusivity and positivity, 100% placement assistance is provided at the institute to all its students, thereby, giving them guidance and assistance on walks of life, be it personal or professional. Lastly, due to the impressive industry connect existing on campus, internship/project opportunities are made available to all, in turn, converting today’s students into tomorrow’s successful Business Analysts, Data Mining Experts, Data Scientists and so on, pushing towards a greater goal of building a community of learners and leaders.

Dr Pandit Mali, Director
A man of knowledge and experience, Dr Pandit Mali holds a Post Graduate in Management from Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) & Ph.D in Management from Savitribai Phule Pune University. He is a gold medalist in B.Tech and an immense team person. After a meaningful corporate career in sales and marketing with FMCG Industry for about 9 years, he currently heads Indira Institute of Management, Pune as the Director, guiding every student on campus towards a successful career ahead of them.