K John Public School (K.J.P.S) – School, Family, Community


Children of today are growing up in a time, where newborns are made to pose for a selfie, where tablets and mobile phones have become the new playgrounds, and computers and gadgets are no longer things of amazement. Going with the flow of an electronically driven world, educators and schools are infusing digital education into the education system of the country. Also understanding the fact that a student’s life is no longer restricted to books and stationary equipment, the schools of today are striving towards giving a thorough new-age digital learning. With a 21st gen mind-set and focusing on all the necessary requirements of a today’s kid and also perhaps with a core vision that goes beyond just educating children K John Group of Schools started on their journey of giving back to society.

K John Group of Schools was built with a children-centered approach in the forefront, shaping them to be worthy citizens of tomorrow. The children at the school are trained towards recognizing their inner potentials and in turn making them eligible enough to grow into complete human beings, serving society and the world at large.

Modeling Excellence

With a vision and a dream of building a community, a society, which imparts holistic education to the people of Nagpur, Dr. K.V. John and Dr. Paul Varghese, both being trained and experienced educationalists, established ‘The Montfort Educational Society’ in 2005. The society targeted at providing quality education at an affordable cost. In addition, the society progresses each coming day imparting world-class education to all, irrespective of the differences. K John Public School (Nagpur) is the brainchild of the Montford society, building a name for itself by providing a conducive environment for each child, helping him/her achieve his/her full potential. Teachers at K John school work hard day-in and day-out educating the children, providing them with guidance and pastoral care throughout their time, here and after.

The teaching and learning at K.J.P.S stand out, when compared to the competing schools in its neighborhood and in the remaining part of the country. Being the only CBSE School in Saoner, bringing out outstanding results consecutively for the past 7 years, K.J.P.S gives back to society by producing toppers and well-behaved professionals who are excelling in prestigious educational institutions and companies in the country and across the globe.

In a brief conversation with the principal of the school, Dr. K John, about the functioning of K.J.P.S, he quoted – “We ensure quality in our curriculum by constant training and supervision over the teachers and continuous evaluation of the student’s performances”. He also stated about the co-curricular opportunities at the school – “The students are trained in co-curricular activities such as singing, dancing, art, sports, athletics, and martial arts”. The management and the faculty at the school give in their best in turn assuring the parents that their children receive best-quality education, coupled with parental care and guidance, making the kids enjoy the whole process of learning.

A Community Commitment

Built on the basis of providing an atmosphere for all-round development of children, and working in the favor of giving the best integral growth a child can get, K.J.P.S has become a haven for inclusive learning. At the school, children’s each and every need is catered to and his/her physical, mental, social, psychological issues are addressed individually. The school has become a playground of growth and learning for the children, promoting a free atmosphere with no hesitation and instilling a strong sense of love and respect towards each other.

The teachers and the faculty at the school are a bunch of well-qualified individuals, who have undergone extensive training and have attended workshops. They have in turn become dedicated and committed teachers, working together towards a common goal of bringing out the best in them and the best in the children.

Continuing the conversation with the principal of K.J.P.S, he stated about the infrastructure and the environment of the school, by saying – “The campus at our school is very idyllic, free from all sorts of pollution, acting as a breeding ground for complete development of the children”. Even though the conversation with Dr. K John was brief, his ambitions and persona spoke out to us and the passion he has towards teaching, and building an inclusive community of learning, was quite evident in every word he spoke.

Located about 8 kms from Nagpur, and built in an area amidst many upcoming housing projects, K John Public School has a vast 6-acre land for all its ambitious endeavors, following all the standards set by the CBSE Board. Dr. K John along with the Montford Society acting as its backbone, the school carefully is progressing one brick at a time towards becoming the most sought-after schools of Nagpur.