LISAA School of Design – Where Creativity is Limitless


The upsurge in the real estate industry over the last few decades has given an impetus to the home decor sector, resulting in the exponential growth of the industry. Moreover, with the history of Interior Designing in India, dated as old as time, its influences are seen in and around ancient monuments, across the length and breadth of our country. Understanding the fact, that our ancestors were either art lovers or artisans themselves, instinctively we love decorating, or on the whole, customizing everything around us. This art/passion slowly turned into a career, and now, the same career is the most sought-after career option of the new generation. Catering to the demands and giving design schooling their own twist, design colleges and institutes have started on an endless race towards giving back to society, abled design professionals of tomorrow.

One such institute which aims at making design education accessible to all, in the pursuit of being called one of the best interior design institutes of India, LISAA School of Design withholds its 37-year old brand-value, being a flagbearer for quality design learning. Le Institut De School Appliques Arts, in short LISAA, is a French Design college, managed by CREO Valley Group of Schools in India. Started in the year 2013, in Bengaluru, LISAA School of Design has mastered the art of creating designers and managers in the fields of Fashion Design, Interior, Architecture & Product Design, Graphics, UI/UX, Animation, Video Games and Film Making, thus, imbibing a strong sense of knowledge of both Architecture and Design in their students.

Uniting design and technology

As we all know, design means problem-solving, thereby every student at LISAA School of Design is trained towards enhancing his/her overall personality, in turn, becoming professional problem-solvers and abled design professionals. Unleashing the inner potentials of students, which the school management believes is lacking across various disciplines of academics in India, students are pushed towards exposing themselves to art from all around the world. Consequently, lessons in design tactics, technical skills, creative thinking, and problem-solving become a norm at LISAA, following a through and through industry-centric curriculum.  Also, thanks to the impressive industry-academia connect existing at the design school, students get opportunities to learn from guest lecturers, internships, project placements, and if proven worthy enough – Job Opportunities, in brands related to the who’s who of the design industry.

Due to its affiliations to the Ministry of Culture and Commerce in France, the students along with a French Diploma, earn 2 degrees/diplomas while spending their time at LISAA. Pursuing the most up to date curriculum, pertaining to the industry standards and demands, students are supplemented with knowledge and vocational skills of the local artisans, giving teaching/learning a new flavour and exposure to the rich and vibrant Indian Art Scene. From a 1-year Diploma in Fashion Design to a 3-year B.Sc program in Fashion and Apparel Design, LISAA acts as a haven for budding designers and aspirants, catering to various students, depending on their levels of interest and availability.

Taking situations like the current pandemic-crisis in a stride, LISAA School of Design was one of the first educational institutions to be back on their feet, thereby, resuming classes using the online medium. Crediting the already existing impressive ICT-infrastructure on campus, Avi Keswani, the director of the LISAA School of Design stated – “The students are enjoying these classes immensely”. During a brief opportunity we got, we interviewed the directors at the design school – Avi & Girish Keswani, where we posed as budding design aspirants and tried our best to get answers to the most asked questions pertaining to design schooling.

Shaping futures

Explaining, in brief, the whole ethos of inclusivity present at LISAA, Ms Avi Keswani, a co-director stated – “At LISAA we have ensured that every now and then we organize team building activity sessions, freshers introduction session, meet and greet, games evening and so on”. Playing a major role in helping students outperform their peers even outside the classrooms is the impressive infrastructure, consisting of a 30,000 sq. ft. campus with an open layout in the heart of the IT-hub of India. The easy location and the state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities including Mac Lab, Windows Lab, Textile Lab, Idea Lab, 3-D Printer, and so on, are designed to serve the students need to be able to explore their curiosity and creativity and encourage them to get a complete hands-on training when it comes to technical skills.

The further development of the students is handled by the esteemed faculty onboard. Consisting of few of the best design-academicians India has to offer, leading the parade of the faculty at LISAA, effective theoretical and practical learning is imparted effortlessly to all. Furthermore, acting as mentors, rather than just teachers, all the faculty members guide students on all walks of life, be it personal or professional, helping them achieve success in any and every endeavour of their lives. Lastly, working as a hub for design learning, LISAA also aims at becoming that place where design awareness is preached. With the current and future long term plans of the design school being motivating millennials to explore their potential in the design industry even in these turbulent times, LISAA comes as a ray of hope, not just for design aspirants, but for the whole educational fellowship.

Avi Keswani, Director

After completing her B.E in Computers from REC Bhopal she went on to pursue her MBA from San Jose, California. As a testimony to her passion for academics, Avi has been amongst the very few Indian students to have cleared the NTSE examinations and several Maths and Science Olympiads during her school years. Avi has also attained a Diploma from the Thunderbird University, Arizona in International Management while working for a start-up in the Bay Area. Her other interests include reading, writing, music, baking, and craftwork.

Girish Keswani, Director

Before joining as a Board of Director in 2013, Girish worked at High Tech companies in USA for 12 years helping them to grow their business using advanced scientific techniques such as Machine Learning and Data Mining. Girish managed Analytics R&D team at Zynga responsible to grow revenue with positive user experience. He currently holds patents on his innovations as part of working for these organizations. Since the year 2007, Girish has been actively involved in leading real estate projects across the country. Girish holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University in Florida, USA.