National Model Senior Secondary School, Coimbatore


Curricular innovation is as necessary in the world of education as adding vivid colors to a masterpiece. It is becoming more and more obvious that the old educational paradigms may not be adequate to prepare students for the difficulties of the twenty-first century as we traverse the always changing terrain of learning. Schools all throughout India are embracing change in a playful way as they realize how important it is to bring new ideas to the classroom.

Enter the stage where conventional norms meet the  spirit of education! Amidst this quest for innovation, the National Model Senior Secondary School emerges as a beacon of inspiration, rewriting the narrative of educational excellence. At National Model Senior Secondary School, the academic focus extends beyond traditional learning, emphasizing the cultivation of global competencies and essential life skills. Through a curriculum designed to instill self-discipline, responsibility, good judgment, and respect for oneself and others, students are equipped for success in both academic and real-world scenarios.

The school adopts a dynamic and innovative curriculum that incorporates modern educational methodologies. The faculty employs a variety of tools, including PowerPoint presentations (PPTs), Audio/Visual CDs, online teaching platforms, quizzes, roleplay, debates, demonstrations, experiments, and enactments. This diverse array of teaching methods is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, nurturing their intellectual growth and equipping them for future challenges. The in-house curriculum team plays a significant role in shaping and advancing the curriculum’s development and flow.

From the Scratch

Established in 1987 by the late Dr. P. N. Palanisamy, the Founder-Correspondent of the National Model Matric Higher Sr. School, the institution embarked on a mission to provide quality education to students in the Peelamedu locality. With just 2 students and a small staff at the outset, it has since evolved into a prominent educational institution boasting 5000+ students, 450+ staff, and 6 campuses offering diverse curriculums, and a professional training academy called Nikvin’s Academy. Among these campuses is the National Model Senior Secondary School, established in 2006. From its humble beginnings with a few students and teachers, the school has achieved substantial growth under the guidance of Dr. P. Mohan Chandar and Uma Mohan Chandar.

These institutions adhere to the curriculums of the Tamil Nadu state, CBSE, and Cambridge. Dr. P. Mohan Chandar emphasizes, “National Model has undergone substantial growth, providing a diverse range of opportunities, from high-end sports activities promoting physical and mental well-being, arts and drama refining oral skills, to a neuro-linguistic approach to learning and field days encouraging experiential learning. We encompass it all!”

Ensuring Only the Best

National Model Senior Secondary School has implemented a rigorous and standardized faculty recruitment procedure. A fundamental criterion is the possession of appropriate qualifications for the respective subjects, predominantly requiring a degree or higher. In specific instances, individuals with a B.Ed or teaching degree undergo specialized training with the school, followed by application upon completion. Beyond meeting governmental qualification mandates, the institution conducts a comprehensive 10-day induction program for teachers.

Throughout the recruitment process at National Model Senior Secondary School, an extensive evaluation of teachers’ qualities is conducted. This includes an assessment of their communication skills, especially their proficiency in imparting knowledge to students, particularly in English. Additionally, the school places emphasis on other essential teacher qualities, such as subject knowledge updates and creativity. Recognizing the importance of nurturing 21st-century skills in students, the school aligns its teacher recruitment process with the mandates set forth by CBSE. The selection procedure incorporates interviews, demonstrations, class observations, and thorough background checks. Once appointed, teachers undergo an internal probationary period, completing one year before assuming full responsibilities as teaching assistants.

Inspiring Legacies

A noteworthy aspect that brings immense joy to the school is the consistent participation of every student in stage appearances or performances for a minimum of 12 years, spanning from their early years to grade 12. This sustained involvement plays a pivotal role in cultivating confidence when facing diverse audiences.

In a remarkable initiative this year, the school has extended invitations to alumni who will serve as guests of honor during the Junior Annual Day. These accomplished alumni, involved in postgraduate studies abroad, preparing for professional examinations, or achieving success in fields such as medicine, engineering, and entrepreneurship, will actively host events throughout the celebration. “The enduring connections our alumni maintain with the school are evident as they return to share their inspiring success stories and as parents, which is a source of great pride for the institution”, exclaimed Dr. P Mohan Chandar.

It is worth noting the community programs undertaken by National Model Senior Secondary School, including Namagramam (a combined effort of both Sr. Secondary School and Sr. Matriculation School), a traditional food and style fair that has been a fundraising tradition for nearly eight decades. A collaborative effort across the school’s campuses, including the CBSE, the latest edition in 2020 successfully raised an impressive eight lakhs for the Coimbatore Cancer Foundation. The funds contributed were instrumental in acquiring a dedicated vehicle, named ‘Aravanaippu’, which now serves cancer patients in the city by facilitating transportation from their homes. This biennial community initiative stands as a significant contribution from the school to the well-being of the local community.