Ms. Keran Bahadur


Leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of K-12 education in India, influencing not only institutional development but also the overall growth and progress of students. In a country as diverse as India, with its rich cultural tapestry and varied educational challenges, visionary leadership becomes paramount. School leaders serve as the guiding force, steering institutions toward innovation, inclusivity, and academic excellence.

In this context, Ms. Keran Bahadur, the Founder-Principal and the current Chairperson of Colonel’s Academy in Mhow, stands as a welcome example of effective leadership in the K-12 education sector. Her commitment to establishing the first private CBSE school in Mhow reflects a pioneering spirit, and her continuous efforts to align education with the needs of contemporary life showcase a forward-thinking approach.

Colonel’s Academy: Nurturing Holistic Growth and Leadership through Joyful Learning

The ethos at Colonel’s Academy is encapsulated in the mantra, “Discover the Joy of Learning,” not merely as a slogan but as a daily commitment to ensuring children derive genuine enjoyment from their educational journey. Reflecting the sentiments of prominent educationist John Holt, the academy aspires for children to grow not just physically but also in terms of curiosity, courage, confidence, independence, resourcefulness, resilience, patience, competence, and understanding.

As Colonel’s Academy continues its expansion, not only in physical size but also in confidence and competence, there is a vision for the students to evolve into happy, healthy, and educated citizens of India, equipped to assume leadership roles across various spheres. The academy’s philosophy rests on three pillars: Character, focusing on the grooming of the “Heart”; Knowledge, emphasizing the development of the “Mind”; and Courage, fostering a sense of responsibility and nurturing in the students.

Transformative Leadership

In the local community, Ms. Keran Bahadur’s leadership at Colonel’s Academy has been instrumental in spearheading various impactful initiatives. She has showcased her excellence by leading numerous social programs in Mhow and its surrounding areas. One notable endeavor is the initiation of the Anti-Tobacco campaign, wherein she organized awareness programs throughout the town.

The ‘Handful of Rice Project,’ initiated in 2012 and close to the heart of Colonel’s Academy, is another testament to Ms. Keran Bahadur’s commitment. Under her guidance, the school adopted the elderly residents of the nearby village ‘Kellod.’ Regular collections of grains and essential items by school children are distributed among the adopted elderly, fostering values of empathy, sharing, and compassion among the students.

Under Ms. Bahadur’s guidance, Colonel’s Academy has actively engaged in inclusive initiatives, such as inviting students from Gyanodaya, a school for underprivileged children, to join in Diwali celebrations. The students from both schools participated in games and shared lunch, creating a unique and enriching experience for all involved.

Acknowledging environmental issues, Colonel’s Academy has achieved the status of a “Zero Waste Green Campus” school, pledging to maintain a “Polythene and Plastic-free zone.” Moreover, Colonel’s Academy actively partners with the “Age India Foundation,” reflecting Ms. Keran Bahadur’s commitment to extend positive influence beyond the school premises. She has also inaugurated the “Kiranya Foundation” to advance welfare projects for marginalized individuals within the community.

A Trailblazer in Education and Social Impact

With over 38 years of distinguished experience in the education field, Mrs. Keran Bahadur, a recipient of the National Award in 2011, commenced her career as a teacher, gradually assuming diverse roles in teaching various classes and overseeing administrative functions within schools. As the visionary founder-principal of Colonel’s Academy, she has remarkably elevated the institution to a K-12 establishment, garnering numerous accolades and establishing a reputation as one of the premier schools in the region.

Honored with the President’s National Award for Teachers in 2011, Keran has received commendations from various dignitaries, including a letter of appreciation from Shri G.S. Rajukhedi, Member of Parliament, in 2011. Notably, she was recognized by Rotary International in 2009, the WAMA Club in 2008, and the Lions Club in 2007 for her exceptional contributions to education. In 2017, she was conferred with the Lifetime Achievement Shikshak Samman by Vidyarthi Vikas Manch Samiti and the Shikshak Shree Award by Indo-Nepal Samrasta Rashtrya Samta Manch.

Under Keran’s astute leadership, Colonel’s Academy Mhow attained the prestigious International School Award from the British Council. Additionally, the school received the esteemed SOE Global Education Award for Best Innovative Practices. An alumna of the leadership training at IIM Ahmedabad in collaboration with CBSE in 2007, Keran also serves as a trainer for CBSE and is a member of the CBSE panel of school principals conducting inspections on behalf of the board.