Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management – Preaching Leadership through Excellence


Living in an era, where data is the new oil, today’s world requires data expertise integrated with social understanding. Also, considering the current change in trends across the globe, data science has gained momentum drastically and is no longer optional, but essential. Primarily a broad term, which encompasses many diverse types of data and analysis – Data Analytics is the hottest buzzword among the corporate and business world today. Furthermore, the process of converting data into knowledge, and later using the same data as insights, drive most of the business decisions in today’s time. And thus, the demand for managers who are technically-sound and who effectively implement data visualization into product analysis or delivery are in demand the most.

Working relentlessly in this very direction, creating business intelligent individuals of tomorrow, Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (LBSIM), comes as a ray of hope for budding management aspirants of our country. With a clear mission of imparting the right amount of knowledge and expertise in conventional management, imbibed with business intelligence, LBSIM has been giving out exceptional individuals to society, since 1995. Named in the memory of India’s second Prime Minister, Bharat Ratna, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the institute strives on his virtues, in turn, emerging as one of the prominent B-schools in the country.

An opportunity for success
Recognized as one of the leading pioneers in the educational field, LBSIM imparts value-based business learning effortlessly. Due to its affiliation with AICTE, all the courses offered at the institute are up to date and well in sync with the industry standards and demands. Employability factor is considered the most important, in the process of curating the course curriculum at LBSIM. Thereby, the institute offers a wide array of courses catering to student’s needs and demands.

Along with conventional 2-year full-time PGDM courses in streams like Finance, Research and Business Analytics to 3-year full-time program in Computer Application, LBSIM is a learner’s haven in the making. Giving equal importance to new-age MBA courses which are clearly targeted towards a better tomorrow, the institute in its 25 years of existence, has continued rigorously producing a strong base of professionals, who are humane yet pragmatic social beings.

Teachers being experts in their respective niches, move towards a common goal of imparting diversified learning to the student community on campus. Inculcating an innovative teaching methodology, scientific temper, fostering industrial links, and pushing students to engage in research, the teachers act as mentors to the students. “Having a rounded relationship with their teachers, students find role models in their very own teachers, constantly striving for achieving quality and results, in all walks of their lives”, stated – Dr. Shivani Bali, the Program Chair & Associate Professor at LBSIM, during a brief conversation we had with her regarding the whole ethos present on campus.

Shaping futures

Striving on the lines of making students learn the concepts of management and their application in real life, LBSIM sets an example to other management institutes and colleges, in terms of providing students with the real insights of the corporate world, well ahead of others. Integrating latest software tools and ICT-enabled infrastructure, the whole state-of-the-art building is an art of work and detail, catered to the right minds.

Taking the current COVID-crisis in a stride, the well-established online presence of LBSIM helped the institute impart smooth teaching/learning to the students even during the lockdown term. Consequently, preparing students to be thorough all-rounders and expert employees, many of the industry relevant courses such as Machine Learning, Data Modeling & Visualization, Natural Language Processing, Big Data & Ecosystem are included in the curriculum.

Not just business geniuses, we train our students to be technology savvy business leaders”, quoted – Dr. Shivani Bali, continuing talking to us about how LBSIM is today’s B-School. She added to her earlier statement, by stating – “Our students are winners, inside and outside the classroom”, illustrating the ways the b-school has tried its best in meeting the demands of today’s students, giving them the right amount of personality development training and subject learning. The Bloomberg Lab and Analytics which have the latest software and apparatus meant for bringing together business-focused academics and data science techniques, the b-school has been Pushing students to outperform on a daily basis, helping them transition effortlessly from the classroom phase to the industry phase, in pursuit of a successful life ahead of them.

Lastly, the testimonials listed below are a clear example of how exceptional the whole ethos of education is at LBSIM, and how the management institute works towards creating successful individuals of tomorrow. “The Business Analytics course at LBSIM, Delhi is a robust course which will teach young aspiring managers to drive innovative data driven solutions to business problems. Through this course students gain analytical skills and learn to take the responsibility of putting their company ahead in the competition.” Prof. U. Dinesh Kumar, Professor at IIM – Bangalore, Advisor to LBSIM PGDM (Research & Business Analytics) course. “The curriculum involves research-based learning across many dimensions and also lays huge emphasis on using latest programming and visualization tools such as R, Python, Tableau, MS Excel etc. to its best effect”. Ashirwad Kumar Singh, student PGDM (Research & Business Analytics)-2018-20 batch, placed with EY Global.

Dr Shivani Bali, Program Chair & Associate Professor

A geek, an author, and an expert teacher, Dr. Shivani has 16 years of rich experience to offer. Having published more than 50 research papers in National/International Journals, conferences, and edited Books, she has also authored three books. Her areas of expertise are Machine Learning Analytics, Modeling & Optimization, Supply Chain Analytics, Technologies for Business Excellence, Statistics and Operations Research. Lastly, as the Program Chair & Associate Professor, she guides everyone on campus of LBSIM towards a learning curve filled with growth and success.