Srinidhi Public School – Committed to Excellence in Education


Every parent in today’s world dreams to give their child a quality life, and this quality life can be achieved only through quality education. Parents today are engaged in a rigorous search of a school, with high rankings and accreditations, but in this search, they forget that the school is perhaps the second home for their child. A school has to be the place providing the best assets, serving children with knowledge and learning beyond their textbooks, and more significantly well-furnished to meet the future needs of a 21st generation child. Treating education as a life-long process, and working towards developing a firm and a broad foundation of public education, Srinidhi Public School started their journey of imbibing a love of learning in children and inculcating in them, a desire to excel at every level.

Under the able funding and support of Premsri Trust, a nonprofit organization, Srinidhi Public School in the year 2010, began on their endless journey of providing academic excellence to the masses. The school was established for a culture of continuous improvement, primary focusing on improving the achievement levels of all students studying at the school, in turn bettering their overall level of school performance.

Dedicated to Excellence

The school operates with an aim of setting up a community, which works in favor of providing an activity based education, coupled with right guidance, encouragement, and freedom to dream the impossible. Discussing in detail about how Srinidhi Public School functions, progressing towards bettering students’ intellects, Mr. S Venugopal the chairman of the school, stated – “We train and develop students’ physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, contributing to an all-round development of children at the school”.

He also added to his earlier statement, by saying – “The focus also is to train students to be successful future citizens of our country, in turn contributing towards social & educational prosperity of society and the world”. At Srinidhi, management and the faculty together help students inculcate habits like respect, pride, and love towards the rich values of Indian culture and tradition. An extremely child friendly atmosphere exists at the school, keeping in mind that every child is an unique individual and his/her needs vary, and accordingly the teaching is altered, empowering every student in an efficient way.

Where Learning Begins

The educational approach and the teaching methodology followed at the school is unique and designed based on the level of understanding of the children. Teaching is a fun process at Srinidhi, hence promoting a continuous on-going process of learning with emphasis given on individual attention, sensitivity, and empathy.

Srinidhi Public School is a haven for experiential learning, and to facilitate such learning a child friendly curriculum is followed. Children’s interests are kept in mind and based on them the activities are planned accordingly. Learning is through encouragement, and classrooms are an engaging place filled with fun and interaction. Teachers act as mentors, giving adequate personal attention to every child at the school.

At Nursery level, a combination of some of the best approaches of Montessori learning is followed, which include Multiple Intelligence method and Regio Emilia Method. These techniques build strong student-teacher bonds, in turn pushing towards a relationship-based environment of learning and self-direction.

The word Fun-schooling is redefined at Srinidhi, wherethe school management, giving opportunities to children and teachers alike to work together towards making learning an engaging experience, organizes regular field trips and visits. Having trained and experienced teaching staff, Srinidhi Public School picks the best of academicians to take up the mantles of imparting education to the children studying at the school. Teachers are trained towards counseling parents about their wards, in the process of helping children overcome their hurdles and experience a thorough learning-based schooling experience.

Unique Initiatives

Operating on a principle that every school has to be self-directive, Srinidhi Public School has come up with unique yet super helpful measures, to ease the schooling experience for children. All children who seek admission in the school are assured admissions hassle free and most importantly without paying a penny in the name of donation. The concept of a ‘Donation Free School Education’ is the preached and promoted by the management of Srinidhi. An Individual Learning program is implemented at the school, with a special focus on activities designed to recognize multiple intelligence. Facilitating an effective learning experience, the school maintains a 1:15 teacher: student ratio, giving teachers opportunities of giving equal importance and attention to all the students under their mentorship.

Benefiting with the optimum student teacher ratio in the classroom, the classrooms at Srinidhi are equipped with Promethean Interactive Digital Boards along with the conventional black boards. Concentrating on an over-all holistic development of children, a professional sports development organization called the ‘The Sports Gurukul’ is set-up at the school, giving the necessary wings to students who has immense interests in showcasing their talents in extra-curricular.