Master Mind Global English School: A High Achieving Multi-cultural Community of Learning


In the current competitive world, society only tends to give importance to the grades on the mark sheet. Society fails to recognize the importance of performing arts education and tends to overlook it. A balanced study environment is required for growing youth, having the focus on the holistic development of a student. According to various researches and studies, the involvement of the student in performing arts helps in higher student achievement and better child development. With parents of today involved in a rigorous search for a school, which nourishes children’s true potentials in enhancing his/her skills, Master Mind Global English School comes as a ray of sunshine. Emphasizing the true value of the importance of extra/co-curricular activities, which go parallel with the academics, Master Mind Global English School believes in the fact that the essence of arts lies in the fact that it leads to deep self-expression from a child’s heart.

Established in the year 2017, the school started its ambitious journey with just 500 students. Now with maximum involvement of teachers, management, and the parents in the progress of the school, the school now boasts of a commendable 1900+ students studying at the school until grade 10.

A Family of Learning

A venture of Sree Swami Vivekanand Bahhuddeshiy Sanstha, MMGES Group of schools was founded in the year 2011. It is one of the best schools in Bhosari, offering the best day-schooling experience from grade 1 to grade 10.

With friendly and efficient staff members, students are guided towards acquiring knowledge, competitive spirit and virtue. “Teachers at MMGES motivate, inspire and lead”, quoted Dr. Pradeepa Nair, the Principal of the school while asking her about the teachers and the teaching offered at MMGES. She added to her earlier statement on teachers, by saying – “They interact with their community to affect positive change through their students”.

The curriculum at the school is framed in such a way that the individual child is the core of the whole program. A relaxed atmosphere exists at MMGES, enabling easy human relationships between the children and the teachers. The children are motivated towards involving themselves in an exciting adventure of learning experience through discussion, inquiry, and experimentation. The school offers overall a peer support, protective, safe and secured learning experience to all.

All-round development of an individual is given utmost emphasis, as the school believes that education is only complete when it leads to the overall holistic development of the individual. The teachers also pass on moral as well as mental development to the children, making them complete individuals ready to jump into the real world with confidence and zeal.

Modern education influences the social thinking of the individual and makes him/her distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, and at MMGES modern education is taught rooted with the traditions and culture of our country. Teachers at the school plan different activities and give more and more opportunities for the child while performing co-curricular activities. Activities such as craft, workshop, music, dance, indoor & outdoor games, robotics, vocational classes and Karate classes are made available to the students.

To enhance student interest, exhibitions, field trips, cottage stay are conducted quarterly. National programs and competitions are conducted on a regular basis at the school, to keep the spirit of competitiveness alive among the children. With a state-of-the-art building designed to promote the natural flow of light & air, the campus at MMGES offers a good studying environment, offering the best transition between home and the school for children.

 Building an all-round Community

Master Mind Global English is a pioneer in setting goals and achieving them. With the help of parents, goals are set for their wards, and ways are found together to strengthen the classroom learning and outside-learning  experience. Parents regularly participate in school events, giving an all-new meaning to the parent-teacher relationships.

All the teachers see to it that parents get satisfactory remedies for any problems related to their wards. MMGES works towards offering a space for students and their parents alike, hence organizing various activities like puzzle day, hobby classes, spoken English, Recipe competition, Dance Competition, Mother’s Day Out where parents can take part along with their wards. “The school emphasizes the aspect that when parents and teachers work towards a common goal, best educational outcomes occur and each of the needs is met”, stated Dr. Pradeepa, about the community MMGES aims at building at the school.

MMGES is an institution that is ably supported by large and extremely dedicated support staff, the teachers along with the staff provide students a caring and individual attention-based atmosphere, making sure that each child keeps-up with its respective peer group.

The campus houses a well-facilitated computer lab for the best e-learning experience, best indoor and outdoor games facilities, well-equipped Science, Math Laboratories, Montessori lab and a Computer Hub for teachers. MMGES is home to a well-stocked library with up-to-date books, periodicals, journals, reference books for all the book worms, willing to take part in extra or in-depth learning of concepts or subjects.

Moving forward, MMGES aims at converting students into all-round achievers of tomorrow. Motivating them and giving utmost focus in academics and in extra-activities. The management, and the school aims at encouraging and molding the children studying at the school into disciplined, good, and proud citizens of the future.

Principal – Dr. Pradeepa Nair

A multi-faceted degree holder, with degrees ranging from M.Ed, M.Sc, M.Phil to Ph.D., Dr. Pradeepa Nair is an individual with a mind-blowing personality. Along with good knowledge, and immense experience she is a role model for every student studying at the school. Her work and her ever-ready helping nature towards school welfare inspire teachers. Having a strong focus in the direction she wants MMGES to go into, she works day-in and day-out towards making all the teachers and the staff at MMGES into focused individuals, working together towards converting MMGES into a haven for quality learning.