K. C. College of Engineering & Management Studies & Research (KCCEMSR) – Building Futures Together


The future is here, and it demands smarter and more sustainable, resilient and innovative engineering solutions. Moreover, with the dawn of the COVID-pandemic on all our lives, engineers have indeed a vital role to play in the pursuit of normalcy, finding alternatives to fight this pandemic. Also, considering the immediate requirement for trained personnel who can lead the charge, the requirement for a new generation of talent is at an all-time high. Even though the skills and challenges the engineers of today are facing are similar, but the approach needs to be interdisciplinary, addressing and unleashing expertise beyond normal. Becoming extraordinary leaders who can inspire stories and transpire innovations is the current need of today’s engineers. Operating with a prime focus of creating new trends in the engineering market, thereby helping students get converted into engineers who can change the world by addressing the current trends and demands, KC College of Engineering & Management Studies & Research (KCCEMSR), is right on its track of becoming the go-to place for exemplary engineering teaching/learning.

A vital part of the Excelsior education society, an educational and charitable trust known for its work in the field of academic philanthropy, KCCEMSR is an AICTE approved institute situated in the Thane area of Mumbai, Maharashtra. Preparing today’s students towards becoming tomorrow’s abled engineers, young talents are nurtured on the campus of KCCEMSR, inculcating a strong sense of social responsibility and professionalism, keeping the aspect of industry-readiness intact.

Catering to the right minds with the help of the right outcome-based education, teachers play the role of facilitators, helping students upgrade their knowledge and skills, using the latest technology-based innovative teaching/learning methods. Giving equal importance to the overall holistic development of students, both inside and outside the classroom learning is emphasized equally, making it mandatory for all present on the campus to be churned into all-rounded individuals, ready to take their spots in the dynamic world outside. Utilizing methods like pedagogical learning, experiential learning, mind mapping and so on, practical-oriented learning is the key feature at KCCEMSR, where students do not just grow into abled engineers, but well-equipped personalities with impressive scientific vigor. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Delivering engineering excellence

Equipped with the latest ICT-enabled teaching infrastructure, KCCEMSR is a haven of inclusivity built in accordance with the changing trends of curriculum and circumstances. Taking situations like the current COVID-pandemic in a stride, the engineering institute effortlessly progressed towards online mediums of teaching and learning, all thanks to the combined efforts put in by everyone present on campus. Letting the faculty members understand their importance in molding tomorrow’s leaders, the faculty members are motivated to stay upskilled by attending various faculty development programs and take part in seminars and paper presentations with their fellow students. “Acting as mentors rather than just faculty members, strong mentor-mentee relationships bloom on the campus of KCCEMSR, resulting in students finding their role models cum gurus in their very own teachers.”, stated Dr Harssh Khanna, the acting chairperson at KCCEMSR.

Dr. Harssh Khanna the acting Chairperson of KCCEMSR made time out of her busy schedule and gave us a brief opportunity to get the best out of her, interviewing her regarding the various aspects of teaching and learning which the engineering institute is proud of. From faculty members to details about the impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure, she gave us an inside view of the whole experience which is KCCEMSR, and how the whole academic setup is built staying in tune with the growing technology. Adding to her earlier statement and talking to us about the extra-curricular opportunities provided to their students, she stated – “We organize lectures, courses, and internships from renowned organizations like TIFR, Capgemini, MTNL, and so on, boosting the already existing industry-academia connect”.

The strong connections KCCEMSR has with top corporates and organizations across the country result in non-stop opportunities made available for students to get the right industry experience and exposure, well before their course completion. Facilities like Entrepreneurship Cell and various student bodies of CSI, IETE, ISTE and many more, help students connect with industry-experts professionally, in turn, gaining the right amount of engineering knowledge and expertise, in their respective niches. Along with the excellent placement records KCCEMSR is known for every year, the institute is also a Nodal centre for IIT Virtual Lab. Encouraging students on aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship, a different set of faculty members are assigned, and with the help of a separate E-cell laboratory with advanced equipment, creativity and scientific brilliance is boosted.

Hosting bachelor programs across the fields of Computer Science, IT and Electronics n Telecommunication, KCCEMSR also house master’s programs in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, & Systems, making it a thorough hub for complete techno-management education. Considering the varied backgrounds and different learning abilities of the students, student-centric methods like field trips, role plays, case studies, project-based learning and group learning are adopted effectively.

From tradition to research

In the process of developing and promoting research culture, the engineering institute has developed E-cell (Entrepreneurship cell) and has founded the IIARL (Ideation Innovation Automation and Research Lab), who’s prime objectives is to boost research activities and training of budding entrepreneurs. Also, establishing a digital library resource, magazines and journals are readily available encouraging research-based learning beyond the textbooks. Continuing to ensure that an effective cum conducive research environment exists without any hindrance, the whole pedagogy followed is participation-oriented, in turn, helping both the students and the faculty members engage in relentless experiential learning and growth opportunities.

All in all, being that hotspot where students grow into intellectually mature individuals with expertise beyond their respective fields of interest, KCCEMSR takes pride in encouraging extension activities through the NSS, YRC, Rotaract Club, Eco Club and Women Development Committee. Lastly, showing keen interest in social extension programs to sensitize students and provide solutions to the need of society in the underprivileged areas such as Pimpri and others, strong universal values are inculcated in students, giving out to society society-friendly engineers, who work towards sustainable development, with a deep concern towards environment and Mother Earth. The college has been featured in the Academic Insights Magazine as the Engineering College of the Year 2020.

Dr. Harssh Khanna, Chairperson

A name synonymous with versatility and generosity, Dr Khanna’s vision is to provide access to quality learning opportunities that meet the needs of engineering students in a changing global education environment. Her objective of life is to spread the light of education in its true spirit to the vulnerable section and especially women. She is the Chairperson of Excelssior Education Society, and the first educationist to Introduce a women’s College system in Thane. Having served as a member of Senate of Mumbai University for more than a decade, today she has numerous institutes offering college degrees for Women, fulfilling her inert desire towards serving society. Moreover, being the head of the parade at KCCEMSR, she guides and motivates every student on campus towards a success filled career, and a life filled with learning and growth.