The Indian Public School (TIPS) – Academic & Intellectual Development


In a time where the concept of learning beyond textbooks is adhered to and revered across various schools in our country, if a spectrum of opportunities is provided to children to explore and experiment the real world around them, they are enabled to view the abstract information in textbooks and connect it with the tangible relevance of the real world.
The motivation for learning and application of what is learned is developed by giving the children a desire to learn more. Built-in a serene & a peaceful sylvan surrounding, providing an atmosphere satisfying the crucial needs of the students in today’s world, Indian Public School started its ambitious journey striving towards social, academic, and personal success.
Situated in Coimbatore, The Indian Public School (TIPS) exhorts a sense of determination and strength of will power among the children, in turn making learning more relevant and rigorous. With over a decade of experience in providing quality education, TIPS has grown in line with the ever-changing landscape and molded itself towards giving first-class education to the wide range of students studying at the institute.

A Creative Space for Dynamic Learning

An institute with aesthetically planned, well-ventilated state-of-the-art infrastructure, providing a conducive environment for learning and development, TIPS believes in reducing the monotonous routine of a classroom by making the whole learning experience exhilarating and fun-filled.

With a strong academic vision and a goal in mind, the school operates with equal enthusiasm and passion for extra-curricular activities including sports, art, drama, community service projects, and various other clubs. Overall, the holistic development of students at TIPS helps them become globally responsible citizens and leaders filled with positivity and determination towards being in charge for shaping the world.

A general classroom routine at TIPS is filled with enthusiasm and engagement, enabling the students at the school to be curious, inquisitive individuals, holding practical knowledge of various cultures across the globe. The strategies, teaching methods, and instructions followed by the faculty and the management at TIPS are based on the interdisciplinary and transdisiplinary approach and conceptual curriculum provided by the CBSE board.

Revolutionizing the Education Scenario

Situated right in the middle of a prominent residential area, the management and the faculty at TIPS work continually towards imparting quality education to meet the demands of the parental community. The school has every facility needed for a student in his/her journey towards achieving academic excellence, providing a wholesome school environment. The school strives towards providing a globally accepted education integrated with innovative use of technology to develop global citizens, with immense practical and theoretical knowledge at their fingertips.

“TIPS offers a wide variety of subjects for the curious and unique minds, studying at the school catering to their individual needs and differences”, stated Mr. Ashok Kumar, the founder of TIPS, while talking about how TIPS and its students stand out when compared to other schools in the neighborhood and the country. While talking about how hardworking the teachers are at TIPS, Mr. Ashok quoted – “The programs and the course curriculum at the school are a result of the hard work the faculty puts in towards making the school have unique, yet quality based teaching and learning experience for the child. Child is at the center of all we do at TIPS”. The curriculum is completely student-centric, understanding the cognitive level of the students. Teachers constantly motivate students to perform well both in academics and co-curricular activities, resulting in the students of TIPS achieving laurels in various inter-school Science Exhibitions, sports, and cultural events organized by the CBSE.

TIPS is home to a contemporary residential complex consisting of premium facilities thereby creating a comfortable living space for students. For the complete physical and emotional development of students, sports facilities like the Basketball court, Soccer court, and cricket ground are made available to the students.

In order to keep the parents in the loop with the progress of their ward, the school makes sure the parents feel connected to the happenings at the school. Communications through weekly visits, PTMs, as per the school policies create a welcoming atmosphere for the parents to be a part of the welfare of their ward and the school.

Going ahead in their expedition of imparting education which matches the advancement in technology and globalization, TIPS teaches and delivers moral values and principles to their children. TIPS makes sure that students studying at the school turn into responsible citizens of tomorrow, and in this process the school plans on opening new-vistas in the varied areas of education.
Our school respect individual differences and provides opportunities to develop the whole child. The development of student character and personality is as important as academic outcomes, with communication, collaboration and leadership being fundamental if our students are to be successful at and beyond their time in the school.

Mr. Ashok Kumar, Founder

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ― Socrates A firm believer in providing children with opportunities to think for themselves, Mr. Ashok Kumar believes in revolutioninzing the world of education be nurturing future global citizens who can shape the world.
A post graduate in Engineering and with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, he is a veteran in the corporate world, having provided his expertise in leading companies such as Xerox Corporation, Microsoft, and Intel for over 15 years. Being the prime thinking mind of developing and creating innovative training and development programs across various countries of the world, he excelled in various job roles he was offered. As the founder of TIPS, Mr. Ashok Kumar works towards the betterment of the school and its students, trying to provide the society with highly competent, reflective, responsible individuals ready to give back to their society, country and the world.