Sree Saraswathi Thyagaraja College School of Management (STC- SM) – A Commitment towards Transformations & Continuous Learning


It’s not just you – all of us in totality, live in a different world than we did six months ago. World is evolving and adapting, and so is the educational scenario of the world. Being one among the few sectors which was hit the most due to the crisis, the field of higher education had to bring in great reforms, to live up to the current circumstances. While much of the attention has been rightly focused on the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff, and whether or not courses should take place in-person or online, less discussed is how the actual content of courses of higher learning, especially business master’s courses has undergone unprecedented rapid evolution, unlike any time in the history of education.

With business school faculty busy retooling their curriculums to adapt to their new virtual or hybrid settings, and updating their content to prepare students for the post-COVID world they’ll graduate into, one such premier management institute, which excelled on the lines of creating business leaders of tomorrow – Sree Saraswathi Thyagraja College – School of Management (STC- SM), has lived up to all the expectations of excelling as today’s B-School. A self-financing institution, STC-SM was founded in 1997 with an autonomous status, by the charitable trust VSV VIDYAA MANDIR. With a clear aim of offering quality management education at an affordable cost to the rural students of Pollachi region, the college offers 15 undergraduate degree courses, 8 Postgraduate degree courses, and 6 Research Programs. STC-SM’s commitment towards creating and promoting research culture on the campus is such, that it helps students enhance their employability ratio, and research aptitude. Participating in the national upliftment, the management college provides thorough critical insights to all its students, boosting competency among everyone who is lucky enough to be a part of the journey called ‘Sree Saraswathi Thyagraja College – School of Management’.

Through various student-centric Centers of Excellence existing on the campus of STC- SM, students are enabled to utilize the best of the services provided and achieve their goals on all fronts, be it personal or professional. Mentored and run by industry leaders, who serve STC- SM as the esteemed trustees, the college succeeds each year in linking each student with an intellectual in business and management, as per the interests of the students on campus. The management institute has also been featured in our magazine, as the Business School of the Year 2020.

A conducive environment of academic excellence

Pioneers in holistic management education, STC- SM trains all its students in their respective areas of core competencies. Ensuring that the best of amenities is made available for all students, irrespective of the socio-economic backgrounds they come from, quality infrastructure, technology, and faculty help students to outperform on all aspects. Having the best industry-academia relationships with top corporates and organizations, be it private or government, students on the STC- SM Campus get well prepared for the world outside, well before their course completion. Furthermore, having eminent personalities leading the advisory board, affects the course curriculum, and the pedagogy, by getting curated by top industry-professionals and the esteemed onboard faculty. Linking each faculty member is linked with counterparts from top corporates or organizations for their upskilling, thereby, making sure that students as well as teachers are involved in a continuous journey of knowledge and growth. Furthermore, at STC- SM all the course programs designed, inertly strengthen the students in helping them widely understand management concepts, adapt innovative business thinking, in turn, boosting entrepreneurship. Moreover, a sizeable portion of the students opt to be entrepreneurs through CGA (Continuous Guidance by Alumni).

Enjoying an autonomous status helped STC- SM achieve full power to bring dynamic changes to the whole course curriculum and the tools utilized. Also, by having a dedicated curriculum development cell on the campus, the faculty members actively involve themselves with the students to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, thereby, altering the teaching/learning according to their grasping capabilities. Acting as mentors to the students the faculty members guide students thoroughly, converting them from shy timid students to confident business leaders. Talking about the importance of having trained faculty members on board, and the dedication the management puts in towards helping students, Dr. Nanjan Balu, the acting director, stated –  “Demonstrating its sheer commitment to education and student transformation, the management at STC- SM works day in and day out towards providing well qualified and dedicated faculty”.

Being the first institute to have its regular classes in a corporate setting, with certification programs conducted like regular classes, companies like Roots Industries India Limited, joined hands with STC- SM to push new-age learning to new heights. Carefully classifying the MBA Program, with a clear aim of developing social leaders, the course rests on the 4 pillars, namely – Academic, Strategic Research, Personality, and Activity Pillar, respectively, which are given equal weightage and emphasis. “STC- SM is a total student-centric hub, which works relentlessly preaching knowledge, wisdom, and compassion”, added Dr. Balu, summarizing the whole experience at STC- SM.

By society, for society

In pursuit of creating globally competent managers, STC- SM tries its best to ensure that its students excel both inside and outside the classroom. With the help of various students’ clubs & cultural fests, hidden talents are brought out of the students, maintaining a sense of belonging across all the corners of the college campus, which students carry forward in their respective lives. As a result, STC- SM boasts of a strong alumni network of more than 9000 in India and abroad. Moreover, with student-centric support centers built throughout the campus, students find they’re calling very early on in their academic careers, in turn, finding role models in their very own teachers. Also, staying well connected with our strong cultural history, activities like Yoga, training in ethics, and societal responsibilities are given to the students, helping them grow as society-friendly nature-loving individuals.

Lastly, due to the exceptional industry-academia relationship existing on the campus of STC- SM, students get full returns to their investment – dedication, time, and money, by getting chances and opportunities in terms of internships and placements across top-corporates and companies. Having spent their valuable time at Sree Saraswathi Thyagraja College – School of Management, every student recalls every second spent on campus, carrying the memories forward, working together towards an inclusive world filled with love and learning. The management institute has also been featured in our magazine, as the Business School of the Year 2020.

Dr. Nanjan Balu – Director

A Result oriented professional with 21 years of multi-faceted experience in the field of Education, Dr. Nanjan Balu is an Entrepreneur, Teacher, and Management Guru, working towards transforming and imparting knowledge about careers and prospects contributing towards Individual and Organizational Development. He has an impressive track record of consistently achieving projects from various facets of industry to update individual and department knowledge and deliver the same to the student’s community. Also, a proficient manager of the overall functioning of processes at STC- SM, he actively involves himself in identifying improvement areas, and thereby, implementing adequate measures to maximize the student’s satisfaction, giving back to society, one student a time.