Remal Public Senior Sec. School – Accessible Education for All


In today’s competitive world, brain development in a growing child is all about the ability of how he/she can comprehend things around and the aspect of self-learning. Inculcating the capability of focusing on learning rather than mugging up, children learn to be curious, ask more questions, and explore. Also, considering the current times of high uncertainty, children need to be taught to have a balanced view of life and studies, hence increasing their chances of performing well in exams and their day-to-day lives. If a child is unable to understand something or do something as expected, the problem needs to be addressed rather than questioning the child. Keeping all these aspects as the core concepts to be addressed and to provide each child with a thorough journey of learning and varied experiences Remal Public Senior Sec. School was started.

Established in the year 1973 by Dr. R. P. Bajaj in memory of his father Rai Bahadur Late Sh. Remal Dass Bajaj, who was a social reformer and keen supporter of the well-being of underprivileged children and widows, Remal Public School owes its inception to the profound visionary and his goals. Under the vast umbrella of Remal Public School Society, the school promotes a system of integral education, which emphasizes the unity of all knowledge and synthesizing humanities and sciences. Giving in their best towards organizing an affording environment of inspiration, the school and its management strive towards the development of body, mind, spirit, along with values of truth, honesty, integrity, and ardour.

Aiming at the holistic development of students, the school functions as the epitome of sensitizing the masses, helping them get converted into society-friendly individuals. Also, acting as facilitators, the teachers at Remal, gently remind students of their freedom to excel as all-rounders, staying well connected to the world outside. Even during the current times of Covid, teachers effortlessly became online educators, and special care was taken, to ensure students joined the classes and a smooth learning curve was observed throughout. From recorded sessions to assignments, the constant communication happening between the teachers and students, instilled a strong sense of trust and hope in the parents, as most of them were unsure about the effectiveness of the online medium of teaching. Moreover, virtual tours of museums and parks being organized currently are exciting adventure opportunities for the students, motivating them to learn beyond the textbooks, at the comfort of their homes.

Excelling beyond academics

Teachers being the main strength of Remal, are given equal importance and are trained regularly through personal and professional training procedures. Furthermore, training all the teachers towards becoming caring individuals, the teachers act as mentors to each student, emphasizing practical learning over just textbook knowledge. Understanding the demands of the industries and the varying market trends, students are provided with hands-on experience with continuous cycles of practical exams and laboratory handling activities. Emphasis is also laid on improving the presentation skills of everyone on campus, converting everyone into future-ready individuals. Subjects like – Computer Science, Home Science readies the students with various employable skills. Various webinars/seminars are also organized from time to time to keep the children updated with the latest skills needed in the job market.

“A child needs to be molded into a model citizen of the nation”, quoted – Mr. Rohit Bajaj, the manager of Remal Public School, during a brief conversation we had with him, where he took us on a virtual cum verbal tour of Remal, helping us understand the whole working ethos present. He also added to the above statement, by saying – “At Remal Public School, the students are encouraged to join various clubs like; Eco Club, Literature Club, Maths Society, Science Wizards, Gardening Club, etc.” The activities carried out at the Remal campus serve as great opportunities for the students to experience their surroundings. Rallies are organized from time to time where children educate the people about various social causes.

Revolutionizing schooling experiences

Taking pride in the impressive state-of-the-art facilities and amenities available at Remal, the infrastructure enabled a smooth learning experience for all the students. From the Science Labs to Language Labs, all the amenities provided are well-equipped with the latest software and hardware, just ready to be used by the Gen-Z. Also, helping students to become proficient in sports and extracurricular activities, state trophies and many awards won by the school in sports are living proof of the amount of dedication Remal puts in this very direction. The IT infrastructure available on the campus, also facilitated the staff to utilize the best of tools for regular online classes and meetings, addressing everyone’s concerns and finding solutions in unison. The good connection with the industry giants, helps the middle school students take up project work and presentations, in turn, posing as a chance to pick from the wide array of streams, based on their levels of interest. Also, making industry visits, seminars by the industry insiders a norm motivates students to pick their role models and learn from them, in their path towards growth and development.

All in all, pursuing on the lines of creating successful leaders of tomorrow, Remal Public Senior Sec. School has envisioned itself towards becoming that place, where parents trust them with their children’s futures. And, just like all the other schools who are trying their best to make ends meet in this pandemic, the management and staff are giving in their best to provide everything for the students. Addressing one issue and student at a time, the school aims towards proving itself to become a hotspot for successful schooling experiences in the North-West Delhi region and the remaining parts of the country, wishing to replicate the unique educational model, where all the stakeholders are an equal part in this journey of societal upliftment.

Mr. Rohit Bajaj – Manager

Operating as the current manager of Remal Public School, Mr. Bajaj believes in propagating and permeating the light of literacy towards the fast-developing human resource of the nation with a mission of Serve people Serve God. He is associated as Vice Chairperson of Forum of Public Schools, Executive Member of Action Committee of unaided Recognized Schools & is the Vice President of Teachers Cricket Association for promoting sports amongst Teachers. Having started his career as an entrepreneur, he always had a passion for teaching, and thus in the path of fulfilling his desire to become a teacher, he joined Remal Public School as a PGT, Computers in 1996. Seeing his enthusiasm and zeal to contribute in the field of education he was promoted as Vice Principal in 2002 and further as Manager of the school in 2013.