Rainbow Kids International Preschool


As we all know that 90% of a child’s brain development occurs by the age of 5, nurturing this critical stage with love, attention, and care is paramount. Parents aspire for their children to realize their full potential during these formative years, especially in cities like Bangalore, where families relocate in search of new beginnings. Here, the preschool landscape must not just be good but exceptional. Enter Rainbow Kids International Preschool, standing out as one of Bangalore’s top 10 preschools parents seek for in 2024. With its unwavering commitment to providing world-class care and education in a stimulating environment, Rainbow Kids ensures that every child’s journey is one of growth, discovery, and boundless possibilities.

Rainbow Kids International Preschool in a Nutshell

Rainbow Kids stands out as the preferred choice for parents seeking exceptional preschool education. Committed to nurturing children through life’s earliest developmental milestones, Rainbow Kids has been consistently recognized as the Best Preschool multiple times. Following the proven Multiple Intelligence educational framework, the school ensures the best learning and growth opportunities for every child.

With a team of qualified and empathetic staff, Rainbow Kids provides a caring and passionate environment. State-of-the-art infrastructure, along with meticulously designed outdoor and indoor facilities, supports holistic development. The inclusion of CCTV surveillance in classrooms and daily photo uploads on the app offer parents peace of mind and real-time updates on their child’s activities.

Maintaining a low staff-to-child ratio, Rainbow Kids ensures each child receives individualized attention. Strong partnerships with parents facilitate regular feedback exchange and insights. The school also collaborates with renowned schools and offers flexible timings to accommodate diverse schedules. Impressively, more than 98.5% of parents recommend Rainbow Kids to others, with around 96% expressing outstanding or highly satisfying experiences.

Comprehensive Program Offerings at Rainbow Kids

Rainbow Kids offers a range of programs tailored to suit the developmental stages of young children. The programs include the Play School program designed for children aged 2 to 3 years, the Nursery program for children of 3 to 4 years, the Junior KG and lastly the Senior KG program.

Rainbow Kids aims to provide an enriching environment where children feel safe, emotionally secure, and a sense of belonging. The daycare is integrated with a curriculum that offers developmentally appropriate and fun learning experiences. Qualified caregivers ensure individualized schedules, routines, and experiences to meet the unique needs of each child.

Also, by blending Montessori and kindergarten curricula results in personalized learning, hands-on exploration, and the enhancement of executive function skills. This method addresses individual needs, promotes experiential learning, and nurtures crucial social and emotional competencies. By merging these approaches, children benefit from a comprehensive educational journey that not only encourages academic achievement but also equips them with the skills needed for future success, both academically and personally.

Fostering Holistic Development

Rainbow Kids preschool utilizes a monthly theme-based curriculum to enhance children’s learning experiences. Themes like “All about myself,” “My sweet home,” “My country,” and “My solar system” are employed each month to teach language and math through engaging stories and rhymes. This approach promotes active participation and immersion in thematic exploration, seamlessly integrating various skills such as language, math, and social interaction for holistic development.

Additionally, Rainbow Kids emphasizes the importance of sports participation during the preschool years. Engaging in sports activities not only promotes physical health by developing motor skills and coordination but also enhances cognitive development through decision-making, problem-solving, and spatial awareness. Furthermore, the preschool annually organizes a sports day event, underscoring its commitment to promoting physical and social development among its students.

Creating a Safe and a Stimulating Environment

Rainbow Kids prioritizes creating optimal learning environments for toddlers and young children, recognizing the significance of space in experiential learning. Classrooms are meticulously designed with safety and age-appropriate features, offering ample crawling and walking areas for babies and toddlers, while older children benefit from designated reading and learning spaces. Rounded edges, finger guards, and soft-padded vinyl flooring ensure utmost safety, complemented by CCTV cameras for parental monitoring.

The nursery is thoughtfully crafted to foster a sense of safety and inclusivity, sourced with quality equipment from abroad and providing spacious play areas for children’s enjoyment. Rainbow Kids is committed to maintaining hygienic and safe spaces, understanding parental concerns. Indoor areas feature child-friendly flooring, while outdoor spaces are equipped with EPDM flooring. Regular cleaning and sanitization protocols are in place, with hygiene checks conducted daily. Children are also educated on the importance of healthy habits.

Furthermore, Rainbow Kids offers additional facilities such as a riding track, sand pit, and large and small playgrounds, enhancing the overall learning and play experience for children.