SNS Academy – Creating Dynamic Unique Individuals


Living in a time where today’s Parents are better informed regarding the school curriculum than parents of the previous-generations. Parents want their child’s education and personality development to be rewarding. With the most amount of options available for the parents to select from, schools and education societies give it their best in providing excellent education, resulting in a neck-to-neck competition of sorts, making it difficult for parents to choose the best school for their ward. There are the state, central and international boards of education which are equally challenging and universal adept, hence parents are engaged in a rigorous search for a school offering a syllabus, which encourages practical application of theoretical knowledge, and a syllabus that helps children understand concepts with better clarity. Going ahead with an endeavor of building a school that gives students the best schooling experience facilitated with all the amenities a top-notch school could offer, SNS Academy came into existence.

Located in the heart of the hustle-bustle of the Coimbatore City, SNS Academy aims at providing a safe and happy environment for all the students studying at the school. Excellent academics imbibed with a strong set of core values provided at the school, give rise to a unique atmosphere and a culture, which provides an equal opportunity for all at all level of growth.

A School that preaches Individuality

At SNS Academy, it is believed that every child is unique and different, just like the uniqueness in the fingerprints of every person. The fact that every child is a unique individual with a different combination of abilities, which affect their way of learning and grasping, is quiet understood by the school and faculty. Equal opportunities are given to the students, to learn in ways most comfortable to them, making them build on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. The faculty at the school play a vital role in helping students work towards maintaining a stable growth throughout their schooling years, enabling them better themselves as individuals excelling in the fields of academics and other co-curricular/extra-curricular activities.

While in a brief conversation with the Technical Director Dr Nalin Vimal Kumar, about the unique aspects of SNS Academy, he stated -“A systematic process of thinking which empowers even the most traditional thinkers to develop new, innovative solutions to the problem at hand, which in short is called Design Thinking, is proudly endorsed and taught at the SNS Academy”. The school encourages students and teachers to actively practice ‘Design Thinking’’ in all areas of learning and teaching, in turn benefiting the school and the students at large.

Transforming Lives

SNS Group of Institutions began their ambitious journey in the year 1997, through Sri SNS Charitable Trust with a philanthropic aim of serving the society. Since then, the SNS Academy has become a cradle of excellence, which is involved in a continuous process of producing unique future global leaders, upholding and preaching the highest moral values of life.

A brainchild of Dr. S N Subramanian, SNS Academy was founded in the year 2014, and since then the school has been working towards providing quality academics. After achieving CBSE Secondary Affiliation in 2015, the school was upgraded to Senior Secondary in 2017 and to date has produced excellent results in both Grade X and Grade XII exams.

The faculty at the school are trained towards becoming supporting learners and teachers. In addition, with the induction of technology-based classes and innovative pedagogy, best teaching policies are followed at the school, giving a unique touch to the teaching provided at the school. Creativity and the teaching go hand-in-hand at SNS Academy, making innovative projects, and problem-based learning a routine.

Aesthetic skills and languages are given equal importance when compared to the academics, which in turn benefits the students polish their personality traits. Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) present at the school provides a focal point for better interaction and collaborations between academia and industries. This cell works towards enhancing the opportunities for internships, live projects, and to prepare the students beforehand with the demands of the corporate atmosphere. IIPC identifies the industrial expectation and promotes institutional preparation for meeting industrial needs by facilitating sponsored R&D projects, seminars, workshops, and various other industrial training programs.

Social Responsibility Initiatives (SRI) organized at the academy give special opportunities to the students to become helping hands of today and tomorrow. Santa 365 is a benchmark program of SNS SRI to spread happiness to the poor and the needy. Inculcating a sense of social responsibility in everyday routine at the school creates students who grow up to be perfect global citizens with humanitarian values.

A Complete Learning Experience

SNS Academy houses the best of the state-of-the-art facilities a school can offer”, quoted Mrs. Sheeja, the Principal of the school about the amenities made available for the students at the school. With a fully equipped library, an auditorium, a computer center, faculty rooms, and an on-campus hostel facility, SNS Academy is a haven for students looking forward to undergoing a thorough schooling adventure.

Co-curricular activities organized at the school, fuel students’ learning by stimulating creative thoughts, developing their interests, talents and in a way improve their socializing skills. To spread peace and communal harmony, and help students inculcate the true spirit of nationalism, various cultural activities and celebrations are a routine at the school. SNS Academy also has an ozonized swimming pool, in-house Badminton Court, Table Tennis, and Gym facilities.

The curriculum at the school is created in-house, keeping in mind innovativeness and an aspect of curiosity alive in the pedagogy. The curriculum is designed in such a way that, learners transition smoothly through similar stages of development, at their own rate and in their own way. A Student’s capability is taken into consideration; thereby his/her teaching is altered accordingly. The school believes that learning engagements between the students and the teachers have to be inspiring, thought provoking, and relevant, and thus the school works towards becoming a place for learning with meaningful feedback and reflection.

The Technical Director – Dr. Nalin Vimal Kumar. S

“Making Education Joyful” is his passion. After completing his Bachelor of Engineering in Coimbatore further with Master’s and Doctorate in Computer Science Stream from United States. On functioning as Director Technical of SNS Group of Institutions, he has been instrumental in introducing policies to improve the quality of faculty. His belief in faculty being the game changer of the evolutionary education is unparalleled. He encourages his team of students and faculty to be part of at least one social cause or awareness program every week. Starting a Free Medical Clinic, under Sri SNS Charitable Trust, gave him a sense of service returning back to the needy on everyday basis.
He facilitates essentials in the campus life, so that the education will never be an obstacle for an individual’s happiness. Promoting  several sports, cultural and talent shows, he loves to bring the hidden talents of students outside the classroom, which make the campus life a memorable one. Quality education is not about teaching only extraordinary students, but to educate all types of students to produce quality work. His long term vision is to provide “Quality Education” for his society, country, & the world through a “Powerful Learning Environment”.

The Principal – Mrs. SHEEJA .P.R

A brilliant learner, a teacher, and an expert Public Speaker,  Mrs. Sheeja P.R excels in the fields of Curriculum Development and Educational Technology. She is a multi-talented personality and a multi-faceted degree holder with double graduate degrees in MA (Economics), MA (English), MA (Education), & a B.Ed. She is a master Teacher Trainer enlisted by CBSE. After serving in designation of Principal in various other schools of respected stature, she leads SNS Academy towards becoming an institution, which would set a certain standard in public schooling in the ever-changing dynamic world of education in our country.