JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth – A Hub of Relentless Educational Service


Education is widely accepted to be a fundamental resource, both for individuals and societies. Indeed, in most countries basic education is nowadays perceived not only as a right, but also as a duty, where governments are typically expected to ensure access to basic education, while citizens are often required by law to attain education up to a certain basic level. In such a situation, education hubs across the globe have started on an endless race of outperforming as all-rounded educators, such that, only a few hubs are actually living up to the defined brand value and quality. Talking about one such entity which was founded to impart knowledge and capacity building among the youths of the country and thereby to contribute towards Nation Building – Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, continues to serve the underprivileged, women and tribal youth towards personal, as well as, professional growth. Working relentlessly and by overcoming new challenges and emerging in the age of technological innovations, JRN Rajasthan Vidyapeeth is achieving excellence in every field of education, irrespective of the scenario outside.

Founded on the 21st August 1937 by Pt. Janardan Rai Nagar, who was a noted Gandhian, Reformer, Social Activist, Educationist and a Freedom Fighter in true sense. In the initial days the Vidyapeeth functioned as a “Night College”, where the youth and adults would earn their bread during the day and would study in the night, in the light of lanterns. Eventually, the Vidyapeeth was formally registered under the Mewar Societies Registration Act of 1941, the government of Rajasthan in 1956, and the Government of India, Ministry of Education, approved the proposal of Rajasthan Vidyapeeth for grant-in-aid for extension of library and publication of literature during the First Five Year Plan.

“Being the first and the only deemed university having its non-formal education as it’s principal objective, the university is unlike others and follows a distinct democratic way of functioning, since its inception, running on the principles of what we call, ‘Jantantrik Shilanyas’ (i.e., its democratic way of functioning)”, shares – Prof. S.S. Sarangdevot, the Vice Chancellor of the university. Adding to his above statement, he stated – “The University promotes a culture of participatory and interactive involvement in the meetings of various statutory bodies and ensures that every member is a part of the decisions taken thereof regarding academic, administrative, examinations, finance and students related matters”.

Enhancing quality through every endeavour
The Vidyapeeth hosts a large number of undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph. D. programmes through single faculty departments and multi-faculty institutions, across all of today’s streams. Be it various regular courses in Social Sciences and Humanities, Science, Agriculture, Education, Social work, Archaeology, Engineering or even regular degree courses in Computer Science, Management, Homeopathy, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Law, Physical Education, and even Jyotish & Vastu, JRNRV is a haven for education lovers, guaranteeing quality teaching and learning experiences always.

The classroom teaching at the Vidyapeeth is supplemented with field work, project work, and research activities that are sponsored projects by other agencies, along with receiving minor projects funded by the university itself. Additionally, the university has a full-fledged Directorate of Jan Shikshan and Extension Education which itself runs teaching programmes, conducts research and extensively takes up extension activities with the philosophy of continuing education, where the Directorate has institutional setup to carry out programs of continuing and extension education. Also, keeping in view the needs for professional competence and capacity building of students, research in thrust areas and innovations in teaching and research, is encouraged on a large scale at the university. The professional skill training of students too is carried out at the Vidyapeeth, assessing their competence by giving more weight on hands-on practice, field work, internship, project work, in-house and sponsored seminars, open-air camps, rural visits, educational tours and so on.

Problem oriented local issues are given priority in research, where the UG and PG students of professional courses like faculty of management, computer science will have to do project work as a part of their course work. Innovation in education is always encouraged by the university.In tune with the concepts and suggestions of UGC, AICTE and NAAC, the university has adopted and implemented Choice Based Credit System with an inbuilt component of continuous and comprehensive evaluation system through various evaluative parameters such as class tests, tutorials, assignments, seminars, review writing, projects, etc. “The consistent field research in archaeology made by the University is known in the archaeological circles in the country and abroad and as a result research projects are received from the Archaeological Survey of India and other international funding agencies”, added – Dr. Chandresh Kumar Chhatlani, Spokesperson, explaining to us how JRNRV’s dedication towards research-based learning curves has facilitated the department of archaeology to get recognized globally.

In order to keep the students abreast of the latest trends in emerging areas and also to keep pace with the industrial needs and global competition, need based revision of curricula and syllabi are made frequently by incorporating suggestions and views of all the stakeholders. During the last five years, almost all the courses run by the university have undergone revision and all these courses have been approved by the UGC in early 2021. Moreover, all thanks to the impressive ties the university has with top brands and educational institutions across the globe, some foreign universities like New Hampshire, USA, National Mission on Monuments and Antiquities with ASI, Kennesaw, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan have come forward to collaborate with this University. The University has also organized National Level Sports Tournaments a number of times.

Reformed learning for all
Operating as a go-to hub for students from various socio-economic backgrounds, at JRNRVU an academic calendar is prepared before the start of academic session at the University level. Pre-planned teaching schedule for each course in accordance with the academic calendar is prepared under the guidance and approval of the head of department. Each department prepares the course plan according to the guidelines of UGC and respective regulatory bodies. The evaluation process comprises two components, namely, continuous assessment and final assessment. The course outline and detailed syllabus for every course is defined precisely and provided to students at the beginning of the programme. During the academic session extension lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences are organized by the constituent units for the benefit of students and faculty members. Besides, eminent personalities of India and abroad are invited for special lectures, to boost complete learning among the students.

Home to an impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure in the scenic city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, the university comprises all the amenities and facilities needed by the Gen-z in their path towards success, the university also houses excellent IT-infrastructure, which helped the university overcome the hurdles of covid effortlessly. The IT-setup also lets students explore various e-learning resources, as it is an essential component of the modern teaching-learning process. E-learning is promoted in all the constituent units of the University, ensuring all the Departments have been provided with well-furnished computer laboratories and best Internet connectivity. The e-resources, e-books and database are available through INFLIBNET UGC-Infonet Digital Library Consortium and EBSCO for regular access to the faculty members, scholars and students of the University. A Language Laboratory with full internet access has been established which is utilized to conduct the classes for the improvement of communication and soft skills of the students.

Finally, as a result of all the hard work and dedication put in by both the management and onboard faculty members, students are mentored through a series of programmes other than classroom teaching. The University was on 2nd position after IIT in filing of patents applications in the year 2014-15 in organizations and universities section. These include, mentoring by faculty for summer training projects, major research projects etc, where students are required to give seminar presentations which they prepare under the guidance of faculty mentors as part of internal assessment. Not only does the Vidyapeeth motivate academic successes, by pushing students to excel beyond their classrooms and libraries, the university is giving back to society capable individuals of tomorrow, who can lead with confidence and work towards societal upliftment and change.

Prof. (Col.) S.S. Sarangdevot – Vice Chancellor
Prof. Sarangdevot is Vice Chancellor of Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) since June 02, 2012. He is Ph.D. holder in two subjects viz. Computer Science and Commerce. With over 35 years of rich experience in Management, Administration, Teaching, Research, Industry and Extension work, he had also put in huge efforts to worth JRNRV University as a great center of excellence. As a result of sheer hard work and extra-ordinary commitment to the University, he have been able to achieve ‘A’ Grade by NAAC in 2016 and thus he has succeeded in taking the University out of academic isolation & wideness and have restored its pristine glory, reputation and eminence. He is member of Editorial Board of more than 25 Research Journals and proceedings of many International / National conferences. He is also a Chairman, NAAC Visiting Team, an Advisor of Northern Regional Centre, ICSSR, New Delhi. Prof. Sarangdevot chaired in more than 100 International / National Conferences and published more than 140 research papers in International / National Journals. He has authored 10 Books and 5 Monographs and filed patents 25 out of which 10 patents published. He has guided 35 Ph.D. scholars, 7 are undergoing their Ph.D. One of the most significant achievements under his leadership is substantial and huge increase in enrolment of students. He has started a number of new courses in various fields like Science, Pharmacy, Law, Education, Skill Development, Yoga, Agriculture etc. He has accomplished various research projects and also started Online Admission, Online Examination, Online Education in JRNRV. He has conferred upon Honorary rank of Colonel by Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India for promoting Military Education in 2017. He has received many awards including Education Excellence Award and Mewar Icon Award in 2021, “Maharshi Valmiki Award” for excellence in academic (Cash award of Rs. 1,00,000/-) by Champaran Mahotsav Samiti in Champaran Mahotsav of Bihar in 2014, Johar Award presented by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan in 2014, etc.

Dr. Chandresh Kumar Chhatlani – Assistant Professor
A Ph.D. in Computer Science in 2016 on “A Semantic Web Approach to Develop Web Based Information System for Intelligent Knowledge Retrieval in Various Types of Universities”, Dr. Chhatlani has over 25 years of rich experience in IT Industry like Higher Education Teaching, Research, Academics, Application Development and so on. Currently working as an Assistant Professor and also managing website, software and other I.T. related tasks of the University, with his good communication and negotiation skills, he has established and managed Wi-fi and Wired Computer Networks in JRNRV, Udaipur. Also, a Coordinator of Skill Development Center, and member of the Executive Committee of Theatre and Film Education & Personality Development and IQAC. He has comprehensive knowledge and research experience of Information Technology and Computer Science related to various domains like ERP, Online Business, Cloud Computing, Semantic Web, M-Computing, etc, and Adequate experience of documentation and dealing with NAAC Assessment, UGC, AICTE, MHRD, NIRF, Distance Education, AISHE, Supreme Court, PCI, CCH etc. He has authored 9 books and edited 7 books. He has developed more than 100 software and about 50 websites independently. In Covid lockdown period he has attended more than 25 FDPs, more than 500 webinars, more than 150 short term courses of Microsoft and earned many other certificates from Amity, Cisco, Google, IEEE, Diksha, WHO and other reputed institutes. Total earned more than 1000 certificates of various events/courses/quizzes, etc.