MDN Future School – Shaping Young Minds


Education of a child is inculcating the ability to self-learn and increasing the perception of the student. With focus on comprehension and understanding rather than mugging up, we motivate children towards being curious, asking more questions, and the desire to explore. Children need to be taught to have a balanced view of life and studies, there by increasing their chances of performing well in exams and their day-to-day lives. If a child is unable to understand something or do something as expected, the problem needs to be addressed rather than finding fault with the child. Competition is not about competing with someone else; rather it has to do with improving one’s own capabilities on a day-to-day basis. Keeping all these aspects as the core concepts to be addressed and to provide each child with an enjoyable journey of learning and varied experiences, MDN Future School came into existence.

MDN Future school focuses on giving every student studying at the school a sharp mind, a happy soul and a fit body. With the faculty and management well-versed in quality control, management, an infusion of the latest technology in the classrooms, and with each child’s growth being the first priority, the school has achieved excellent academic, co-curricular, & extra-curricular performance from the time of its inception.

Accessible Quality Education To All

At MDN Future School, the management believes in channelizing the energy of the youth in the right direction, giving an overall holistic development to the children studying at the school. At the school, high attention is paid towards keeping the students engaged in various activities, helping them develop various skills and talents at a very young age.

Teachers are the main strength of the school and the teachers are trained through regular personal and professional training. Teachers are trained to become caring individuals, as the school believes that a child’s mind is the most precious thing on the planet, and it needs special attention while being handled.

During a brief conversation, we had with Mr. P Baladhandapani, the Chairman at MDN Future School, about the unique working concept at the school, he stated – “MDN Future School works in the direction of empowering all the children at the school to reach their highest potential in a positive, supportive, child-centric learning environment”. He added to his earlier statement saying – “The school encourages collaboration and respect for individuality and works towards creating a genuine impact in individuals and in turn benefitting the entire community”.

The school works as a unit that nurtures individual talents and abilities, converting students into creative, disciplined, dynamic individuals ready to take a successful leap. The students at MDN Future School are also trained to be independent, responsible, resourceful, and successful individuals with high self-esteem and confidence, who will one day become global citizens contributing richly to our country and the world. To inculcate a strong sense of innovation among the students, the school conducts annual Science Fairs every year as an endeavor towards nourishing creative scientific Minds of tomorrow.

Excelling beyond Academics

With a vision of empowering the children of the surrounding areas and villages of the neighborhood of Sulur, with CBSE style quality education, MDN Future School was started 9 years ago. “The academic focus was beyond the textbooks, providing strong thought-provoking education, coupled with a solid English language foundation”, quoted Mr. P Baladhandapani.

Starting with only 35 students, the school steadily grew over the years and now holds a strong strength of 1300 students. MDN Future School boasts about the strong support it gets from the parents of the children studying at the school. In addition, the management believes their parents to be a huge strength of the school, striving for building bright minds of tomorrow.

Working towards providing the students with a home away from home, with facilities they would relish and savor, benefiting them to enjoy the whole schooling experience MDN Future School has to offer, the school now houses a Swimming pool, Skating ground, football ground, kho-kho court,  Kabaddi court, volleyball and basketball courts.

The students at the school have shown their prowess not only at academics but also at various extra-curricular activities, by winning multiple awards at state and district-level events in Kho-Kho and Kabaddi. Students are also trained in Yoga, Silambam, Karate, Western and Classical dances, Keyboard and Carnatic music.

In order to give all children the experience of playing a team sport and thereby growing their collaboration skills, it is ensured that each student gets a chance to play one team sport and participate in a track event. It is also mandatory at the school that all students from Kindergarten to 12th standard are given the opportunity to speak or perform on stage; thereby ensuring they get rid of shyness and stage fear at a very young age.

Further Journey

Going ahead with the journey of creating successful leaders of tomorrow, the school envisions towards becoming a place, where parents trust us with their children’s futures. In addition, we as a school aim at providing the society with fully developed individuals, who are well equipped with all the necessary skills to ensure a successful life ahead of them. The school also wishes to replicate this unique educational model with more schools around rural Coimbatore, in turn, empowering the youth for a bright future.

Mr. P. Baladhandapani, the Chairman

An engineer by education, an entrepreneur by profession, and an educationist by choice, Mr. P. Baladhandapani is a self-made man coming from a very humble background going on to become the topmost person in a company at Dubai. He enthuses confidence and cheer in the hearts and minds of the students through his smile and words. As the Chairman at MDN Future School, he motivates each child at the school towards unleashing their highest potential in every aspect of their schooling lives.